By inviting the construction of affordable housing in Galveston, this editorial page wishes to create a political process rather than a market-based business process. Shouldn’t The Daily News be asking why local taxpayers should subsidize the wages of local workers when Galveston businesses, not local taxpayers, receive 100 percent of those workers' productivity?

Shouldn’t this editorial page remind local businesses that higher wages are a proven, time-tested method of attracting and retaining valued employees?

Dan Freeman’s global charity initiative should come under equal scrutiny ("G-7 could improve the world with 1 percent of GDP," The Daily News, June 25). After the 2010 Haitian earthquake disaster, one Haitian saw the need for inexpensive shoes and built a small shoe business. It prospered and grew. Then a well-intentioned American shoe manufacturer (TOMS Shoes) began marketing shoes with a promise to donate one pair to Haiti with each pair sold. That was the end of the Haitian shoe factory.

Numerous studies show that locally owned, third-world businesses are routinely bankrupted by similar "aid" practices that are ultimately disastrous.

Capitalism, together with an unbiased application of the rule of law, has lifted more people out of poverty and oppression than anything else the world has ever tried.

Norman Pappous

League City


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Lizzie Tish


Don Schlessinger


Bailey Jones

I agree with quite a bit of this, but capitalism isn't a cure-all. The slave trade was pure capitalism, after all, as is shipping US jobs overseas in search of the cheapest hourly wage. And I'll point to the donation of clothes in the US. While it seems like charity, these clothes are sold (capitalism) to African countries who have been forced to take the clothes under "free trade" treaties which have subsequently destroyed the indigenous textile industry. Our own economy would never have developed except for a system of tariffs and duties that protected our infant industries from global competition.

What the world needs isn't more "free trade" capitalism, it's more capitalism coupled with wise trade policies that benefit emerging economies.

But yeah - housing is just one way that taxpayers subsidize low-income employers. I hope that the current disruption in employment (dubbed The Great Resignation) will reset the relationship between labor and capital so that everyone who works can afford the basic most necessities of life - housing, food, and healthcare.

Charles Douglas

" But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19.

I suggest that we go ye therefore into all the world, and tell this to the poor, so they don't have to be poor anymore, tell the hungry, so they can be fed, tell the homeless, so they may have a place to dwell, tell the widows and orphans, so they can be make whole, and tell the sick so they can be healed.

This worked for me, and if it worked for me .......hey, will work for anybody, .....ANYWHERE! Crying, "PO - MOUTHING" and giving airtime to the devil's work will solve nothing! If you don't teach people to overcome poverty, they will be poor and destitute for life! SAY AMEN!!!!

Gary Miller

Charles> My objection to "affordable housing" is it isn't basic housing. Why should taxpayers provide housing with all the luxury features of general housing? Contractors in the affordable housing industry want to sell to taxpayers features low income renters can't afford. They add every thing to increase their proffets.

Gary Scoggin

Is that prosperity gospel, Charles?

Charles Douglas


Gary Miller

Low income housing should be Basic shelter not luxury living on taxpayers.The quality of low income housing is greater than most taxpayers can afford. In our Gulf Coast climate air conditioning could be "basic" but four bedrooms, dish washers, TV, patios and two car garages are not.

Gary Scoggin

I’ve seen a lot of low income housing and not much of itlookd like you describe, Gary M.

But your bigger point is important. We don’t want to do anything too nice as that may lift the self esteem of the poor. Then they may not accept their lives as “minority discontents” (David Hardee’s expression) like they are supposed to.

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