The definition of a criminal is anyone who commits a crime. It's a crime for anyone to cross our borders without going through the legal immigration process. It's estimated there are over 11 million illegal immigrants (criminals) in the United States.

Joe Biden wants to give them all citizenship and open our borders to allow anyone into our country. This is equivalent to opening all the prisons in the United States to let the prisoners go free.

The sad part is it's only being done to gain 11 million more Democratic voters who they can keep in poverty and be dependent on government handouts.

Soon, we will be just like Mexico and the other South American countries. Goodbye America as we know it.

Doug Hudgins

Texas City


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George Laiacona

You must be one of those Republicans born without a heart . Why haven’t you taken the time to do something constructive to solve the immigration problems? Instead you complain in the wrong place. You should demand that your congressmen get off their asses and come up with legitimate legislation that could solve the problem. If you know anything about history you would see that the Republicans have been against all kinds of immigrants that have wanted to be Americans. Including the Jews, Chinese, Muslims, South Americans, etc. Have a heart share our America.

Carlos Ponce

The problem WAS being solved.

First build a barrier to keep out the drug cartels, the sex traffickers, the child traffickers, those who would operate below the radar to satisfy those who would pay sub standard wages, those who are escaping persecution in their own countries for crimes committed.

Then you build a portal for LEGAL entry for those who want a better life. They go before a judge to present their case. 99% of them don't qualify for asylum.

"immigrants that have wanted to be Americans" Some do, most don't. Have you ever bothered to talk to them, George? I HAVE! Most want to get money, sometimes by illegal means to return to their home country as "wealthy" men and women - not wealthy by our standards but by their origins.

America does have a heart but we're not stupid. Looks like the Trump haters need to think of the consequences of their actions. That's the trouble with Liberals. They can't conceive of the consequences.

domenico nuckols

President Biden wants a PATH to citizenship. Not hand it out. A majority have TIN’s and pay taxes. Stop being a hater.

Carlos Ponce

"Biden wants a PATH to citizenship." The majority of those coming over DON'T! But Liberals don't care what they want. Liberals have a condescending attitude to their thoughts. "Just do as you're told, accept citizenship, vote D."

domenico, have you ever BOTHERED to ask them what THEY want? Some do want citizenship. Most just want to make money and return to their native country.

domenico nuckols

To create the PATH it has to go thru something you might not heard of is Congress. That's THEY.

Carlos Ponce

The PATH is already there, domenico! My DAD took it back in 1943. It's called LEGAL IMMIGRATION and NATURALIZATION!

Margaret Hudgins

I have a heart and am saddened by the thousands (maybe millions) of American citizens who live in poverty and can not feed their kids. Money would be better spent helping these folks instead of spending billions dumping illegal immigrants in to the U.S. and allowing them to over run our hospitals and medical centers, as well as our schools. We should help our own before we help illegal immigrants.

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