Imagine being James Templer ("For democracy's sake, Banana Republicans must go,” The Daily News, June 12-13) and other leftists and believing democracy is in peril when everyone has weeks ahead of Election Day to vote or can request a ballot be sent to their home.

Democrats are trying to end the filibuster and make us a one-party-rule China overnight and Templer thinks the threat of a dictator comes from the right? However, if 75 million people think the 2024, 2028 elections are questionable you likely will get a right-wing, authoritarian boogeyman the left desperately wants.

All this bill does is provide minimal safeguards for election security and allow poll workers to go to church. When the United States claims fraud in some African or South American election they base those claims off irregularities, and the 2020 U.S. election had plenty.

Democrats and the leftist news media are trying to create a bar to where you need some guy on tape forging 500,000 ballots.

It’s like we got the murder weapon, DNA and the crime on tape, but since we don’t have the body then it didn’t happen.

David Jordan



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George Laiacona

David I don’t understand just how you can throw out a number for forging 500,000 ballots! When statistics show that from 2000 to 2020 only 1/300 percent of 1 percent of votes cast in Presidential elections were fraudulent

Gary Miller

George> I'm sure you know Democrats lie and their statistics lie. The bigger the lie the more elaberate it will be. I think the 500,000 number may refer to the Truck load of ballots from long Island to Harrisburg PA. How many ballots can a truck carry? How many Long Islanders voted in PA elections.

Carlos Ponce

"When statistics show that from 2000 to 2020 only 1/300 percent of 1 percent of votes cast in Presidential elections were fraudulent." That just goes to show you how Democrats have perfected fraud. And I suspect those "statistics" are based on fraudulent data as well.

Ted Gillis

Poll workers going to church? What on earth are you talking about?

Gary Miller

About not voting on Sunday.

Craig Mason

Exactly where is the fraud that you speak of David? Do you expect us to believe that republicans in Georgia and Arizona acted against Trump in the election. What happened is that the person at the top of the ticket was so vile and crooked, that folks voted against him while voting for other republicans down the ballot. Trump lost the presidency, the house and the senate on his watch. The GOP needs to say good riddance to him.

Curtiss Brown

I've worked the polls. People come in, they sign in. Someone checks if they are registered. You've seen it. You have to sign the register to show that you are you. You show your voter registration and the numbers are matched. You are given a ballot, you vote and you post your ballot. The ballots are counted. The count must match the number of people who voted. In my day, we counted the ballots left over. That number and the number of people who voted have to match. If it doesn't match you stay at the voting location until it does. The voting poll workers sign the accounting of the ballots. The voted ballots and the unvoted ballots go to the counting station and the ballots are tallied by precinct. We know and have known for decades, how to maintain a valid election process. The diversity in our election process in the nation makes setting out to engage in fraud overly expensive and overly involved and overly populated with honest working patriots to be impossible to consider. This talk about massive fraud is total BS from top to bottom. And if you spent any time thinking about it you'd realize just how dumb it is to claim such in the first place.

Carlos Ponce

You must have worked the polls a long time ago. No voter registration card is required nor asked for. You place your Driver's license into a reader which scans the DL. There is no longer a "register" but an electronic pad which you sign.

"You are given a ballot, you vote and you post your ballot." "ballots and the unvoted ballots go to the counting station"????? Not in Galveston County, Curtis. We use electronic touch screen voting with no individual paper ballots in the 21st century.

Since you are not familiar with the current system I wonder when was the last time you voted.I was almost expecting you to post, "Then you pull the handle and the curtain closes behind you."

What is BS is your description of the in-person voting in Galveston County. Now get out your Joe Biden doll and pull the string: "Come on, man!"

Read the article and view the pictures:

"County set to debut new voting machines " Apr 21, 2019

Carlos Ponce

Now the question Curtis asks is about "fraud".

Much fraud occurs with mail-in ballots. How? The ballot is physically LARGER than the envelope it fits into and they must be FOLDED to fit inside. In Clark County (think Las Vegas) there were thousands of IMMACULATE ballots with NO FOLD CREASE!!!!!! No fraud?????

Next we have the unmarked ballot with a mark beside Biden/Harris. No pencil touched this ballot. No pen touched this ballot. So how was the "mark" made???? Forensics indicate it is made up of printer toner identical to that which printed the ballot. So each "ballot" is just a photocopy.

Galveston County uses the Hart electronic voting machine. Other states use DOMINION. Enter a code and turn Trump votes into Biden votes. These machines are not supposed to have access to the outside but these have cellular modems.

Then there's ballot harvesting, zombie voting, a myriad of other fraudulent voting.

Craig Mason

I think in Texas that Biden votes were turned to Trump votes. I demand a full and thorough investigation. Immediately!

Carlos Ponce

Go right ahead, Craig.

Craig Mason

See how easy it is to spread misinformation Carlos.

Carlos Ponce

What misinformation? Your investigation will probably reveal President Trump still won since we don't have those fraud voting machines and other Blue court efforts to steal votes were rejected by SCOT. (Supreme Court of Texas)

Jim Forsythe

Election officials have offered an explanation for why the mail-in ballots examined in the stacks did not have folds or creases. They say ballots are sometimes copied onto other paper when they are too damaged to be fed through one of the scanning machines during tabulation. The mailed ballots can be torn or crumpled by postal workers during delivery or by poll workers while opening them and removing them from envelopes, which could prevent the machines from reading them.

Carlos Ponce


Jim Forsythe

Even Trump say's he lost.

Donald Trump admitted his 2020 presidential election defeat during an interview with Sean Hannity on Wednesday, telling the Fox News host: "We didn't win."

The former president conducted a wide-ranging interview with Hannity and conceded to having lost to President Joe Biden—despite having long contested the result.

Carlos Ponce

Continue, Jim:

"And shockingly, we were supposed to win easily at 64 million votes, and we got 75 million votes, and we didn't win. But let's see what happens on that."






Jim Forsythe

"We didn't win."

Charles Douglas

Uhhhhhhb, I'm so proud of "Moscow Joe China!!!!!" I think he deserves the "Nobel PEACE PRIZE" ...for the job he is doing!! He stood up to Mr. Putin and ...."BUSSED HIM IN DA MOUF!!!!!" in front of the WHOLE WORLD! He even told Putin what targets were off limits for hacking here!!!!! [beam][beam][beam]

Paula Flinn

I expect you to cheer the loudest when President Biden does get the Nobel Peace Prize, Charles. As far as the no hacking list goes, it helps to be pro-active because if it happens, and Russia is to blame, you can be sure that Putin will lie about it. The USA cannot trust its adversaries to be truthful. Cannot even expect our adversaries to give a straight answer to a direct question.

Charles Douglas

Well Ms. Flinn it should be no problem in explaining a hack from Russia, as long as Putin abide by the "OFF LIMITS" hack list that China Joe made plain to him at their recent meeting. It seems like an acceptable "Hack List" was worked out and given to Russia, complements of Joe! If it was any sensible leader involved with this I would wager that ALL hacking would be off limits, and not just certain targets, but Joe has it all worked out, Just like the border and the Keystone Pipeline. [wink]

Carlos Ponce

President Biden gets the Nobel Peace Prize.... Thanks for the LAUGH, PAULA!

Charles Douglas

Moscow Joe China, his Navy Chief M Gilday, and his Secretary of Defense Loyd Austin are all doing everything they can to tear this country down by using race! They are super busy now pitting members of the military against each other by race, gender, who has taken, or not taken the Virus shots, and by using other tools of division! They are busy doing all this while China, Iran, and Russia are busy devising America's downfall & destruction!

Moscow Joe gave Putin a list of 16 targets which would devastate America If they were hacked or shutdown! I have a problem believing this ..but it happened! I have not seen nor heard of America being in such a horrific situation as far as leadership is concerned before now! JOE BIDEN is a colossal, disappointing, mistake of astronomical proportions acting as the Leader of this nation!

He needs to be challenged , harassed, questioned, distracted, or criticized, at every turn, or we might not have a country to salvage after he is booted out of office! This is getting worse than even I imagined! He is dismatling our laws at the border, those covering our correctional instutions, and our cities, and citizen's safty have become of great concern, even in Chicago! People are being robbed, raped, shot, mugged, assaulted, or killed at the drop of a hat, while police departments are rendered helpless to stop the criminals! They are presently attempting to infuse race, race-hating, and racism not only in our schools to destroy them, but now in our military to destroy it also!

Take all this, with the border calamity, high elevation of crime growing by the hour here, the attacks on our constitutional and civil liberties ...all that equates to a country on the road to destruction because of greed, apathy, incompetence, and division! Wake up America, before it is to late! God is still the answer, and there is no wisdom, understanding, nor counsel ( plan ) ....which can prevail against him! ( Proverbs 21:30 ).

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