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Carlos Ponce

"I carry a bag and pick up the trash left mostly by tourist." How do you know it's not local? Even Galvestonians go out of town to shop and bring back out of town receipts and shopping bags.

Bill Broussard

Carlos: it’s not locals doing it for several obvious reasons

1) there are just not that many locals. Given our resident population numbers, each of us would have to make trash spreading a full time job to reach today’s volumes

2) if you are a resident, you usually don’t go to the beach when “those folks” are here and when they are here, it is maximum trash time

3) trash, like the flu, is seasonal.trash drops about the time flu picks up

4) during shut down when folks could not go to the beach, neither did the tons of trash

I cannot possibly imagine why you would spend time making such an absurd statement

Carlos Ponce

"there are just not that many locals" - Old Klingon proverb: "A running man can cut a thousand throats." In other words, it doesn't take that many to make a mess.

I know Galveston BOIs who go to the beach.

Bad or cold weather keeps locals inside so not so much trash off season.

And beach trash can come in with the tide, coming from ships, not visitors.

jimmy winston

Again and again, the answer to this problem (just like many others!) is the residents not wanting to pay for increased government services. If city council proposed Ilan increase to clean up the city, then they would be ran out of town

Terri Abraham

The answer is for people to pick up after themselves, not expect the government to provide them with more services. That is the answer to most of the problems, take responsibility for yourself, and don't expect somebody else to make your life a life of luxury at the expense of somebody else.

David DeTinne

Simple, raise the fine for littering then enforce it. I am a new resident and went out to the dyke in Texas City to walk my dog. Garbage everywhere. Makes no sense, come to a beautiful place then trash it.

Carlos Ponce

Assign "litter police" or add more cameras to the area is the only way one can increase fines.

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