Councilman David Collins and sanitation director Cindy DeWitt think the overflowing trash cans on The Strand and Postoffice Street are the business owners' responsibility ("Galveston councilman seeks solution to downtown trash," The Daily news, Aug. 25).

Excuse me, but these business owners are trying to make an honest living.

Those who survived the COVID-19 shutdown, and the year of limitations, are still trying to recover. Now you want to impose your responsibility on these businesses? I don’t think so.

DeWitt, I thought trash pickup was your job? Do you judge the amount or kind of trash in front of homes? No. You just pick it up because it’s your job. No difference downtown.

Please leave the business owners alone. They don't deserve your finger-pointing. These trash cans also generate a plethora of flies. Yes, filthy flies everywhere. I've heard the comment, "This is the filthiest city I've ever been in." That says it all. It even disgusts our tourists.

Let me remind you all, trash pickup is your job. Finding a proper solution to this downtown problem is your job, nobody else's. It's what the taxpayers, residents, and tourists all deserve.

Fix it. It’s your job.

Tom Young



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Jim Forsythe

You can complain that you have a problem , or work to fix it.

A electric utility vehicle or a electric lawn mower with a trailer can be used on the sidewalk to collect trash from the cans. Then it can be taken to a dumpster, off of the strand. Since the city picks up before 8, they may agree to buy these machines and help pay the salary's of the workers, since the machines could pickup that round of trash.

If you have flies and you are not taking care of it, you have a problem. If I was from out of town, and went to the strand, and saw flies, I would leave. This problem is causing you business. Unless you work to fix it, it will remain.

Sharon Duray

Since most of the folks creating this trash are tourists, seems to me the Parks Board should be involved in the cleanup. They clean up the beach – why not the downtown area? AND - To date, they have collected $15.8 million, which is almost 70 percent more than the $9.3 million projected. That should be more than enough $$$ to cover an additional collection or 2 during the day, with the COG continuing its 8:00 AM route. All it would take is a little cooperation between the City and the Park Board.

Mr. Collins proposal, as well as the Park Board’s “Let’s Talk Trash” campaign places most of the burden/responsibility of sanitation management on local businesses and residents (while raising our collection rates). Once again, these 2 entities leave those of us that live here holding the bag – literally.

Don Wilkerson

Joe Flores

Totally agree with Mr. Young

Other issues regarding current ordinances on books and compliance need to be addressed. Downtown needs to regain Focus on Historical shopping district not glorified beer hall .. most overflowing cans are result of excessive focus on entertainment and have veered from beautiful , HIstoric downtown ambiance ... another bourbon st. and 6th street in the MAKING !!! Thanks

Jim Forsythe

Joe Flores , if you have a business on the stand and the trash cans are overflowing, are you going to let it overflow, or are you going to take steps to fix it?

The broken windows theory applies, as if one business will clean up the mess, more will follow.

Work with the city, but do not wait for others to fix the problem. Does the businesses in the stand area have a association of businesses, if so, use it to pressure the city. If not, start one.

If you want the Historic downtown ambiance to return, work to make it happen!

If not, the strand area may become what you said, another bourbon st. and 6th street!!!

If you do not want the flies, overflowing trash and such, become proactive.

George Laiacona

Like I said before the state of Maine has a good idea. That is to place a 5cent deposit on any and all containers that hold takeout drinks. Place a 10 cent deposit on all containers that hold takeout foods. This action will reduce the number of containers that are trashed. The cans and bottles in Maine are stamped at the factory wit the note that says “return for deposit retrieval “.

Carlos Ponce

"The ban on polystyrene foam containers was scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2021. However, the ban's enforcement was delayed in December of 2020 due to concerns regarding a disruption in packaging supplies and logistical effects caused by COVID-19 Pandemic. The DEP has encouraged businesses and other entities that utilize polystyrene foam products for processing, preparing, containing or serving food to use the additional time provided by enforcement delays to procure alternatives to these products. Disposable food service containers are service ware designed for one-time use, and include bowls, plates, trays, carton, cups, lids sleeves, or other items for containing, transporting, and serving foods."

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