While Democrats constantly talk about democracy, all they do is run from it. The latest example being Democrats leaving the state so a vote can’t be held on election integrity. Just six months ago, I thought unarmed, middle-aged men and grandmas mostly taking selfies almost ended democracy — but Democrats losing statewide elections and then refusing to allow a vote isn’t a threat?

Like most, I’m still trying to wrap my head around how allowing weeks to vote, expecting someone to have a photo ID and allowing anyone to request a ballot be sent to their home is an attempt to suppress the vote. Add this premise with the ferocity Democrats are fighting these laws and for U.S. House Resolution 1, along with the irregularities of 2020 such as abnormally low rejection rates and the end of bellwether counties, and I’m feeling even less confident about the 2020 election and this country as a whole.

Maybe if Democrats put this kind of effort into fixing their districts, lifting their constituents out of poverty and getting tough on crime — then democracy would be on better footing. However, if the districts were well run, middle class and had good policing, then they’d be Republican, right?

Tyler Jordan



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Carlos Ponce

The "flee bags" (not my term) cannot point to anything in the bill that constitutes voter suppression. They'll hang out in DC until the Special Session is over then return to Texas. Then ANOTHER Special Session will be called.

In the mean time I recommend sending each one a copy of the bill and ask them to READ THE BILL. They will find nothing that suggests voter suppression. They will find measures that support voting integrity.

domenico nuckols

Not worth cometing on. All bs.

Carlos Ponce

That's because domenico cannot find anything in the bill that suppresses voting.

domenico nuckols

Carlos, I can speak for myself. Oh, that’s right the Trump party will tell you what to say and who vote for. Do not speak for me anymore.

Carlos Ponce

Okay domenico! Show us what's in the bill that suppresses voting!

Charles Douglas

Mr. Carlos Ponce......ie "THE GOAT" of The GDN Forum!!!!!

domenico nuckols

Carlos All I said the read is not worth commenting on nothing else.

Carlos Ponce

No, domenico. You added "BS"! Now if you find ANYTHING that looks like voter suppression - PRESENT IT.

domenico nuckols

US AG Barr (Republican) said There wasn’t wide spread voter fraud in the whole country. So why change a system that’s working. And you will bring up one person, charged by indicted Texas AG, for voter fraud. Oh, we have big problems in Texas.

Carlos Ponce

Red Herrings from domenico!

Look at the proposed voting integrity bills from Texas.

If you find ANYTHING in these bills that suggests voter suppression present it.

And your Liberal comrades can help you out!

Barr has NOTHING to do with the proposed legislation.

domenico nuckols

You can put lipstick on 🐷 but it’s still a 🐷.

Carlos Ponce

Okay, but why would domenico want to wear lipstick? Oh well, to each his own.

In other words, domenico joins the mantra, "VOTER SUPPRESSION! VOTER SUPPRESSION!"

But when asked where it is in the bill it's, "Duhee, I dunno!"

Charles Douglas

Trample on Democracy? I find that to be no surprise where Radical Left Liberals are concerned, ..not when you take into consideration they supports the destruction of life itself by abortion & infanticide! Of this, percentage wise,.. African-Americans are affected more than any other demographic! Over 300,000 BLACK babies are destroyed per year in this nation, and that is not counting the mass murders, perpetuated by BLACK on BLACK crime tolerated in Liberal controlled cities like LA, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Portland, and New York totaling more than 8,600 BLACK deaths a year 2020, opposed to 7,464 homicides in 2019! All this going on while the Left is screaming to defund, & dismantle the police! The name of all this? It's called destroying America & BLACK GENICIDE!!

It is tolerated because the LEFT wants our numbers to stay manageable for the purpose of vote harvesting, and to convert this nation to Socialism! In their plan they are steadfastly controlling the border crossings of Cubans and Haiti refugees, while they are encouraging South American refugees like those from Guatemala, Mexico, & El Salvador to come with no restraints imposed! Why? I will tell you Why! The reason is there will be more BLACK refugees coming in with CUBA & HAITI refugees than those from South America, and those refugees coming from Cuba judging by what is happening in Florida, will tend to go conservative! Everything the Left does is political motivated! So then trampling on Democracy is child's play for the them. I might also add they are holding Americans in jail in DC for the January 6th incident with no bond, while murderers and killers anywhere else are granted bail with no problems!

Due Process is being trampled on, Free Speech is being trampled on, Second Amendment rights to own guns are being threatened, so what else can the Left do to destroy this nation, besides rigging elections? Lololo Well, they can shutdown all fossil fuel jobs and pipelines while purchasing fossil fuel from Russia, and Saudi Arabia and others! It would seem that Oil is bad if it provide jobs and wealth for Americans, but good when it provide security, wealth, and power to Russia, Europe, and the rest of the world. My prophecy of doom for this nation when Joe China was "engineered" into the White House in January ...sadly is coming true earlier than I thought! Hurry back Donald Trump, save this nation!

George Laiacona

This is just a continuation of Democrats fighting for the lower classes and the Republicans unending support for the rich. Not one Republican voted for the stimulus package that came to the financial aid of the lower classes and now not one Republican wants the infrastructure package, another attempt by the Democrats to be of value to the lower classes. Unfortunately the rich w benefit from this package as well. Texas legislators are trying to make the American people of just how much the Republicans are NOT doing for lower classes of Americans.

Charles Douglas

...And not one Republican put on a pamper, grabbed a toy with one hand, stuck a thumb in their mouth with the other, and ran out of the state crying and boo-hooing because they did not get their way like the RADICAL LIBERALS are doing, and getting paid to do this crap! Not one them can sing a lick!!! It hurts your ears to hear them try to sing, "We Shall Overcome."

Ted Gillis

Why on earth was there limitations to Sunday early voting in the first bill anyway? Oh yes, they took it out in this revised version, so all should be forgiven, right. The deal is, republicans can not be trusted. They have shown their true intent. The republicans will probably try to put the provision back in at the last minute, because everyone knows that if a snake bites you once, it will bite you again.

domenico nuckols


Carlos Ponce

"Why on earth was there limitations to Sunday early voting in the first bill anyway?"

Let's look at the original bills: HB 6:

Introduced Bill:


Funny, no mention of Sunday...

Comm Sub:


No mention of Sunday either. OK, let's look at SB 7:

Introduced bill:



"The authority ordering voting on a Saturday or Sunday shall determine the hours during which voting is to be conducted except that voting may not be conducted earlier than 7 a.m. or later than 7 p.m."

"In a primary election or the general election for state and county officers in a county with a population of 100,000 or more, the early voting clerk shall order personal appearance voting at the main early voting polling place to be conducted for [at least] 12 hours on the last Saturday and for at least five hours on the last Sunday of the early voting period."

Limiting? Not really since the last election cycle had ONE Sunday to vote between 1pm and 6pm.

Comm Sub


"In an election in which a county clerk is the early voting clerk under Section 83.002 , only the early voting clerk may order voting on a Saturday or Sunday. The clerk must do so by written order."

This sounds like it's leaving the decision to local hands.

Engrossed - same as Comm Sub.

Second Comm Sub - No mention of Sunday at all.


The local control was removed in committee. This was the last bill in regular session. Since this bill and the House bill have no mention of Sunday it looks like Ted is grasping at straws. He has to go to an earlier version to find any mention of Sunday.

Ted posts "limitations to Sunday early voting". But what were the Sunday voting hours during the last election?

"On Sunday [October 25] , polls will be open from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m."


Taking advantage of voting early is smart and timely "


So, only 5 hours for Sunday voting in the last election cycle. In the earlier versions of SB7 there had to be at least 5 but not more than 12.

Looks like Ted is chasing his tail on this one!

Stuart Crouch

A little bit of credibility never hurt anyone. Unfortunately, this fellow has none. Three quick little lies to try and help shape his argument does nothing more than eliminate any chance of him having so much as a remote, outside chance of making any sense or enjoying a brief glimpse of the truth.

It's really become quite pathetic. After what they have done in the past year, one would thing Republicans would be at least a bit remorseful and maybe just a tiny bit apologetic for their party's misdeeds, dishonesty and perverted political posturing, but no, their lack of honesty, ethics and a convenient 'part-time' morality, ensure their holding pattern on a downward spiral.

Three cheers and a good ol' 'Halleluiah' for those courageous legislators that take a stand, serve their constituents and protect our democracy in the manner which they have. Clearly, each of them possess a 'bigger set' than anyone across the aisle. It is sad that it has to be this way, but it is quite simple to see who is to blame here. The repeated lies about how wonderful, beneficial and harmless this legislation has become is so stale and overused that it simply will not gain traction like their original "Big Lie". Surely by now they must realize what they look and sound like by continuously pitching lie after lie after lie. It's gotten to the point that I double-check that my car is locked when I park anywhere, just in case they feel like stealing something else from me. I leave my wallet at home, as I have come to understand that they will try and pick the pockets of 'the common man', only to send their ill-begotten gains on up to the wealthy elites that they so dutifully kowtow to.

I can't wait for another of their wonderful bits of legislation to take effect in September. This 'lawful carry' idea may just become a self-correcting measure, perhaps even creating a 'Darwinian effect'. I don't use "Constitutional Carry" as a descriptor, basically because it isn't. Just remember, when SHTF and the cops roll up, they wont know the good guys from the bad guys in your wild west shootout. Of course, after January 6th, they will have an idea & you can bet that, like the rest of us, they have a long memory. [wink]

Carlos Ponce

The liars are the "flee baggers", Stuart. No Hallelujah for them.

Gary Miller

The average age of black Americans is getting higher every day. 300,000 black abortions a year is just about many more black funerals than births there are. About how many less than population replacement blacks have. Life expectancy of black Americans declines each year at the same rate as black abortions. The path for extinction? Is it a Democrat plan?

Charles Douglas

Mr. Miller> A plan they have been working for a long ..long time! They are trying to make America forget they championed putting African-Americans in chains, and fought a war to keep us in chains & shackles! It was Democrats who had BLACKS in a " Share-Cropping Slavery Look-a-like Institution! It was Democrats, who perpetuated " JIM & JAN CROW in America!

They were the ones who kept me from playing football for The Great Darrell Royal! Democrats did it! just like they are lying now trying to say they had nothing to do with DEFUNDING the police in this nation! Now look at the results!!!! They are the best liars I have seen! They are LIKE SATAN! When He speaks, he automatically lies, because lying is his native language, and therefore is what he does best! In fact, when their mouths open, a lie thinks it has a First Amendment Right to come out! Take Ole Joe China, ...Liberals lied for the longest saying he was a Moderate! Yeah right! Crazy Bernie and AOC, two near Communists, says he is just what the doctor ordered!

I concur because he is worst than both of them! He is so warped he is trying to discriminate against WHITE farmers, now ...how warped, and racist is that? He obviously is a RACIST against minorities, but now that racism spirit is causing a spilling over of racism and discrimination directed at his own kind! ( sic ) He is also going after WHITE KIDS, just like he has screwed BLACK kids for decades now! This man is working not for Americans, because he is killing American jobs, and helping the Russians and Chinese to prosper! Not only is he a surrogate from HELL, he has many, WHITE and BLACKS like Pelosi, Waters, Omar, AOC, Lightfoot, The Lov Gov, and the Gov. Of Cally helping him with this Outrageous Attacks against this nation, it's citizens, military, schools, and the Constitution we live by!!

Bailey Jones

You always post the most interesting fake things, Gary. I wonder who feeds you this nonsense? When I see a post like yours that tries to take statistics for average age and number of abortions and use that to determine whether a population is increasing or decreasing, I have to wonder why go through such a convoluted exercise to determine facts that are readily available? The reason of course is that the real facts don't support the "Democrats are killing off the black race" narrative.

Fact check - in 2018, the latest year for which there is complete data:

Non-Hispanic whites:

Births = 1,956,413 (Fertility rate = 1.64)

Deaths = 2,182,552

Non-Hispanic blacks:

Births = 552,029 (Fertility rate = 1.792)

Deaths = 341,408

It's clear that the white population of the US is in decline (and has been since 2015), while the black population continues to increase.

Of course, Hispanics are really killing it:

Births = 886,210 (Fertility rate = 1.959)

Deaths = 204,719



Dan Freeman

Two thirds of eligible voters voted in 2020. Texas at 60% was in the bottom fifth. In the top fifth the rate exceeded 74%. We need laws that increase voting by eligible voters. Anything else is voter suppression.

domenico nuckols

Yes Dan Go! Vote Vote Vote!!!!

Carlos Ponce

I spoke to a few who did not vote. Each did not like any candidate, even the down ballot candidates. So do you suggest we FORCE people to vote?

domenico nuckols

Nice Carlos force someone to vote, Never!!!! Keep putting words in my mouth Carlos

Carlos Ponce

That's our American right, If you want to vote then vote. If you don't want to vote then don't.

domenico nuckols

We have a right to vote vote vote vote

domenico nuckols

Carlos you’re a fascist

Carlos Ponce

Considering the source of that insult I forgive you. We must be considerate of those with low mental capacity.

Thomas Carpenter

Nuckols is right, Ponce is a fascist who's poisonous ideology should be exposed and mocked. Thar' he blows!

Carlos Ponce

Considering the source of that insult I forgive you. We must be considerate of those with low mental capacity.

George Laiacona

Like I said before, this could become a president for both parties to use in the future. The Republicans may try this same trick in the future. Especially if it actually works.

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