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Carlos Ponce

The voters of Congressional District 14 know Randy Weber is doing an excellent job and overwhelmingly re-elected him to the office of Congressman. But there are a few who don't quite get it.

George Laiacona

Let’s get real here. The Webber character doesn’t really care about his constituents now that he doesn’t have to face a reelection process. He can do whatever he wants in order to improve his standing with the Republicans. This bill contained too much pork. He could have expressed comments concerning the additional funds going every where but to the American people that really need government assistance during this pandemic. He could have voted against the pork before it was part of the assistance bill. He could have said this bill didn’t need any type of assistance to foreign Lobbyists.

Ted Gillis

Most people in District 14 wouldn’t know Rany Weber if he passed them on the street. He only get’s re-elected because he is in a heavily jerrymandered district that votes for republicans no matter who they are. Don’t forget, when we were part of district 9 these same people elected a crook, Steve Stockman because his only qualification was that he was a republican. He got elected to the 36th district because of the same qualification. I’m sure that now he has been pardoned he will find a safe home in some conservative organization. But back to your original assumption, Weber can do or say just about anything he wants to without worry of being re-elected or not.

Carlos Ponce

Most people in Santa Fe would not recognize Ted Gillis at HEB even when he was a SF city councilman.

Carlos Ponce

And most people in Santa Fe don't even recognize the name Ted Gillis or associate him as a former city councilman. "Ted Gillis.... wasn't that Dobie Gillis' brother?" No, Dobie's brother was Davey Gillis.

Ted Gillis

I like it that way Carlos.

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