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Gary Scoggin

It was the Leagues that made the decision to move the All Star Game, not the players.

Gary Miller

Actually it was the MSM that convinced MLB to make a dumb move. Now that it finished they are being advised that the New Georgia election law is more voter friendly than several blue states. Delaware and NewYork to start with. MSM wrong again.

Dan Freeman

Provide examples of how Delaware laws are more restrictive. Their ID laws are much more lenient than Texas or Georgia. The Delaware Legislature is reviewing the other laws, such as restrictions on felons. The only place I can find evidence of Delaware being restrictive is on Fox News, NewsMax, and some contributors in this space..

Carlos Ponce

So reviewing laws makes a state "much more lenient".[rolleyes]

Dan, the Washington Post read the Georgia bill and gave Biden four Pinocchios.

Carlos Ponce

Dan Freeman can vote anywhere in Galveston County while a person in Delaware is assigned a specific polling place.

Carlos Ponce

Georgia has 19 days of early voting. Delaware has NONE.

Carlos Ponce

Georgia has a no excuses absentee provision. Delaware just allows the sick and disabled to vote by mail.

Carlos Ponce

Georgia has added the provision to allow drop boxes to their election code. Delaware offers no drop boxes.

Carlos Ponce

Georgia allows a poll worker to offer you a drink while in line. They just forbid partisan, vote seeking types from offering you food and drink within 150 ft. In Delaware you cannot be offered anything of value.

Carlos Ponce


Gary Scoggin

I see Governor Abbott got to celebrate his political correctness by refusing to throw out the first pitch as the Rangers opening of Tractor Supply Field in Arlington. Of course, who can blame him for not wanting to be among 38,000 maskless fans?

Brian Allen

Maybe the Raymond should heed his own advice and shut up and do his job. Who is he to tell anyone that their opinion does not count and they should just entertain him? So Raymond Summers political view is more important than someone else's? Chances are he is not a sports fan anyway. If you don't like what the athletes are saying, quit watching or reading about it. Most athletes vote and pay taxes. I would assume Raymond votes and pay's taxes also. As far as I know Raymond is not a politician either. So don't be a hypocrite.

Most of our politician's are lying, dumb ass, self centered assholes, so maybe we can all start criticizing all the politicians that do and say stupid things, instead of just criticizing the politicians that don't wear our gang color. (R) Bloods (D) Cripps

Ted Gillis

So Raymond, pro athletes shouldn’t be involved in local charities, food drives, children’s hospital visits, and other social activities Raymond. They are only there to play the sport and entertain you?

Carlos Ponce

I dedicate this song to the Professional Sports Powers that be:


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