I'm vaccinated. My friends and family are vaccinated. I feel comfortable going out and doing my business without having to wear a mask.

I will not wear a mask to protect a person who chooses not to get the vaccination.

If you get COVID, that's on you. That's your choice. Not mine.

Bill Silkowski



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Carlos Ponce

Bill Silkowski, your wearing a mask or not will not make any difference.

Cary Semar

Bill is wrong, Carlos, and so are you. As long as there is a danger and as long as there are large numbers of UN-vaccinated people, wearing a mask is prudent for those who have not been vaccinated. For those who have been vaccinated it is an act of social cohesion to wear a mask in order to encourage others to protect themselves.

We do not live for ourselves alone.

Carlos Ponce

The type of mask being worn is not effective.

Robert Braeking

Vaccines are experimental. Side effects are emerging. In medicine, risk vs benefit evaluations must be made. Is contracting the Covid virus as damaging as the vaccine? Who knows? I do know that having had the virus and recovered is better immunity than the experimental vaccine. I suspect that the information on interventions such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were suppressed so that there would be no alternatives. That allowed the experimental vaccines to be approved for emergency use. It's all about the money.

Patricia Walker

I would ask the families of the 600,000 Americans that died if contracting COVID was worse than the vaccine. Had their loved ones had the opportunity to be vaccinated would they have taken it. Pretty sure I know the answer. The vaccines now have full FDA approval and the side effects affect a very small percentage of the vaccinated population. All the data shows that being vaccinated greatly improves your chances of not being hospitalized if you contract COVID and greatly improves your chances of not getting it at all.

Gary Miller

Patricia> None of the vaccines being used are FDA approved. They are being used on emergency approval. Unwanted side effects are being found that weren't covered by the emergency approval. So far there is no data to show the vaccines are an improvement over catching the virus with 99%+ recovering. Some who were vaccined are catching the virus.

Robert Braeking

Patricia. Most of those deaths could have been avoided would that known beneficial treatments were used. Instead treatment was not started until hospitalization which was too late. Gov Cuomo has a lot of the blood on his hands.......as does the CDC and a certain doctor who flip flops on a daily basis.

Pat Kirk

The vaccines don't necessarily keep you from getting COVID but they claim that it will help you survive if you get it.

Bailey Jones

Yes, Pat - that's the way vaccines work. Vaccines create antibodies against a particular virus. They only work when that virus infects your body. Once the virus is in you it's a race between the antibodies and the virus. The vaccine gives your body a headstart by creating an army of antibodies before the virus shows up, so the virus doesn't have a chance to survive and reproduce.

Bailey Jones

People who choose not to get vaccinated are not only choosing COVID for themselves but the chance of being the host for a new variant that could potentially infect the rest of us - again. It is wildly irresponsible. We could have been done with COVID in the US by now - if not for these anti-vaxxers. Instead, case rates are going back up, and we're still killing ~300 Americans a day.

How many more people need to die before the anti-vaxxers get past their ignorance and fear?

Gary Scoggin

In general, I think we are at a point to where we should let Darwinism rule. But, Bailey, you do make a point about unvaccinated people becoming incubators for new variants. Hopefully, the vaccines we have continue to protect us against those variants.

Bailey Jones

I'm with you on Darwin, Gary. But the threat of new variants is very real. Just look at how quickly the Delta variant has spread around the world. It's just dumb luck that we've yet to see a variant that isn't both more virulent and vaccine-proof.

And haven't we had enough of this pandemic yet? Imagine if we had had a vaccine in March of 2020 - all the death, drama, and economic damage of the last 16 months could have been avoided. Just get vaccinated and let's get it over with.

Gary Miller

Bailey> You and Biden didn't learn we had, thanks to Trump's efforts, the vaccines before March 2020. A million people were vaccinated by then.

Gary Scoggin

Gary M…. That’s what confuses me. I will gladly give Trump his share of the credit for the vaccine development. What I don’t understand is why the MAGAverse has suddenly turned against it. I think it should go down as a positive legacy of the Trump Presidency.

Carlos Ponce

Texas A&M Survey shows:

"Black respondents were 41% less likely to pursue vaccination. "

"Women were 71% more likely to decline being vaccinated. "


So Gary Scoggin is telling us Blacks and women make up what he calls "the MAGAverse"?

Bailey Jones

I think you're a year off there, Gary M.

Bailey Jones

Carlos' data is from last March, before vaccination really got started. There's a newer poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation - https://www.kff.org/coronavirus-covid-19/poll-finding/kff-covid-19-vaccine-monitor-profile-of-the-unvaccinated/

This more detailed survey indicates:

"The highest share of unvaccinated respondents were 30-49 years old (41%), followed by 29% ages 18-29 and 20% ages 50-64, while only 9% of those unvaccinated were 65 and older.

Nearly half of unvaccinated respondents were Republicans (49% versus 29% Democrats), as opposed to 31% of vaccinated respondents who identified as Republicans and 59% Democrats.

Both unvaccinated and vaccinated respondents were disproportionately likely to be white (56% unvaccinated versus 64% vaccinated), based in the suburbs (56% unvaccinated versus 52% vaccinated) and have health insurance (76% unvaccinated versus 88% vaccinated).

Unvaccinated respondents were more likely to have lower education levels (46% attended only high school or less) and lower income levels (42% earn less than $40,000 per year) than their vaccinated counterparts, who are nearly twice as likely to have earned a college degree or more.

There were also discrepancies between unvaccinated respondents who said they would “definitely not” get the vaccine and those who just plan to “wait and see”: The “definitely not” group is overwhelmingly more white (70% of respondents), Republican (67%) and concentrated in the 30-49 age group (48%).

The “wait and see” group, by contrast, is more evenly divided politically—39% are Democrats and 41% Republicans—and are slightly more likely to be Black or Hispanic (22% Black and 20% Hispanic, versus 5% and 11% in the “definitely not group”), though 72% are still between the ages of 18 and 49."

There's plenty of blame to go around.

Carlos Ponce

Jul 08, 2021

"In particular, Black and Hispanic people have had persistently lower rates of vaccination compared to their White counterparts across most states. "



The funeral was last Saturday for a close relative who chose not to be vaccinated for reasons other than ignorance, fear or health. He was on a ventilator for almost four months before passing. He left a wife, children and grandchildren.

Bailey Jones

I'm sorry for the loss. Perhaps if more of the population had gotten vaccinated sooner he would have been spared. I'm curious, though - what was the reason?

domenico nuckols

Everyone has the right not to get vaccinated. You have the right to die. You don’t have the right to make me pay for your end of life care. Most people choosing not to be vaccinated weren’t alive in the fifties or sixties. Every school kid was required to get the Polo vaccine or you couldn’t go to school. Is polo around much anymore? No! Get vaccinated today.

Carlos Ponce

I never got the Polo vaccine. Then again, I never played polo even though it's still around.

domenico nuckols

Carla if you haven’t bought yourself into the republican party I guess so give it a try

Robert Braeking

I'm sorry for your loss, Daniel.

Begin treatment protocols early. That includes ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Get your immune system in order. D3 levels up above 50, BMI below 24, blood sugar below 100, Blood pressure in normal range.

Make sure that your lungs are healthy. Don't eat a lot of carbohydrates. Avoid fructose and artificial sugar. Make sure you are not inflamed.

Most importantly. Do your own research and ignore any guidelines put out by the CDC, the AMA, and Big Pharma. They are lying to you.

If you can't get healthy, by all means, get vaccinated. The risk of the vaccine outweighs the risk of the virus. If you CAN get healthy then the virus is less risky than the vaccine. Even at 65 with Ivermectin at the ready just in case, I think I am less at risk than an obese 40 year old smoker.

Ted Gillis

People who choose to get vaccinated are patriots and hero’s. Those that choose not to get vaccinated are lazy terrorists.

Bailey Jones

"terrorist" may be a stretch, but it does seem hypocritical that they expect their fellow citizens to risk real harm as military, cops, firefighters, and first responders to keep our nation safe, but when asked to do this smallest thing themselves they can't be bothered.

Ron Woody

Mr. Jones, I am addressing this to you because although we have often disagreed on the interpretation of information you have been extremely diligent in your efforts to obtain information and distribute it fairly, if with a bias. (Your right as an American). Carlos please feel free to respond also.

1. What evidence is there that says my natural antibodies from experiencing Covid (Asymptomatically) are not as good as the vaccine? I have not seen any studies that say one way or the other?

2. My understanding is that manufacturers of the vaccines are already working on boosters, step 3, etc. to meet the different variants. If that is the case how is the vaccine any different from my natural immunity. From my 61 years of life, natural immunity has always been good enough and in most cases more effective for any other disease, virus, etc. The exception may be the flu for which the flu vaccine was only 29% effective in 2018 - 2019 season (CDC flu view statistic)

3. Is it true that the average age of death from covid in the US is higher than the average age of death for other causes?

No one has yet answered my questions in regard to my personal situation that can convince me to receive the vaccine. At 61 there are a myriad of cause of death, Covid is just one. If God chooses that I die from Covid then we will have a good laugh when I arrive in heaven.

Why is this not my choice? I have never seen the government care this much about my health, with the exception of smoking. Not Oxycotin, not meth, not cocaine, not alcohol, not allowing fast food to dominate every corner in America and media advertising, not marijuana. Why covid? Why care now?

Being born in 1960 my government has lied to me about Bay of Pigs (Kennedy), Vietnam (Johnson/Nixon), Watergate (Nixon), Whip Inflation Now (Ford), OPEC Oil Crisis (Nixon/Ford/Carter), Iran Crisis (Carter), Iran/Contra (Reagan), No New Taxes, Savings and Loan Crisis, AIDS (HW Bush), Pick any number, mortgage crisis, sexual assault, etc. (Clinton), Weapons of Mass Destruction (W Bush, although I would deem chemical weapons used on people as WMDs), You can keep your doctor and health costs will decrease (Obama), Pick any number (Trump, although most of them were just hyperbole), Hunter Biden and Ukraine (Biden), Immigration Law (Reagan/HW Bush/Clinton/W Bush/Obama/Trump/Biden) these are just what I can recall from memory. Now I am supposed to believe a lifelong public servant that last pushed AZT on the Gay community and all it did was hasten their death. Oh, yeah and he also spent millions on an Anthrax vaccine that the Intelligence Community said was a waste of money. He also has spent the last 18 months spinning every story to cover up facts and his own reputation.

Please do not lecture me on doctor's opinions of the vaccine. Doctors have been receiving kickbacks from Pharma for decades, they are in bed together with Wall Street.

If Covid is such a serious situation, why did my doctor when I had my annual blood draw not order the antibodies test? Why did I have to ask for it? This doctor is on the teaching staff at UTMB! Out of curiousity alone I would think he would want to know which of his patients had covid and which did not. I certainly wanted to know.

The idea that I am un-American for not taking the vaccine is one of the most ignorant statements I have heard in my life, especially since I have natural anti-bodies.

This is exactly what the powers that be want, Big Tech, Wall Street, Elected Leaders, etc. Keep Americans focused on being divided as they allow China to continue to economically invade America and destroy our culture.

Sorry this went way to long and a bit off track. I am mostly concerned about the original three questions.

Thanks, Ron Woody

Bailey Jones

1. I'm not sure there is any good evidence one way or the other - it will come in time as vaccines and/or natural immunity wears off. What we do know is that natural antibodies come in a variety of forms, whereas the antibodies from the vaccine are one specific type. So from that point of view, natural immunity is potentially better against variants than the vaccine. On the other hand, just as COVID hits everyone differently, natural immunity may also be very variable, and not uniform from person to person as the vaccine. The truth is we just don't know yet.

2. Vaccines vary in the length of their effectiveness from a few months (flu) to a few years (pertussis) to a lifetime. We just don't know how effective either the vaccine or natural immunity will be over time. And we don't know how effective either will be against variants. COVID is an example of "building the airplane while we fly it". As far as natural immunity vs vaccine immunity, the reason we do vaccines isn't because vaccine immunity is better, it's because vaccines create immunity without the sickness, hospitalization, and death that can come with the natural disease. If the question is do I get COVID or do I get vaccinated, it's an easy answer for me.

3. I haven't seen anything about this. But we know that COVID is hardest on those with pre-existing conditions, and the longer you live the more likely you are to have pre-existing conditions.

The difference between COVID and Oxycotin, meth, cocaine, alcohol, etc., and I'd add obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc., is that getting COVID endangers everyone around you, not just yourself. No one cares if you choose to sit at home and get drunk, but as soon as you hop in your car you become a public menace, and then we care. It's the same with COVID. Replace "COVID" in your question with "smallpox" and I think the reason people care becomes clear.

If I was in your situation - and for all I know I may be since I've never been tested - I would still get the vaccine. The reason is that 100,000,000's of doses have been given and the side effects are well understood. Similarly, 100,000,000's of people have contracted COVID and the side effects are also understood. For me, it's a simple equation - COVID has killed 600,000 unvaccinated Americans and no vaccinated Americans, as far as I know.

I'm not someone who trusts politicians - and if you read my posts, I'm not one to make excuses for the failures of America's government or its people. But I do trust science and the scientific method. And the science tells me that getting vaccinated is better than getting COVID - much much better. Wherever you look around the country and around the world, where more people are getting vaccinated fewer people are getting sick and dying, and vice versa. It's a simple and obvious observation.

While your choice isn't the one I would make, I don't think it's unreasonable, with this caveat - antibody tests aren't the most reliable. I wouldn't risk my life on one without getting a second test.

Ron Woody

Mr. Jones, thank you for your timely and honest response. Part of my challenge is that you consistently speak with factual "uncertainty", while media presents with factual "certainty" as if all has been determined.

This began with the all masks are created equal. Following the Duke University study from May, 2020 media and everyone else knew that majority of masks were ineffective and many made it easier to transmit the virus. Once media and medical professionals refused to acknowledge this I quit listening.

Again thank you for your diligence and persistence!

Ted Gillis

Yeah, you’re probably right Bailey, but I’ll still call them lazy. Heck, they’re even complaining about health officials offering to bring the vaccine to them “door to door”. They just can’t be bothered.

George Laiacona

This inaction is called” voluntary thinning of the herd “.

George Laiacona

Those who chose not to be vaccinated are contributing to the voluntary thinning of the herd.

Robert Braeking

Or they could be avoiding voluntary thinning of the herd. Would you fly in an experimental airliner? I think not.

Bailey Jones

If it was the only way off the Titanic you might.

C. Patterson

I wonder who our new “ Health Ambassador” will be🧐

domenico nuckols

Carlos is a little German kill kill kill

Carlos Ponce

Considering the source of that insult I forgive you. We must be considerate of those with low mental capacity.

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