Chris Bell’s anti-gun column was pure hogwash

In response to the column by Chris Bell (“Corny’s gun-violence plan is all talk, no action,” The Daily News, Oct. 30): Running against Sen. John Cornyn on a gun ban, really? Stopping gun-violence by banning a type of firearm is like stopping drunken driving by banning a type of car.

Your ridiculous claims of baseball size holes from a .223-caliber round, shows you’re clueless. That’s all you gun ban enthusiasts do, is spread hype and falsehoods, what most of us Texans call horse manure. Coined phrases such as “military style,” “assault weapon,” “semi-automatic,” “high capacity,” etc., are all part of your “ban-it” campaign.

News flash Bell, the common shotgun is so much more deadly at close range, but you’re too smart to see this right? Why, because it’s not scary looking enough and it hasn’t been sensationalized by you all-knowing politicians?

Spreading ridiculous claims like “70 percent of voters favor this gun ban.” Where was this poll taken, in your own mind? Bans don’t work. Look at the illegal drug industry.

The only ban we really need is a ban on ignorant politicians. You can’t stop sick, evil individuals from killing with gun bans. It has never worked.

Chris Hines

Texas City

Climate cycles are natural, not man-made

Laura Elder is worried about global warming (“Sea level rise must be part of the conversation,” The Daily News, Oct. 30). This warming is part of a natural cycle.

A galactic year is the time it takes the solar system to orbit the center of the Milky Way. This is between 240 million and 300 million years. It’s divided into two large cycles. For 90 percent of the time the Earth is so warm that ice can only be found in the mountains and not at sea level. The other 10 percent is the ice age. We’re living in an ice age now.

There are two natural cycles in the ice age: glacial and interglacial. We’re in the interglacial. The interglacial has two large cycles and two cycles within a cycle. The little ice age lasted from about 1400 to 1800. A warming cycle started in 1000 and one started in 1800. There is also a 40-year cycle alternating between cooling and warming.

Native Americans that lived in the southwest (1,000 years ago) had cycles of wet (cooling) and dry (warming) of 40 years each. In 1973, it snowed enough that many thought we were going to have a new glacial period, but a warming started in 1980. A new cycle of global cooling will begin in 2020 and last to 2060. These cycles are natural, not man-made.

Robert Hart


Editor’s note: Just as a matter of fact, the editorial at issue never mentioned global warming.

Please vote to reelect me to board of trustees

I’ve dedicated most of my adult life to working with children, raising children and making Galveston a better place to raise and educate children.

I’ve been on the board of trustees for the Galveston Independent School District for almost seven years. I’ve put my heart and soul into it.

I work hard to meet teachers and district employees to let them know they’re heroes in changing the lives of thousands of students. They are under incredible pressure because so many disadvantaged children start out behind.

The board is focused on overcoming challenges. It has adopted a five-year Strategic Plan to bridge the gaps. Board members all work hard to bring our experiences and strengths to improve student outcomes with three main goals — all students reading by third grade; eighth-grade students ready for high school; and all graduates are college, career/military ready.

I was born on the island and graduated from Ball High School. My wife and I put five children through district schools. I’m a first-generation college graduate determined to get a college degree, so my children would have even better opportunities than I did.

I’m especially dedicated to helping disadvantaged students to read well and get out of poverty or any other situations.

Ken Jencks


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