In response to the article ("DA, Neely attorneys talking mental health help deal," The Daily News, Aug. 15): No doubt Donald Neely's recent arrest is cause for concern.

His homelessness and six arrests in 2019 reveal a man struggling to find his place in society. I would hope his predicament would be met with compassion and a desire to help.

A larger public discourse on how to best deal with the plight of the mentally ill would be a good next step.

Instead, the photograph of his arrest has triggered an angry outcry against the police because the "optics" fit a political narrative. What a shame.

I hope Neely finds the help he needs and that this incident will help us all see beyond a perceived racial injustice, and work to benefit all those who struggle as he does.

Jim Claffy



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Gary Miller

Mass shooters are mentally impaired. When does a gun become a criminal? When someone mentally impaired uses it to kill. Neely isn't thought to be dangerous but none of the mass shooters were thought to be dangerous before they killed.

Emile Pope

Your statement is not supported by the facts.

Gary Miller

Neely's impairment isn't likely to lead him to violence. However there could be another impaired person thinking they should get revenge on society for how has been treated. Neely hasn't been mistreated but race mongers have tried to say he has been mistreated. Will they suscead in creating another mass killer wanting to revenge how the race mongers claim he was treated?

Bailey Jones

I wonder who the "race mongers" were that convinced the El Paso shooter that the US was being invaded by Mexicans intent on taking over the country?

Charles Douglas

Oh Mr. Jones!! Get it right!!!!! You mean that fool in Ohio, who idolized Crazy Bernie, and that Cherokee running for President! Oh ..I'm sorry, I forgot, yall on the left, and the Fake News Media want to keep that quiet for the 2020 elections, right? Forget I I said anything. I hope we are still good! Okay? We still friends.

Bailey Jones

Or you could just answer the question. "Where did the El Paso shooter get the idea that the US is being invaded by Mexicans seeking to take over our country?" Gary seems to believe that racism only exists in the minds of white liberals trying to trick minorities into believing that they're the victims of centuries of systematic oppression. Charles is saying - well, I have no idea what Charles is saying.

Charles Hughes

Makes you wonder don't it.

Charles Douglas

Plantation !!!! Free!!! Handouts!!! "Makes you wonder DOESN'T it." Lol.

Gary Miller

Charles> I wonder how anyone thinks it's white liberals who pander race baiting. Seems to me all liberals are guilty. Race baiting has been a liberal policy for as long as I can remember. Blacks are as bad as any other liberals.

Emile Pope

Crack open a history book before you make such comments...

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