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Randy Chapman

Not gonna happen, and please explain to us why you believe the Electoral College was established. Regardless, the better man of the two won the election.

Emile Pope

Hillary Clinton is female. And trump is impeached...

Claudia Burnam

What do you abolish next? The first amendment? The second amendment? Political parties all except one? The whole constitution?

E G Wiley

Carlos Ponce

To eliminate the Electoral College would place all national political power into a handful of cities. They will forget about Galveston County, most of Texas and most of the United States. Already they call most of this nation as "fly-over country". They would just concentrate on major urban centers, urban concerns. Forget the farmers who feed us. They don't live in New York, Los Angeles, etc. Forget the fishermen. Eliminating the Electoral College is not a good idea. We are the United STATES of America. That's why the Electoral College was established.

Robert Braeking

Mr. Dumas. Your writing here illustrates your Constitutional ignorance. The electoral college was demanded by the more rural states so that the few most populous states would not run slip-shod over them. The same holds true today. The only reason that HRC had more votes was that she won the states with the biggest populations. New York and California having the most raw votes. But the President is not elected to serve just the East and left coasts. He serves the middle as well. Without the electoral college the majority of the country would be ignored in Presidential politics. Those of us who would like to be represented would not be pleased with the abolition of the electoral college.

But if you must abolish it then you must do it constitutionally......with an amendment. I daresay that you would not get a 2/3 majority of the states to agree with you. I doubt you would ever get such an amendment to be adopted by the Congress.

Paul Hyatt

Only the ignorant who know nothing about our nation's history would want to abolish something that has been working for over 200 years. The democrats are still licking their wounds because Hillary did not win and I for one am thankful as she would have finished destroying what Obama had yet to destroy....

Cindy Milina

Seriously David, your ignorance is showing. The Electoral College was founded to give all states a vote in choosing our Presidents and not just the most populous ones. Without it, New York and CA would choose our Presidents and the rest of the nation would have no say. Try doing a little research before writing such outrageously ignorant letters.

Michael Byrd

Such profound ignorance of our constitutional republic form of government is nothing short of breathtaking. Well, Mr Dumas, I suggest two things for you. One, read up a little on why we have the form of government we have and two, get ready because I predict it will happen again in the 2020 election.

Bailey Jones

There's no need to amend the constitution to replace the electoral college. States already have the right to appoint electors however they choose. What we need is simply representative assignment of electors based on the popular vote in each state. This still protects the smaller states while giving a voice to supporters of minority party candidates. In the current system, rural Republican voters in states like California have absolutely no say in who their president is. Same with urban Democrats in states like Texas.

The most popular candidate will be elected - and minority party voters will have a reason to vote.

Carlos Ponce

"There's no need to amend the constitution to replace the electoral college." But with what you recommend the Electoral College will still be there. I just wonder how many states will follow through on instructing their Electors to vote for the candidate who got the the most national popular votes when Trump wins a majority.


The states are Rhode Island, Vermont, Hawaii, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, California, New Mexico, Colorado and the District of Columbia.

Dalton Logan

Dose not the DNC appoint super delegates to do the same thing that you are accusing the electoral college of doing. The DNC dose not trust the average voter in the democratic party to make intelligent decisions so they appoint super delegates to override the primary voters. If you don't believe me ask Bernie. Democrats can vote however they want to, but the DNC and the media ultimately decides who is going to be the candidate.

Carlos Ponce

This year Democrat Super Delegates cannot vote on the first round. Wait for Round TWO. Super Delegates make up roughly 15% of Democrat Party delegates.

Bailey Jones

The DNC (or any other party) is a private organization not ruled by the constitution. They can choose a candidate any way they want.

Carlos Ponce

We realize that, Bailey. Remember what Will Rogers said - " I'm not a member of any organized political party. I'm a Democrat."

Jim Forsythe

Since 2007, a total of 14 states and the District of Columbia have joined hands in pledging to give all their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote nationally. The 14 states that are part of this group hold a total of 189 electoral votes.

According to these 14 states, the hope is to attract enough states into the group before any legal reforms are proposed. In fact, the target is to accumulate at least 270 electoral votes within the group before moving with any far-reaching legal changes.

The 14 states that have already joined this pact include New Mexico with 5 electoral votes, Colorado with 9 electoral votes, Delaware with 3 electoral votes, California with 55 electoral votes, Massachusetts with 11 electoral votes, Illinois with 20 electoral votes, Hawaii with four electoral votes, Connecticut with seven electoral votes, Rhode Island with 4 electoral votes, Washington with 12 electoral votes, New York with 29 electoral votes, New Jersey with 14 electoral votes, Washington DC with 3 electoral votes, Vermont with 3 electoral votes, and Maryland with 10 electoral votes.

Gary Miller

Jim> When those resolutions were passed Democrats controlled those states. Now that the majority of states are run by Republicans those resolutions are mute and void.

Carlos Ponce

Come November 2020, these states will not respect their decision to "give all their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote nationally" when Trump wins the popular vote.

Gary Miller

Wanting to do away with the electoral college is not ignorance, it's plain political greed. Illegal voters (non citizens) could decide every election if the popular vote were used. One party believes they own the most illegal voters and would benefit from using their votes to elect presidents. The electors are elected by popular vote in each state but no state can increase it's number of electors by letting non citizens vote.

Gary Miller

When the founders were designing our constitution they debated using a popular vote for electing presidents. Nearly all the founders rejected using the popular vote. There would not have been a USA if the popular vote was included in the constitution. The option was to let the federal government write the election laws for each state. We have electors because the states wanted to write their own election laws. A state rights issue.

Bailey Jones

The founders weren't big on democracy - they preferred a republic governed by "gentlemen" - people with enough wealth to have had a good education and the leisure time to ponder the weighty issues of state. That's why we have the electoral college:

"Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress."

Notice that it does not require, or even encourage, voting by the populace.

It was the same with the senate - "The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof, for six Years; and each Senator shall have one Vote."

The original idea was that the state legislatures would choose both senators and the president (by selecting electors). The people's power would be limited to choosing only the House of Representatives (notice that we don't call the senate the "Senate of Representatives"). The state legislatures would be elected by the whatever segment of the people each state decided was worthy of getting a vote. This kept power out of the hands of the common people, and in the hands of the landed gentry. This was analogous to Britain's system, where the "commons" got to have their say, but the real power was in the House of Lords.

Needless to say, the American people didn't care for this too much, and amended the constitution to give themselves the power to elect all of the members of their government, and eventually extended the voting franchise to include all adult Americans, regardless of social, educational, or financial status. The last step in that process is the election of the president based on the popular vote. Assuming, of course, that we still believe people have the wisdom to elect their own president.

Paul Hyatt

I truly find it amazing that there are so many who think that they know what the Constitution means and why it was written that way, actually have not a clue about our Constitution. Deception by the evil one is running rampant in the minds of the left in this nation. They hate the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, they hate the selectorial college, and if you listen to them long enough you will see that they just hate our nation and what it was founded upon. How sad that is IMO.... Our nation will not be brought down by any outside forces, but it will not survive the lunacy of the left and their MSM lapdogs....

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