As a resident of the 14th Congressional District, one has to be amazed at the level of hypocrisy displayed by Rep. Randy Weber. On June 24, he wrote on Facebook, “Life in the womb is a blessing, and there ought not be any person that stands in the way of new life.”

Three years ago, Santa Fe experienced the deadliest school shooting in Texas. Reading into Weber’s quote, do those lives of the shooting victims not matter? Are they not important to him because they lived outside the womb and had heartbeats that weren’t fetal? The answer is no. If we called a shooting a massive late-term abortion, then Weber might pay attention.

Since 2018, he hasn’t sponsored any gun safety bills. He voted no on House Resolution 8, which called for universal background checks, claiming it was a “God-given right” to own a gun. Weber hasn’t met with survivors or grieving parents from the shooting. He hasn’t pushed for stricter penalties on owners who leave a gun unsecured. We should find some level of assurance though, Weber shows up for the photo-ops every year to let us know he’s still around.

Randy Weber needs to go. Vote him out in November 2022.

Rhonda Hart

Texas City


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Carlos Ponce

Rhonda Hart, I sense the pain of the loss of your daughter Kimberly Vaughn. I see her picture on our Memorial table in the Santa Fe Old School Museum each day it is open. What gun control measure would have prevented a nut job from taking those lives? It was already illegal to carry a gun on campus or be in unsupervised possession of such.

Background checks would not have helped because he took the weapon from his parent's house without permission.

Congressman Randy Weber (R-TX-14), introduced the Justice for Victims of School Shootings Act which "provides federal law enforcement officers and prosecutors the ability to pursue federal charges against anyone who in the course of discharging a firearm, on a school or university campus, causes death or serious bodily injury. Additionally, anyone who attempts or conspires to commit a shooting on a school or university campus may also receive a federal charge."

After the tragic Santa Fe High School shooting that took ten lives and injured thirteen, I began investigating legislative options that would prevent, mitigate, and penalize senseless acts of violence. It came to my attention that in mass shooting incidents where the perpetrator survived, the only available federal charges were those relating to hate crimes”, said Congressman Weber.

“The growing number of victims and families left grieving from these atrocious acts of violence leaves Congress no other choice but to fight back. Students deserve to feel safe and free from distraction in an educational environment. There are few more heinous crimes than those which target our students. It leaves a permanent mark on our society. Families of victims deserve justice – an important element in the healing process – for their loved ones. My bill will allow federal prosecutors more options in their fight against anyone targeting students”, said Congressman Weber.

"May 18, 2018 is a date that will forever haunt the tight-knit community of Santa Fe, Texas, located right in the heart of my district. On that day, ten innocent lives were taken and thirteen were injured at Santa Fe high school."

Randy Weber before the House Judiciary Committee –Member Day September 20, 2019.

The majority of Santa Fe residents and Galveston County residents voted to re-elect Congressman Weber in 2018 and 2020. He's doing a good job.

David Smith

Randy Weber has nothing to do with why it's taken over 3 years for us to not see justice. .. our Local justice system is where the focus of our pain should be directed.. this is ridiculous.

George Floyd saw justice in less than one year..

That speaks volumes in todays world.

It's time Galveston County to produce justice for all involved..

( cough cough) who is the judge for Galveston county?

I applaud the man for sending help to the border..

but our local justice system has failed us.

I believe that's where the focus of our pain should be.

It doesn't take 37 months to evaluate someone.

RIP.... CT

Carlos Ponce

David Smith posts "It's time Galveston County to produce justice for all involved..

( cough cough) who is the judge for Galveston county?"

"What Does a County Judge Do in Texas?

Presiding officer of the commissioners court

Represents the county in many administrative functions

Serves as budget officer in counties with fewer than 225,000 residents

Most have broad judicial duties, such as presiding over misdemeanor criminal and small civil cases, probate matters and appeals from the Justice of the Peace Court

Serves as head of emergency management"

A COUNTY JUDGE in Texas has a limited judicial role in Texas. Perhaps the word "judge" led to your confusion.

Charles Douglas

Loss of the young is always tragic to me. I have not in all my experiences with guns,... I have never observed one walking around shooting and killing people. There is the problem! Criminals are being released on society now by Radical, Liberal judges, and prosecutors with little, or no punishment for their crimes! We have individuals with known mental problems which are not being addressed or dealt with! Lastly, if we as a nation cannot stop illegals, rapists, pedophiles, murderers, and dangerous drugs from crossing our borders and killing or harming our citizens, how would or should we expect BLACK MARKET GUNS will NOT cross over and end-up into the hands of anyone who wants them? Judge Your Honor! JUDGE .....I REST MY CASE!

Ted Gillis

A criminal rapist just got released today by some judges.

Carlos Ponce

The judge who oversaw his criminal trial really goofed.

Gary Scoggin

Agree. Unfortunately for all, it was the original trial judge that messed up. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court got it right by overturning the conviction. The whole thing sucks but the Court was right.

Thomas Carpenter

Randy Weber proves himself useless every day. He needs to be ejected from his "career" of pigging out at the public trough; the guy has done nothing except try to overthrow the duly elected government. He's a traitor.

Carlos Ponce

Thomas Carpenter will not vote for Randy Weber. Randy will still win.

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