The 14th Court of Appeals has upheld a ruling allowing all voters to vote by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic. This should be a no-brainer for Texas. Three states already conduct their voting entirely by mail (California, Washington and Oregon) with little, if any, problems.

Voting by mail is easy, safe and secure. Most importantly, it's protecting voters and the poll workers.

There isn't a legitimate reason to make it harder to exercise our right to vote and our right to be safe.

John R. Cobarruvias

Houston (Clear Lake)


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Claudia Burnam

Yep, safe for the ballot boxes to be stuffed with illegal votes. I noticed the states you mentioned are all controlled by Democrats. Coincidence?

Don Schlessinger


Carol Dean

My thoughts exactly! Thank you!

Gary Miller

Claudia> You said it before I could.

Donna Spencer

Your man trump voted by mail. And if anyone would cheat or stuff the ballot box, it would be that liar.

Carlos Ponce

"Your man trump voted by mail" Under the same circumstances you can vote absentee in the state of Texas under current state law.

He was out of town for his state of registration, Florida, on primary polling day 2020. Saying he voted by mail is a red herring because it has nothing to do with unwarranted fears of coronavirus.

Donna, if can go to the store now you can vote in October or November. Wear your mask, gloves if you want.

Donna Spencer

Yes I wear my mask to help protect others.

Carlos Ponce

So if you can wear a mask to go shopping you can wear a mask to go voting.

Claudia Burnam

Above by E G Wiley not Claudia

domenico nuckols

Voter fraud means new election in North Carolina Republicans (eight) did commit voter fraud, got caught, indicted, and jailed. Your rationale is moot.

Carlos Ponce

And in the "new election" held on September 10, 2019, the winner was Republican Dan Bishop.

Bailey Jones

Yes - people have been voting successfully and non-controversially by mail forever - in the states you mentioned, as well as Americans abroad and absentee voters. American service men and women have been voting by mail since the revolution. We get our voter registration through the mail. We transact trillions of dollars of commerce by mail. But Trump says its bad, therefore it must be. There can be no discussion.

And I suppose it's just a coincidence that now, with all the discussion about voting by mail, the president has declared the USPS to be his latest, greatest, enemy. And his little soldiers follow along like ducklings.

Carol Dean

No, Bailey, you are wrong. You should have included voting ILLEGALLY IN YOUR COMMENT. People in Harris Co. are thrilled that Diane Trautman is resigning from her position in the Election Division. MORE illegal voting occurs by mail before and during elections.

The good news is, that when the USPS is involved, we can now sue people with felony charges when they are caught. Trust me, a WHOLE lot of people get caught. More lawsuits will hopefully help discourage this despicable action.

BTW, there are also a lot of military ballots that do NOT get counted thanks to lazy people working in different positions in County Clerk offices.

Carlos Ponce

Statutory Qualifications for voting by mail in Texas:

be 65 years or older;

be disabled;

be out of the county on election day and during the period for early voting by personal appearance; or

be confined in jail, but otherwise eligible.

'nuff said

PD Hyatt

Amazing how the people who are clamoring to vote by mail because of safety, are still out and about getting groceries and others sundries for their homes. If we can go to he grocery store and buy groceries, then we can surely get out and VOTE and show our ID's....

Carol Dean


Claudia Burnam

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]E G Wiley

Gary Miller

PD. Again my thoughts before I could say it.

Mary Gillespie

In the last four election cycles, a total of 28 MILLION mail-in ballots were lost. That's neither safe nor secure.

Furthermore, US Census data indicates 11% of Americans move annually. There's no way to get ballots to these folks under the current system without an extensive, intrusive system to monitor the whereabouts of Americans.

Claudia Burnam

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]E G Wiley

Jim Forsythe

Mary, of the 28 MILLION mail-in ballots that were lost, how many were not sent back in and never cast? This year I may vote by mail and if I do not send the ballot back in I'm committing voter fraud? I can also print the ABBM form online and not have to request a ballot, so how does this come into play in the 28 million you claim were lost? To get a ballot to people that move, all that is needed is being able to print a ballot online (in Texas it's ABBM form) so moving is not an issue.

Gary Miller

Jim> were the 28 million lost or discarded by ballot harvesters?

Jim Forsythe

how many were not sent back in and never cast?

Carlos Ponce

Read article:

"More than 28M mail-in ballots have reportedly gone missing in last decade"

"28 Million Mail-In Ballots Went Missing in Last Four Elections"

Donna Spencer

I wouid ask what is the source of your information.

Carlos Ponce

If you are asking about the 28 million unaccounted for ballots it's the Election Assistance Commission, a Federal agency that provided the data.

Jim Forsythe

People did not return the ballots and did not use them unless you have some link that proves this.

This is from your link. "no evidence that the millions of missing ballots were used fraudulently, the Public Interest Legal Foundation"

How many copies could one make of Texas's mail-in ballot?

It's not important how many ballots were printed or sent to a voter, but how many were sent back in.

Carlos Ponce

So mail in your ballot, Jim. You qualify, you're over 65. Then see if it is counted or unaccounted for.

Jim Forsythe

This is from your link. "no evidence that the millions of missing ballots were used fraudulently, the Public Interest Legal Foundation"

Carlos Ponce

Fraud or not, 28 million ballots are unaccounted for.

Jim Forsythe

They were accounted for when they were issued or no one could know how many were not returned.

Just because someone requests a form does not mean they will vote.

Most are probably still in a house or were just discarded.

The elections that they were issued for is over, no one will be using them. So your point is that not all forms were returned.

Do all the forms that are sent out in Texas, get returned?

Carlos Ponce

Don't know why you are arguing, Jim. You can vote by mail because of your age. The law will not be changed.

And you are speculating about the unaccounted ballots. (Hint: You're guessing.)

Jim Forsythe

I can vote by mail, but not all in my family can. Why should they have to stand in line for an extended period of time (over 1 1/2 hrs in line last time) because some people do not like the idea of people not voting as they do? The unuse ballots can not be used, and have not. Why have an obsession with something that makes no difference now? If all unused ballots were found, how would that change anything?

If voting by mail is going to lead to whatever you think, why is anyone allowed to do it? The 65 and over group is just as likely to do whatever you think the under 65 will do.

Carlos Ponce

"I can vote by mail, but not all in my family can." If they are not of age (65+), not handicapped, in county during the weeks of early voting, then they have no excuse. Have they been outside their home? If one can go shopping, one can vote.

As far as waiting in line that is no excuse with multiple polling locations that have no waiting times. That's not an excuse.

Jim Forsythe

One has to have an excuse, not to want to wait in long lines? This is not about corona19, but why require people to stand in lines when mail-in -voting does away with lines. What is magical about 65, that it becomes acceptable to vote by mail?

Carlos Ponce

When you have long lines at one polling place and no waiting time at the next one two miles away......AND THEY'RE TOLD NO WAITING TIME!

Jim Forsythe

That may be true in Galveston County. People do live in other parts of Texas.

Carlos Ponce

"People do live in other parts of Texas." Notice the cities and the counties that run their elections you mentioned earlier with long lines were Democrat Party run Counties. Hmmmm....

Jim Forsythe

Do you think voting by mail is bad because it prevents people from spending hours in line waiting to vote?

Do you think voting by mail is bad because it prevents people from being exposed to a virus, this includes poll workers?

Do you think voting by mail is bad because it prevents people from having to stand in bad weather for several hours?

If none of the above reasons, what is your reason to oppose voting by mail? It not that more fraud happens because it does not.

It's not cost, because voting by mail only reduces cost.

Brazoria County closed almost 60% of its polling locations between 2012 and 2018.

McLennan county, home to Waco, Texas, closed 44% of its polling places from 2012 to 2018, despite the fact that its population grew by more than 15,000 people

Elections officials have cited tight budgets and difficulty recruiting poll workers as among the reasons for the reductions.

Carlos Ponce

"Do you think voting by mail is bad because it prevents people from spending hours in line waiting to vote?"

Informed people don't wait in line. Forget about the rest of the country, just look at Galveston County. A person may vote early. If someone sees a long line at the polling place common sense says go to another place or choose another day. If a person chooses to stand in a long line that sounds like a PERSONAL DECISION. Many choose to wait until the last minutes to vote. I cannot tell you why.

Carlos Ponce

"Do you think voting by mail is bad because it prevents people from being exposed to a virus, this includes poll workers?"

There has always been a virus to be exposed to. COVID-19 is just the latest one. Wear a mask, wear gloves The same people who fear getting a virus at the polling place were out and about during the height of the pandemic. Just looking for an excuse.

Carlos Ponce

"Do you think voting by mail is bad because it prevents people from having to stand in bad weather for several hours?"

With all the days available you choose the day with inclement weather to vote? That doesn't pass the sanity test. Weather has always been there. That's why they have rain gear if it's raining, That's why they have coats when it's cold. And with all the places in the county to vote where there's NO LINE why go to the one with a line. Election officials will inform the tail end of the next polling place with no line. But most won't go.

Jim Forsythe

Good news Carlos, Texas, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday that all voters can request an absentee ballot if they fear contracting the coronavirus by going to the polls in person.

Carlos Ponce

That ridiculous order made by Bill Clinton appointee US District Judge Fred Briery is being challenged by the State of Texas and will be overturned.

Ray Taft

Democrats luv mail-in ballots.

That way they can count ballots until they have enough to win, and ignore or throw out the rest. Happens every election with military and the current mail-in ballots.

Democrats cheat, so Republicans must have an extra good turnout for Republicans to offset the Democrats’ cheating.

If the upcoming election is total mail-in, America should not honor the outcome, especially if cheating Democrats win.

If our officials are not fooled by the cheating Democrats and it’s not mail-in, be sure to get out and vote Republican or the cheating Democrats will steal the election if they can.

Charles Douglas

You are right Mr. Taft! The LEFT is not about fairness! They have infiltrated our school and college systems with Socialist, Communist, and Marxist professors and administrators, while many of us was not payiing attention! This was done right here in Galveston County! However, the moment a conservative speaker is invited to speak to a conservative group on any campus, out come the SATANIC fools shouting obscenities, cursing, and throwing milkshakes laced with cement at the concervitives. They want freedom and a constitution only when it benefits them! They care nothing about right or fairness, nor love for others! They care about power, and being in charge! Right now the LEFT is trying to keep closed down so, their pathetic, fake, mentally limited, stuttering candidate who loves to call himself O'Biden, can remain in his basement taking short "Pot Shots" somebody else wrote down for him, without getting out there facing the public, answering hard questions, and facing Trump! Now get this,...we conservatives are not supposed to know all this! I don't fault a man for thinking himself smart, but don't go around thinking everybody else is a (#$@) ...fool!

Donna Spencer

Oh sure, you trumpsters are all about fairness and honesty...... yeah right.

Carlos Ponce

There's always a few bad apples in each barrel but a party that condones the killing of millions of innocents has Satan as their leader. The devil is in the details.

Jim Forsythe

Ray, how many cases of voter fraud can you share? Are you saying that only Democrats are at the opening of envelopes that are returned? Where is the violation of federal law occurring? Illegal voting, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine keeps most people from even thinking about committing voter fraud. Add in tampering with mail is pretty stiff for someone to risk doing these kinds of things.

Ray, you said "That way they can count ballots until they have enough to win, and ignore or throw out the rest" is done where? Have you ever been part of counting mail-in ballots? Counting is not done by just one party.

Gary Miller

Three states became all Democrat with mail in voting. Ballot harvesters have perfected cheating in those three states. Most common way is to check the ballots before turning them in and discarding any that didn't vote the "right" way. Or using non complete ballots they complete the "right" way. Both methods are nearly fool proof impossible to prove were cheated. Then claim there was no election fraud.

Jim Forsythe

Which state?

Gary Miller

Jim> Oragon taught California and Washington how to win with mail voting.

Jim Forsythe

Gary, please list the mail-in voter fraud cases in Oregan. Since you said Oregan is the teacher for other states, it must be rampant in Oregan.

Oregon, which has been conducting all of its statewide elections entirely by mail since 1998.

Last year, Oregon Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley proposed a national Motor Voter and vote-by-mail bill. Oregon Secretary of State Richardson, a Republican, thinks each state should determine its own system, but he expects that other states will adopt vote-by-mail.

The secretary of state (Republican) said voting by mail also helps prevent hacking. He said there’s no sign of fraud in Oregon, and that paper ballots are “not subject to being hacked.

Dan Freeman

President Trump has voted by mail 2018 New York election and in the 2020 Florida primary. What is good enough for him is good enough for me.

Carlos Ponce

Donald and Melania Trump vote voted absentee. There are eyewitnesses (Secret Service) who can testify they were not in the State of New York when the polls were open. They were ABSENT.

Dan Freeman, if over 65, qualifies to vote by mail under Texas law.

Unless you qualify in Texas you cannot vote by mail. Remember, each state sets requirements for voting. There is no provision under the Voting Rights Act that would allow voting by mail in Texas because of fear of contracting a disease.

Look at the states (ALL BLUE) that expand mail voting for those afraid of contracting COVID-19. Come election day their results will not be reported in a timely manner if the wrong (Republican) candidate is leading. And they'll FIND enough to get their candidate(s) (Democrat) over the top.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, you are saying that Trump voted in New York this year?

Carlos Ponce

No, but he was registered in New York for the 2016 General election. As for this year's primary he's registered in Florida.

"Because I'm allowed to. Well that's called out of state -- you know why I voted? Because I happened to be in the White House and I won't be able to go to Florida and vote."

1) He was out of state.

2) He's over 65.

As for his wife, she was out of state.

Carlos Ponce

As for the 2018 midterms, Trump voted absentee in New York's election according to Newsweek.

In the 2016 General election Trump voted in person at a school in the Manhattan borough of New York City.

Dan Freeman

The fact he used the law for convenience does not excuse his usual hypocrisy. It's okay for him, but he would deny it to regular folk.

No evidence of intentional fraud in the past several elections except by Republicans in North Carolina.

Carlos Ponce

"The fact he used the law for convenience does not excuse his usual hypocrisy.."

where's the hypocrisy? Did he vote by mail for fear of contracting coronavirus? No! He voted within the LAWS already there. Anyone who was absent from Florida during polling could do the same. Sorry, Dan, but you're really

S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G on your claim.

Stuart Crouch

Ah, more conspiratorial babble from the right-wingnuts. At least man-up and admit it's all about making it more difficult to vote! Once again, and you need to hear this, "You are fooling no one with your lies other than the other fools that already agree with you."

Voter ID's, no mail-in ballots (even in a pandemic), gerrymandering, moving/closing select polling places, intentionally understaffing & under-equipping 'select' polling locations to ensure long lines, long wait times and discouraging selected voter turnout, as well as attempting to discontinue on-campus college polling locations.

This is precisely why you will never be looked upon as "patriots". As much as your party wants to be viewed as Uber-Pro-'Merica, you fail miserably. Go ahead and look up words such as 'citizenry', 'constituency', 'equal representation' and 'democracy'. Try to reconcile these definitions with doing anything other than encouraging, enabling and facilitating as many eligible voters as is possible, to vote. You fine folks wouldn't recognize a 'patriot' if one were to stand and shoot fireworks at you from the historically all-white Fourth-of-July Parade, in your idyllic small-town America.

Carlos Ponce

What does Stuart want? No voter ID? Remember the man who walked into a polling place and asked if they had a ballot for Eric Holder? The man asking for it was not Eric Holder.

"no mail-in ballots" There are mail in ballots in Texas if you qualify.

Gerrymandering was investigated in Texas after a lawsuit. One was found was found and corrected. It involved a state district, not a Congressional district.

"moving/closing select polling places" These are announced ahead of time and published in local papers like the Galveston Daily News.

"intentionally understaffing & under-equipping 'select' polling locations to ensure long lines" Long lines at one location, walk up service a couple of miles down the road. Do they let the people at the end of the line about the next polling place with no line? Yes. Do they go there? A few do, most don't. I timed the time between out of car and onto the voting machine. It was less than two minutes in the building where I do volunteer work (SF Old School Museum). And you can vote ANYWHERE in the county. There were days when less than twenty people showed up to vote ALL DAY.

Jim Forsythe


Under your do not want mail-in ballot idea because of fraud, you must think that we the 65 and over group must be committing fraud, otherwise, why would you be against the under 65 voting by mail-in a ballot. Do you really think that the under 65's will be committing fraud at a higher rate than the 65 and over group? Nationwide over 20%vote by mail-in ballot.

The long lines, wait, that happened in the last election will increase in length in November. One of the reasons, Harris County closed 52 polling places since 2012. 750 polling places were closed from 2012-2018 in Texas, more than any other state. Long lines

are the result of these closers. A few examples.

Margaret Hollie arrived at the Multi-Service Center on Griggs Road at 11 a.m. She finished just after 2:45 p.m. “It was horrible,” she said. “The worst since I’ve been voting. And I’ve been voting for 60 years.”

At 1:30 a.m on Wednesday morning, Hervis Rogers was the last person to cast a ballot at a polling place on the campus of Texas Southern University. Hervis Rogers had waited six hours and twenty minutes to vote.

There were similar reports of long lines in cities across the state, including Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio.

Carlos Ponce

The vote counters already have their hands full when checking signatures of those who qualify under law.

As for long lines remember Harris County, Dallas County, Bexar County (San Antonio), Travis County (Austin) all all run by DEMOCRATS. Maybe they need to replace those elected officials.

Jim Forsythe

"The vote counters already have their hands full when checking signatures of those who qualify under the law". That's the reason you are against mail-in Ballots? Thats easier to fix than the lack of poll workers.

Elections officials have cited tight budgets and difficulty recruiting poll workers as among the reasons for the reductions

Carlos Ponce

Easy to fix??? You're posting nonsense. Checking, double checking signatures is job for experts, not easy.

Jim Forsythe

They make machines that can do the job. Signature verification is a technique used by banks, intelligence agencies and high-profile institutions to validate the identity of an individual. Signature verification is often used to compare signatures in bank offices and other branch capture. By using signature verification, the results are obtained quicker and with better results then what is used now.

It works when an image of a signature or a direct signature is fed into the signature verification software and compared to the signature image on file. This saves time and helps to prevent human error during the signature process and lowers the chances of fraud in the process of authentication.

Carlos Ponce

"They make machines that can do the job." Machines kick out most of them. Compare your signatures, none would be identical. Even if allowable deviations are programmed into the scanner most will be tossed out. It takes a human factor, a person familiar with handwriting to figure out whether it is legit.

On state mandated tests, TAAS, TAKS, STAAR, etc . a writing sample is required PRINTED, not cursive. Why? the readers cannot read the students' handwriting. It would be nice to take that writing sample, what we would call a first draft essay, place it onto a machine to decipher but it doesn't work that way.

Jim Forsythe

Changes in technology have made comparing signatures by computers a better choice than by doing it by humans. I can buy a program that can read handwriting, and so can the election officials if they want. It has been proven more accurate than humans for signatures. The only ones that are kick out

are ones that the program says that this signature is bad and needs to be looked at.

Carlos Ponce

The final decision is made by a human in banks. They don't want to lose a customer because of a machine.

Jim Forsythe

If banks were going to lose customers because of using software signature verification they would have already lost them as they have been using these programs for years. Banks that do documents for loans and such relies on these type of programs for signature verification.

Several loans I have taken out, I did without going to the Credit Union, using this type of verification.

SignatureXpert is being used for vote-by-mail.

Parascript software, SignatureXpert, verifies signatures on both print documents and online using mobile devices and terminals for account applications, check processing, loan origination, vote-by-mail, legal documents, and much more. Accurate signature verification is crucial since forgery and fraud can cost organizations money, time, and reputation.

SignatureXpert enables automated signature verification captured from any type of document, minimizing the need for visual verification with a high degree of accuracy. Verify signatures by comparing them against reference signatures gathered during account set-up, voter registration, or any other event that allows collection of validated signatures. Parascript provides the highest level of accuracy for any application that needs to authenticate signatures.

Highly Effective

Detects characteristics of a signature that are indistinguishable to the human eye for high fraud detection accuracy rates. Analyzes typical signature features such as a comparison of geometric shapes, fragments, and trajectories. When used for online verification, it analyzes pressure, speed, and tension. Multiple software engines work together to produce reliable verification output.

Carlos Ponce

Whatever, Jim. A HUMAN has to make the final analysis. But that's for a BANK, not an election.

A Signature Verification Committee meets after the the ballots are received.

The committee chair or committee members may request from the voter registrar, county clerk, or election administrator ahead of time signatures that are on file from the past six years.

The committee compares signatures on applications and corresponding carrier envelopes only to determine that the signatures on these documents are of the same person or not.

The committee places carrier envelopes and applications that are the signatures of the same person in one container and those that are not of the same person in another separate container.

If the signature verification committee has decided that the signatures are from the same person, the Board may not override the committee’s decision. If the signature verification committee has decided that the signatures are not from the same person, the Board may override the committee’s decision that the signatures are of the same person by a majority vote of the Board.

Now here's the handbook: "EARLY VOTING BALLOT BOARD & SIGNATURE VERIFICATION COMMITTEE" Now find me where a machine and not people are used to verify signatures in voting.

Jim Forsythe

Longmont, CO, April 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To facilitate reliability of Vote-By-Mail in upcoming elections, Parascript and its VBM partners are working to provide automated signature verification that helps prevent fraud and reduces manual-based errors.“Automated Signature Verification takes one or more reference signatures from voter records and compares them with the signature on the ballot to determine authenticity using artificial intelligence,” “The process takes less than a second for each ballot and produces results that are more reliable than results achieved with even well-trained staff, but also more consistent and tamper-proof.”

Even if signatures look different due to changes over time, the software can adapt looking at key, often hard-to-detect, characteristics that have been proven to remain relatively stable. There is no ability to coerce the software to discard ballots for certain candidates over others so the question of tampering or coercion can be eliminated.

Sign over the phone, no paperwork required.

Also for election officials, there is an application called Text to Cure that Denver and a lot of other jurisdictions use. It allows you to rectify any problems via text message. You literally can sign the affidavit on your phone, and then take a copy of your state-certified ID and text it in. There is no paperwork required; it is just a texting process that goes directly to the election official.

Also, there is a ballot tracking tool (score). It is the same as tracking a FedEx package or UPS package or USPS package. It enables you to track your ballot throughout the process. Denver was the first creator of this system back in 2009. It uses the intelligent mail barcode on each envelope and it lets you track the mail ballot. Thus, voters are confident their ballot has been received and processed for counting. Similarly, if there is an issue with the ballot, they will receive a notification. When reviewing signatures in SCORE it is very likely that they will encounter signatures that were created and captured electronically. This is because Colorado Driver’s License offices now use an electronic signature pad to record signatures, including for voter registration.


Carlos Ponce

Jim, we live in TEXAS.

Joe Mancuso

Jim, you're correct about it being possible to use software to verify signatures.

There is software that could be used to verify signatures on ballots. Banks do use this software. No, most signatures are not verified by a human at banks. For checks, humans get involved only if the software kicks out a signature of if the check meets certain criteria that the bank has established as requiring human verification (checks above a certain amount as an example). There is no way a bank could possibly verify the signature on every check by having a human look at it.

And, Carlos, I didn't read anything from Jim that said that signature verification software was being used in Texas, he said that it "could" be used in order to allow for mail-in ballots for everyone.

Jim Forsythe

You asked, "Now find me where a machine and not people are used to verify signatures in voting", and I did.

If we would start using new technology, the result would be faster and more accurate. Also, the cost would go down if we went to all mail-in-voting.

No reason not to use better ways of voting, and not the old way because we always have done it that way!

Carlos Ponce

It's still not in Texas. But let's see how accurate it is in Colorado in a real election.

Jim Forsythe

Good news Carlos, Texas, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday that all voters can request an absentee ballot if they fear contracting the coronavirus by going to the polls in person. If we are smart, we will buy an Automated Signature Verification program to help with the number of mail-in -ballots that will be cast.

Carlos Ponce

When I voted absentee in the 1974 midterms I was a student in Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. I had to vote in front of a Notary Public and produce a photo ID.

In the 1976 General election I once again voted absentee as a SHSU student but there was no requirement for a Notary nor ID. Just mail it back to Galveston County. The postmark showed I was out of town.

domenico nuckols

Voter harvesting the Republicans have it down to a science. Eight Republicans in North Carolina in the 2018 election were arrested for voter fraud and they had to hold an all new election. The Republicans wrote a book on voter fraud.

Carlos Ponce

That's anecdotal, domenico. Democrats have more occurrences.

Carlos Ponce

I can only find the names of 7 North Carolinians, domenico.

Jim Forsythe

Why compare crimes, when these types of crimes are few and far between.

It's not clear which one of the following were arrested for voter fraud. But a large group had their hands in it.

A Lisa Britt and her tangle of friends and relatives have become central to election fraud of absentee ballots.

Also included McCrae Dowless, the ex-husband of Sandra Dowless who is the mother of Lisa Britt, also, Jessica Dowless. These people were also involved, Tonia Marie Gordon, Matthew Monroe Mathis, Caitlyn Croom, Rebecca Thompson.

Andy Yates: The owner of Cornelius-based Red Dome Group, Yates testified that he handled payments to Dowless while acting as Mark Harris’s main consultant in the 2018 election.

Harris and his campaign officials have said they did not pay Dowless to do anything illegal. But Harris’ son, a U.S. attorney, testified that he had warned his father of potentially illegal activity by Dowless, causing elections officials to question whether Harris turned a blind eye to Dowless’ schememe.

Carlos Ponce

Lisa Britt, Ginger S. Eason, Woody D. Hester, James Singletary, Jessica Dowless and Kelly Hendrix, and Leslie McCrae Dowless are the only ones listed with indictments.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, add these people to your list. It makes no difference if it is 6, 7, or 10 people, as they were all doing bad things.

March 1, 2019: The District Attorney’s Office said they charged Caitlyn Croom, Matthew Mathis, Tonia Gordon, and Rebecca Thompson. Each faces one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice and one count of possession of absentee ballot.

Carlos Ponce

Not much against those. They are hoping they will flip against the bigger fish with a threat of trial.

Jim Forsythe

No need to wait for someone to flip on Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr., because he has created more problems on his own.

April 22, 2020: The federal indictment accuses Dowless of two counts of Social Security fraud and one count each of making false statements and theft of government property. The theft count is punishable by up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The other three each come with maximum penalties of five years in prison and $250,000 fines, U.S. Attorney Bobby Higdon’s office said in a release.

Carlos Ponce

Prosecutors will do what some prosecutors do. They want Dowless but some are reluctant to testify against him. Instead of pleading guilty they plead the fifth.

Jim Forsythe

More than enough people have testified, that making deals is not needed.

Dowless’ workers in rural Bladen County testified that they were directed to collect blank or incomplete ballots, forge signatures on them, and even fill in votes for local candidates.

Jeffrey S. Smith, a Bladen County sweepstakes parlor operator, says he gave Dowless off-the-books cash in 2014. Smith testified as part of a lawsuit that he gave Dowless three cash payments totaling $5,800 on behalf of current Bladen County Sheriff Jim McVicker, a Republican.

Evidence accumulated in state probes showed Dowless worked in 2018 for Mark Harris, the Republican nominee in the 9th Congressional District race. Witnesses told state officials that Dowless gathered hundreds of absentee ballots from Bladen County voters with the help of his assistants. The election was ultimately rerun and won by GOP Rep. Dan Bishop.

Who in the Dowless’ case has pleaded the plead the fifth?

Just as I stated, more than 6 people were part of this voting fraud.

Gary Miller

Dominico> If they had it down to a science how did they get caught? Because GOP members of NC voting administration were doing their job.

Susan Smith

That's a hard no.

tom carpenter

That broadside left them floundering in the water Mr. Crouch!

Emile Pope

The people trying to make it harder to vote are always the ones that can't win any other way...

Carlos Ponce

Just trying to prevent fraud, Emile.

Emile Pope

Always the excuse given. Always false. Always enacted by the ones in control to keep control when they see the demographics turning against them. Always insidious...

Carlos Ponce

Emile, if you don't vote that's a personal problem. YOU'RE the one making excuses.

Ted Gillis

Gary can’t provide any proof Jim. It’s all just made up stuff that he heard on AM radio.

Now our dear Ken Paxton has appealed to the Texas Supreme Court for a stay of some type. They of course will probably rule in his favor.

They always do.

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