In response to the editorial ("Jan. 6 should join the dates that live in infamy," The Daily News, Jan. 6): Jan. 6 will most definitely go down as a day of infamy. It will be remembered as the day Democrats and the leftist media tried to rewrite history in order to salvage an election they know they were going to lose badly.

Fools will willingly overlook the facts and swallow the propaganda as Soviets did with Pravda and Izvestia.

Those who were interested in the truth had to look somewhere other than The Galveston County Daily News.

Do the research. The truth is out there — not here.

Peter Nanos




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Carlos Ponce

Let your heart not be troubled, Pete Nanos!

When truth is revealed, the Daily News will be eating crow.

Charles Douglas

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Mr. Ponce.

Richard Illyes

I prefer Dilbert creator Scott Adams take, absence of proof is not proof of absence. The election was obviously stolen.

His latest idea is probably his best contribution to civilization if it catches on: While individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty, government must be considered guilty until proven innocent. It is upon them to provide the information establishing their innocence.

Before the election even the Democrats were complaining about the Direct Recording Electronic voting systems, or DREs, which defy meaningful auditing. Only paper ballots should be used, and all election systems should be required to be open source. Refusal to allow access to the software is incredible. How can such a thing be allowed? Bank systems require access to the source code, and audits of it are carried out continually. Somehow election systems are allowed to keep it secret.

Government guilty until proven innocent is an idea whose time has come, it is the only solution.

Gary Scoggin

Richard, I am checking for understanding, here. Your proposal is that governments at all levels are presumed guilty of all allegations, is that correct? Would there be any minimum threshold of proof required or could anybody allege anything?

Bailey Jones

So...The Trump administration is guilty of insurrection until such time as it can prove its innocence? Wow - that is so convenient. I should look more to comic strips for my worldview, I guess.

Gary Miller

Richard > Said another way " liberals want us to believe what they say" instead of what we witnessed. We watched fraud as it happened but the guilty say it didn't happen.

Bailey Jones

I've got your truth right here, Pete. 100s of videos taken by the rioters themselves, posted on their social media accounts by themselves. Anyone who is interested in the truth of what happened 1/6/2021 can find it here -

Carlos Ponce

There is no background check in the video content to indicate whether or not those involved are Trump supporters or not.

Wearing MAGA gear as a ruse is what Antifa told its followers to do in DC on Jan 6.

This was posted January 1, 2021:

"But just in case. I spoke to my Antifa operative in Portland and she said the ones going to DC are going to wear camouflage, cut-offs, and Trump paraphernalia to blend in but wearing their MAGA hats backwards for identification, so feel free to pass along"

I surmise not all turned their MAGA hats backwards.

But CNN identified Democrats and non-voters among a sampling of those arrested. But there's been no followup since that initial report.

I wonder if Bailey Jones keeps a MAGA hat in his closet to use when he goes out to do bad things. How can you identify him? MAGA people don't wear masks. So if you see someone on the streets of Galveston doing bad things while wearing a MAGA cap and a mask say "Hi, Bailey!"

Gary Miller

Bailey > we found your truth. Most of the crowd was peaceful Trump supporters. Most of the "rioters" were anti Trumpers like BLM, Antifau and hired democrat agitators. None of the agitators have been arrested or charged?

Bailey Jones

Gary - this sentence, "Most of the "rioters" were anti Trumpers like BLM, Antifa and hired democrat agitators" is a lie. Please tell us the name of the liar who told you this lie.

Gary Miller

Bailey > Was it one of the guilty that told you it's a lie?

Bailey Jones

No, Gary, it was America's law enforcement agencies. (I know you don't believe them either.) I've answered your question, please answer mine.

Paul Sivon

It really doesn’t matter if they were extreme Trumpers or Antifa, they fit into the same anti-American/ anti-democracy bucket. They need the end of democracy to meet their goals and tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power. Trump encouraged them, watched them, and did NOTHING. If, as the local GDN troll keeps stating, it was Antifa, then it follows that Trump takes his orders from George Soros and is an Antifa operative. It really doesn’t matter, the domestic enemy label fits in either case.

Carlos Ponce

"Trump encouraged them, watched them, and did NOTHING." No truth in that,

Gary Miller

Bailey > Do you think it possible the accusers deleted videos that didn't back their claims?

Bailey Jones

Gary, I'm not sure where you've lived that last 20 years, but there is no "deleting" of videos in the modern age. But it would be truly amusing to hear you describe a hypothetical video that somehow makes the 100s of videos of violence not back the claims of the accusers.

George Laiacona

And the beat goes on! Here we have another disgruntled Trumper in retroactive. The untruths fed the the Americans by the Republican propaganda station Fox News is still holding on to the untruths by exacerbating the fact that the election was in their favor and not the Democrats. We can only hope that come election time the intelligent Americans vote for the people that are not traitors to our democracy. On January 6th the Republicans earned that title.

Carlos Ponce


Noel Spencer

There is none so blind as he who will NOT see.

Pete Nanos

Well, George, typical liberal response. No examples, just mud slinging. Like The Russian collusion, or the fake trials put on by Pelosi and Schiff ( who still hasn't shown the proof he had) and the denials about the election of Trump in 2016. You folks make claims of being so intelligent , yet you elect a serial liar (47 years of taoed evidence) and an incompetent VP and turn a blind eye to every screw up they make, from the withdrawal fiasco in Afghanistan, to the border being overrun to criminals running free in big cities. I will assume you consider yourself an educated man, but that being said. I will also let you in on a secret. An education does not make one smart. Obviously.

TJ Aulds

Mr Nanos.

Just some facts that may be missing here.

Every single court case on the allegations you allude go on the election of 2020 have either been dismissed or ruled against.

Court records of those charged in connection to Jan. 6 show by admission of those Charged and actual records they were indeed attempting to stop the legislative process and in cases seek to commit violent crimes against elected officials.

Those same criminal court proceedings show that indeed those involved - by their own admission - were not “antifa” or non-supporters or the former president in fact the opposite.

Every state whose results were questioned have had multiple audits, recounts or reviews some ordered by legislatures who are very much pro-the former president. To date none have found evidence of voter fraud or illegal votes that would cast any election result in doubt.

Most atop the former president’s administration including the former attorney general and the vice-president have indicated there was any evidence of voter fraud or illegal activity that should result in a doubt on the final election results.

Those are the facts of the issue you bring up.

So to be fair to you, what legal proof do you have to back any of your claims?

I can assure you that any media organization would love to find actual evidence of what you claim to provide the biggest election story in the history of this country since the fist ballots were cast for George Washington.

There are plenty of media outlets, the ones you would claim are part of the issue, that have and are still looking and nothing has been found to support your assertions.

So again, let’s have the proof. Not hearsay. Not conspiracy rhetoric, simple proof.

The world awaits your proof sir.

Henry Hansen

Mr. Aulds,

I watched the election results until 3:30 AM Wednesday morning. Trump had leads, in some cases large leads, in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia. While I cannot tell you I saw actual fraud. I can tell you I saw things that raised bright red flags. The questionable events I personally saw were limited to Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta. Counts in those cities should definitely have been audited, but they were not.

There has not been a trial or any evidence entered into a court of law because every judge has refused to accept the case due to jurisdictional and/or procedural issues.

I know what I saw and heard that night. Something was not right and it was specific to those 4 cities.

Charles Douglas

Ohhh I don't know about all that, I and millions of other Americans figure Republicans care more about America than those who supported a KKK affiliated RACIST who is so mentally deficient that he can't tell his wife from his sister, & who don't know 2020 from 2022!

We think more about America & Americans than to vote for a man who blatantly tells the public during ellection season that he will select a Black Female as a running mate, then instead of selecting one of millions of Black Females who were qualified, he ended up with Cackling Kamala, who his Clean-Cut Good looking, Educated, Well Spoken, Black buddy was sweet on. Cackling Kamala tells the world when told she had NOT been to the border, " Well, I have not been to Europe either ...cackle..cackle...cackle!"

I still have not figured that one out!! We care more for the people & this country than to vote for someone who would round us hundreds of Americans & incarcerate them without charging them ...letting them rot in solitary confinement, like a third world Communist country like China would do as punishment to them & intimidation to the masses! The SLAVE Party's Dictator did this to Americans while he sent taxpayer stimulus checks to foreign terrorists who killed and maimed American citizens In premeditated Terroist Attacks conducted inside this country!

I won't even bring up the border and Afghanistan and all the young Americans dying from Fentanyl China is sending in here by drug Cartels with Joe China helping to get them shipped to destinations all over America! The SLAVE Party needs to quit being ashamed of who they voted for, because they are on the same hook he is on. They put him where he is!!!

Gary Miller

George > Which do you think will win in 2022? Those who watch CNN or we who watch FOX?

Ted Gillis

Obviously. That is just what I was thinking after I got about half through your letter Pete.

It’s no secret now.

Richard Illyes

My memory of Jan 6 will always be the meme of the buffalo horn guy with the comment: "After the peyote wears off - trying to figure out where you are."

The demonstrators destroyed their moral authority by their actions, but it was not an insurrection by any stretch of the imagination. The reaction of the Democrats is ridiculous. Compared to the destructive riots when Trump was inaugurated, which get almost no press, it was nothing.

Gary Miller

Richard > 574 deadly riots, each with billions more damage, dozens dead and thousands of police injured than Jan. 6 Democrats think were OK. Jan. 6 a few thousand dollars of mostly clean up, one killed by a Capital cop and the media joins liberals to call it as bad as 9 11 or Dec. 7 1941. The only people not arrested are the BLM, ANTIFA and Democrat hired agitators. Trump planed a peaceful rally, Liberals added their rioters. The good in it is every person wrongly charged will be a Trump supporter for life.

John Merritt

This editorial is very insulting and we are debating cancelling our GDN subscription. I don't mind that your belief in "what is true" is different from what I believe. But when you insult me personally and imply that I am spitting out falsehoods, then you are disrespecting more than half of the American public. Can you afford to do that?

Bailey Jones

"Fools will willingly overlook the facts and swallow the propaganda as Soviets did with Pravda and Izvestia."

Yes - one should always be suspicious when a political propaganda source labels itself as "Truth".

Bailey Jones

Speaking of nonexistent voter fraud - How is #worldsbiggestloser's Big Arizona Voting Audit coming along?

What's that - you say the Cyber Ninjas found nothing and now are being fined $50,000 a day for refusing to show their results?

The rewards for being with Team Trump are endless!

Carlos Ponce

The Arizona audit is going fine, but not the Cyber Ninjas. But that's all the Liberal media will report on - a group no longer involved in the process. How very Liberal of them!

Carlos Ponce

"Maricopa County has said the audit is over as far as THEY are concerned."

It's not over.

Phoenix News Tomes reports " Cyber Ninjas Dissolves — And the Fight For 'Audit' Records Continues" January 7, 2022

Unfortunately the article is all about the Cyber Ninjas not about the continuance of the audit.

Gary Miller

Bailey > I like the fact that nine lib counties convicted themselves by admitting they recorded more Biden votes than they have residents. Fraud is the only way that can happen. Oh and the guy that drove a truck full of Biden ballots from Long Island to Harrisburg PA. And the vote counters who drove poll watchers out before dragging crates of ballots from under tables. I bet you could describe your favorites.

Jim Forsythe

Maricopa County has said the audit is over as far as they are concerned.

The report, titled ‘Correcting the Record: Maricopa County’s In-Depth Analysis of the Senate Inquiry,' was released on Jan. 5, and officials say it is the final word to the inquiry on the county's administration of the November 2020 election.

The report said that after "an in-depth analysis and review of the reports and presentations issued by the Senate’s contractors, we determined that nearly every finding included faulty analysis, inaccurate claims, misleading conclusions, and a lack of understanding of federal and state election laws."

Specifically, Maricopa County officials say of the claims made by the various entities connected to the audit:

22 were found to be misleading. "The claims lead the reader to assume a conclusion that is not supported by the evidence," a portion of the statement read.

41 were found to be inaccurate. "The claims include flawed or misstated analysis," a portion of the statement read.

13 were found to be false. "The claims are demonstrably false and can be proven false using materials provided to the Senate," a portion of the statement read.

"If you are biased or not using an objective process, you’re likely to come to a faulty conclusion," said Scott Jarrett, director of the county Elections Department.

Correcting The Record - January 2022 Report.pdf (

Maricopa Co. releases new report on 2020 election, deems many claims misleading; here's what you need to know (

domenico nuckols

A Maricopa County Supervisor (R), said on TV yesterday, there was NOT any election fraud. But LOSER Trump fans can’t believe what they see and hear. It’s over it!

Carlos Ponce

Do back to sleep, Dementico.

domenico nuckols

Carlos, it's a FACT!. I guess not only having orange colored glasses now you have blinders on too.

Carlos Ponce

Do go back to sleep Dementico.

Gary Miller

Domenico > Millions saw fraud. Millions believe fraud. What we saw and believe is our evidence.

domenico nuckols


domenico nuckols

A Maricopa County Supervisor (R), said on TV yesterday, there was NOT any election fraud. But LOSER Trump fans can’t believe what they see and hear. It’s over it!

domenico nuckols

Gary, if there was real fraud then why aren’t the LOSER Trumpers filing charges? NONE!

Carlos Ponce

Nuckols, a person can call themselves anything they want. But look at the picture of Jack Sellers, the Maricopa County Supervisor in question with Yan Daixions, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee in Dujiangyan, China.

A Trump presidency would dampen Sellers' business connections. Under Biden, his business connections with China brighten.

Sellers "refused or delayed compliance with judge-ordered subpoenas related to the Senate’s audit." No need to wonder why............

The article asks "Is it possible Jack Seller’s loyalties lie elsewhere?"

George Laiacona

If you are searching for the truth you will have to go to another source other than that of the Republican propaganda station Fox News. Just like the naive Republican traitors in the capital swept along like a stick in a freshet, you will continue to think you are doing the right thing only to be deceived when you finally reach the end of the dilemma we are all in.

Carlos Ponce

More nonsense from George Lackabraina.

Gary Miller

George > Americans are a strange people. We prefer truth to lies. We fact check and go where we get truth. FOX is the choice of 75 % of Americans because it is where we found truth. When you learn you are being fed lies by your lib media you too will be a FOX American.

David Smith

Just another post proving VOTER ID is needed

domenico nuckols

The truth is LOSER Trump staged a poorly planned attempted coup!

Carlos Ponce

Dementico, take your meds as directed by your health care provider. You are ranting again.

domenico nuckols

LOSER Trump is going to JAIL!

Carlos Ponce

Dementico, take your meds. You are ranting again.

domenico nuckols

Blame somebody else to Carlos. LOSER Trump will go to JAIL

Carlos Ponce

You are still ranting. Check with your health care provider.

domenico nuckols

Your GOD LOSER Trump is going to JAIL

domenico nuckols


Carlos Ponce

Dementico, President Trump is not God but he appreciates your thoughts.

domenico nuckols


Carlos Ponce

Take you meds, Dementico.

domenico nuckols

Carlos, I Called the county you are NOT an American citizen

Carlos Ponce

Dementico, you are a riot!

domenico nuckols

At Least I was born in the USA

Carlos Ponce

If you say so........[rolleyes]

domenico nuckols

Your easy

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