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Don Schlessinger


Gary Scoggin

Hopefully a Republican that respects the Constitution will emerge to primary Randy Weber.

Carlos Ponce

Randy Weber respects the Constitution. Show us where he does not.

Charles Douglas

I heard somewhere that China tried to buy JOE CHINA and his family but they could not strike a deal! You know China, they are not people who likes to walk away empty handed! This tenacious approach is how they compromised Swalwell, Ex Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Feinstein and many more into getting information, and other favors.

Point is, China ended up striking a deal where they LEASED THE BIDENS! Dont forget Joe China's KKK RACIST past along with his low morality & no integrity are well known in DC!

JOE and KAMALA were bailing ..Looters, Rioters, Killers and Arsonists out of Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and Minneapolis jails almost as quick as the police were locking them up! So please don't fall over yourself trashing Trump like yall got a Straight-up POPE JOHN PAUL fixing to take over the Oval Office for the DEMS! All the people like this author are doing is to prove my point about how RADICAL LEFTISTS have a demonic niche of accusing others of doing the same dirt they are doing themselves, but on the cool!

Take for instance the Forty-Million Dollar Russian Hoax, which was a made up lie, a fraud, a conspiracy between the Media, THE DNC, the Hilliary Crooked's Presidential Campaign,... the FBI, NSA, CIA, THE Intelligence Committee and others who received a fake Russian Dossier and used it to lie to the FISA Court in order to set up spying on Donald Trump and his friends and campaign staffs!

Crooked Hilliary purchased the dossier and gave it to John McCain who gave it to the FBI, and then people like Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Comey, and McCabe preceded to set Trump and his Staff up for what Clinton and Obama were doing....conspiring with the Russians! China is already trying to call in favors from "China Joe!" It is going to be something to watch for sure! Oh, and if Big Mitch and his Republican buddies vote to impeach Trump, they can count me out of their party, and I will not be alone!

Carlos Ponce

"During a rally in 2016, Donald Trump mocked a disabled human being." Misleading. He was mocking the man, NOT BECAUSE OF HIS HANDICAP, but because Serge Kovaleski forgot he had written about crowds celebrating 911. He wrote the article for the September 18, 2001 Washington Post. Trump is known to poking fun in the same exact manner for people with faulty memories.

Trump only remembered the man through his writings and had no recollection the man was handicapped. But John C. won't let the facts stand in the way of his hatred.

And John C., the rally took place in November 2015 not 2016.

Virginia Stone

Most Republicans do not possess the ability to feel shame it is as foreign to them as admitting to having faults, they are both shameless and faultless of any and all of their personal thoughts, words, or deeds. It is just how they roll.

Carlos Ponce

Virginia, you are ranting nonsense.

Gary Miller

Keep your MAGA cap. Trump is not a saint but is the figure head of the most powerful political organization in the world which will rid America of Socialism starting in 2022. MAGA/Patriots will not cheat to win and will grow stronger as China Joe attacks America's values. MSM tries to hide the cheating of Democrats but too many patriots have seen and believe the evidence of cheating. History will record Cheating is what destroyed the Democrat party. Even tho socialists/Democrats think cheating is a good policy most Americans have a low opinion of cheaters.

David Schuler

If we all don't quickly learn to move beyond ignorant stereotypes we are destined to become like the Protestants and Catholics in Ireland and have our own set of Troubles for years to come. Trump will be gone in a few days and we ALL have to make a concerted effort to get past the past and move on. Also - please - get off Facebook and Twitter and other social networks and actually talk to people you know.

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