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Charles Douglas

So let me see If I got this right. The United States is the nation that everyone comes crawling to for help, aid, and leadership when none exists, but they pity us? Until Trump took over.. Armerica was footing the lion's share of the defense costs for NATO, & we allowed on purpose, nations in the European Union, Canada, South Korea, China, and Japan take us for Hundreds of millions to billions of dollars in unfair trade deals, because we were so prosperous, blessed, and exceptional, and others pity us? America sends our young military people to foreign nations routinely to get shot up, maimed, and killed for other's freedoms, at our costs in lives and money, and other nations pity us? Well all I can say is if the American people and taxpayers have to kiss other nations in the rear, as we have in the past to earn their respect, I say let China fill that role! We can do better than to be that kind of fool! Now, Joe Biden, Hey isn't he the one who said intergation would facilitate the creation of a "JUNGLE SOCIETY?" That is code for BLACKS should stay with their kind and WHITES should do the same, young and old! That would keep a MONGREL RACE of people from manifesting, not being Black or WHITE! Wasn't Joe mentored by the Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, a guy named Senator Robert Byrd? Wasn't Joe the one who said Obama was the first mainstream Black Man who was clean, and could speak well. Didn't Joe just say he was for redirecting funds away from the police, phase out fossil fuels from America, meaning thousands of jobs and factories would be lost nationwide to nations like China, India, and Mexico? Didn't Biden say he would raise taxes the first thing if he was elected? He also said He would extend Medicare to anybody who came to this country citizen or not! Who do you think will pay for all that? Who is going to pay for REPARATIONS for Blacks and Native Americans which Biden supports? Hey maybe that is just another lie or line of BS the LEFT is throwing at African-Americans just to get their vote! Hey ....it has been working for over 150 years! I heard Biden sent money to bail out looters, rioters, and lawbreakers out of jail when they were arrested for punching old women and beating old folks, while shooting others! Biden is for full Abortions, gun confiscation, and as i said, TAKING money from the police. You do the math, no police, plus no guns in your house equals what? Lastly, be careful what you ask for!!!!

Don Schlessinger

Well said Charles Douglas!

George Soros

" Biden is for full Abortions, gun confiscation, and as i said, TAKING money from the police."

Biden just got my vote, all of those things sound great.

Carlos Ponce

Considering jimmy didn't vote for him in 2016.....[rolleyes]

David Shea


Gary Miller

Charles> You paid attention and understood the problem then offered a true asesment of what socialists think Biden could do for them. No oil, no guns in honest citizens hands, no peace or security where liberals rule. No thanks Joe. We have better now.

Carlos Ponce

"One thing I can attribute to '45' is that he enabled many who once hid their racist views to crawl from under their rocks or remove their 'hood.' " The President has stood against those who promote race hatred time and time again.

Looks like Rose Murphy has hit the jug of Liberal kool-aid !

But we'll get more of these unfounded accusations against a great President the closer we get to election day. And Trump will win!

Gary Miller

I hope voters have paid attention to Biden, Pelosi and AOC> Should scare voters to the pols to vote against the Socialist/Communists trying to steal America. I can't believe 325 million citizens, with rights, will vote to become subjects with no rights.

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