Seriously? President Donald Trump blames everything on President Barack Obama. Now he says Obama left the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with broken and out-of-date testing.

What was "he" doing the past three years to keep our country safe? Oh yes, I remember, he was trying to cut the CDC budget by millions of dollars to use the funds to build his border wall.

Each time, he was told it would leave us totally unprepared if we were to face a pandemic and he just didn’t care. He left America totally unprepared and now he's trying to shift the blame onto Obama, George W. Bush and other presidents before him who actually supported the World Health Organization and preparedness.

Trump disbanded the U.S. program and, in the middle of the worse pandemic known to man, he cut funding to WHO and continues to misrepresent the facts. This isn’t about Republicans versus Democrats — it's about life versus death.

Wake up America. Don’t forget to vote in November.

Charles McDonald

Santa Fe


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(26) comments

Mike Zeller

2018 Blue Wave, To be continued .....

Carlos Ponce

Mike voted Blue in 2018..... How many of yours won in 2018? NONE. Did you notice the special election in CALIFORNIA? Flipped a blue Congressional seat to red. First time a Republican has won that seat in this century.[whistling]

Carlos Ponce

Charles, your post is so full of fabrications.

"Now he says Obama left the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with broken and out-of-date testing." actually Obama did not replinish the National Stockpile.

"he was trying to cut the CDC budget by millions of dollars" A look at the proposed budget shows an INCREASE in CDC funding. Check out page 40 (44 of PDF), p 45 ( 49 of PDF), p47 (47 of PDF) :

"Each time, he was told it would leave us totally unprepared BLAH, BLAH BLAH" Nothing true in that.

"Trump disbanded the U.S. program..." John Bolton combined those programs to make it more efficient. They kept all the employees except for one who chose to leave and they essentially performed the same function.

"cut funding to WHO" After telling us not to worry about the coronavirus because it could not be transmitted human to human, after covering China's role in the pandemic they deserved to be cut.

WAKE UP CHARLES MCDONALD! You are woefully misinformed!

Brent Broussard

What Carlos said. He makes all of you look silly every time. Facts are a powerful thing and a fine combatant to lazy CNN speaking points. Study up Charles.

Charles Douglas

Hey Chuck got something bad to say about the LEFT'S real leader XI JINPING? After all he is responsible for his scientists experimenting on the very virus that either they let loose on purpose, or it outsmarted them and got lose on the rest of us! Ask yourself why things like this keep happening in China! Why don't yall ask him about why they protected CHINA from WUHAN infected people but allowed them to fly around the world delivering all nations their potions of the CORONAVIRUS plaque! Why were they bullying the "WHO" to keep quiet for two weeks in order so the world, who knew almost nothing about this virus, could not react in time to minimize the damages it caused? Now yall want to vilify, persecute, and excoriated Trump like nobody else knows what really happened. This is supposed to.make up for the Failure of the Russian Hoax, and the botched Impeachment ..that right? Might as well admit it, we know the truth anyway Why were Biden, Susan Rice and a thousand others unmasking American citizens ...even when Obama had one foot out the door, they were changing regulations by executive orders to protect their rear ends from evidence they left from breaking laws and protocols! Tell you what Chuck, why don't you write an Op-ed addressing some of my issues here and we can get somewhere. See I am not behind the fence waiting on government subsidies provided by the LEFT like so many others are! You need to BRING IT, if you are going to convince me D.J. Trump is not up to the job!

Charles Douglas

I can't help but wonder why the LEFT is not complaining about all the old Americans, and Veterans who died in New York Senior Citizen Homes because Cuomo allowed, and mandated that those homes take in Caronavirus patients when he could have housed them in all the beds and facilities Trump made sure he had! CUOMO said, and i quote, " We did all we could, people dying is somebody else's problem!" ( unquote ) The provisions Trump sent Cuomo for the most part went unused! Where is the negative rhetoric and criticism on that? Florida protected their seniors! That BADDDD MANNN name Dr. Robin Armstrong protected his seniors, in Texas City, why did Cuomo drop the ball? Don't want to talk about that I'll bet!

Kelly Naschke

Because they DON’T know Mr Douglas. The liberal media doesn’t run those stories. All they have done is put that idiot Cuomo up on a pedestal.

Bailey Jones

"Trump is blaming everyone but himself"

In other breaking news, grass is green and the sky is blue.

Trump will always blame others - that's how he defines himself. He's a shallow saucer of a man, with no discernible depth. There's not enough "there" there to fill the shoes of "President of the United States of America".

He adopts the ideas of "very important people", but he can't embrace those people - because that takes the spotlight off of him. So he creates enemies. He casts himself as the victim. He defines himself in opposition to imaginary evils. Nothing is ever his fault, nothing is ever his responsibility. He spoils and debases everything he touches and everyone he knows. Like King Midas - except it's only gold plate. It's enough of a veneer to fool those of us who also feed at the trough of victim-hood, but the rest of humanity can see the farce for what it is.

Carlos Ponce

That's the Liberal mantra: "Blame Trump, Blame Trump. Oooooom." I'm glad there's enough fair minded voters in the fruited plain to re-elect the president.

Bailey stubs his toe - BLAME TRUMP!

Bailey has an accident - BLAME TRUMP!

Bailey has incontinence - BLAME TRUMP!

Bailey Jones

What an idiotic comment. I guess I hit home.

Carlos Ponce

Looks like I struck a nerve with Bailey!

Bailey Jones

Nah - just disappointed. You do better regurgitating Hannity than venturing out on your own.

Carlos Ponce

Say what you will about Hannity but he's been hitting 1000 on his discoveries ... and there is documentation to back him!

Bailey Jones

If I was going to "say what I will about Hannity" I'd say that he's a shill for the Republican Party who delivers up specious word salad for intellectually incontinent conservatives who are unable to think for themselves or accept information that isn't wrapped up in a delicious tortilla of self righteous and self congratulatory indignation.

How many hours of each day do you devote to dining at his trough?

Carlos Ponce

Hannity is still hitting 1000 on his discoveries ... and there is documentation to back him! Bailey on the other hand.....[whistling]


Pete Nanos

It's really not that difficult to make liberals look silly. The party of the "highly educated" proves time and again, that the level of education in this country has been dumbed down and that being "educated" does not translate into being smart.

Stuart Crouch

Ooooo, this is a good one here, too! And I get to follow on the heels of Mr. Nanos' pearls of wisdom!

News flash - The Republican party has been devouring itself and continues to do so. More criminal behavior, lying, cheating and god-knows-what-all-else. The worst part is that they have turned into a bunch of crybabies. Bawling little Nancy's that just have such a tough time accepting things they may not agree with....things like facts, logic, science and the truth. Whenever one of them gets really flustered and out of touch with their feelings; when they just can't seem to manufacture a response to an undeniable truth, they have to redirect and try to attack from another angle, or just say "it was taken out of context".

Boohoo, little ones. You are the party of liars, cheats and criminals, as much as you want to cast those aspersions across the aisle. It's gotten to where you don't even have to try at being hypocritical and reprehensibly horrible; it's become imbedded in your DNA.

You're not the party of all things righteous and wonderful, as you want others to believe. You don't stand for, nor do you represent, true Christian values. As a party, you have proven this time and time again. Hypocrites. What you are is a party of hate; one of division, intolerance and racism. So much of this is borne of your greed, your ignorance and insecurities. This is not just my opinion; you prove it to the world everyday.

This country will not, and cannot, heal as long as you take the positions that you do, treat others as you do and have no interest in compromise, empathy nor understanding. You, oh wonderful people that love themselves so, are the problem.

You continue to show unending support and allegiance to a man that thrives upon dividing this country for his own political & monetary gain. He carries absolutely no interest in healing, unity, nor progress and prosperity for everyone in this country. Again, if you support this type of behavior, this type of morally corrupt person, and think for one second that he possesses any interest or ability to solve the problems we are facing as a nation, you are not only mistaken, you are part of the problem.

For some of the posters here, you might not want to point fingers when your hands aren't clean. But when you're a hypocrite, what does that matter, no?

Stuart Crouch

I will add, I used to be of 'that' party. I have a small number of dear friends who actually hold elected positions as R's. I respect & admire these folks because I have known them for years; well aware of their beliefs and the fact that they do actually walk their talk. You all, well, not so much.

Carlos Ponce

It's going to be so much fun come November to see the donkeys put to pasture. But Stuart will have four more years to post nonsense. C'est la vie!

Pete Nanos

Mr. Crouch, more liberal projection? "The party of hate" ? You don't see our side burning businesses and cars ala Antifa. Cry babies? Look who's crying now that someone has called them out on sexual harassment? Like I said before, it's easy to make liberals look silly. It's because they are. We follow Trump because he has accomplished more in three years than any president in the last sixty years. That's why you and your's want him out. He proved things could be done. The mistake you make is you think that someone who can bloviate and filibuster for hours is somehow a good leader. I'll take a president who can create an environment where jobs are created, not destroyed. A president who tries to actually help the minority community, not seek to divide us with cries of racism. (Raised Black, hispanic and female employment to record highs). Cries from your side of misogyny when the truth is" it's only wrong if a conservative does it." Joe Biden. The one thing people can believe is that liberals believe telling lies is just fine. It's" the end justifies the means. If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth"

Charles Douglas


Emile Pope

trump will never be half the man President Obama is. One started with little and became a success. The other was given everything and only has failure, immortality, and corruption in his wake. And a disaster for this country...

Carlos Ponce

Your opinion which history will prove false.

David Hardee

Emile - the vitriol you constantly cast on President Trump erects a fence around you that makes anything you place in these comments immediately considered ravings from a mind incapable of reasoning.

Men of energy, desire to achieve, and the will to persevere encounter difficulties. Nothing is accomplished without someone or thing being upset. Consider your life in comparison to the path and challenges Trump and Obama .encountered. The turmoils of business and politics are beyond the comprehension of the paycheck dependent individual.

Obama was a decent man deserving thanks for his service. For any reproaching to his performance as president, the surrounding environment and advisors bear most blame. His qualifications and experience were the minima of any president before.

Obama was the ultimate phenomenon having no record of ever working in the private sector. And a purely political voyeur that was on the public funds for sustenance. A mix of every conceivable genetic, social, and cultural environment possible. All of which left him with a confused center other than self. He naturally fits into a progressive liberal movement where liberalism equals void and nothingness is their mantra (no boundaries or borders) and mores are subject to personal imagination. His tainted perceptions are understandable when you consider his foundation. Born of communist parents abandon to grandparents that also are communist, then schooled as an” any means justifies the goal” lawyer, influenced by Saul Alinsky, praying with Rev. Wright, associate with Democratic party's polluted Chicago cabal, totally unqualified but thrust into the Presidency by the dastardly Clinton mafia, and worshiped as the symbol of the cultural revolution’s success. President Obama despite the implanted infirmities was a decent man surrounded as president with indecent jackals. Standing in that storm of devious political operatives and a severely divided society this man, President Obama, kept a lease on the very worst that surrounded him. No president has been able to prevent being swept by the deep state into being infected with an association in their diabolical schemes.

Thank fate and the prime mover it was Obama and not-President Hillary. For that, we should al be thankful.

Ted Gillis



Reading words like “dastardly” and “cabal” in you post immediately sets off my “BS” meter.

Try a little less drama next time.

David Hardee

Chicago has not had a Republican mayor since 1931. Chicago politics has since the times of Capone and up through the Daley's and to Rahm Emanuel's qualified as both, (cabal) a secret political clique and as (dastardly) a faction wicked and cruel. Gradel and Simpson's published "Corrupt Illinois" (in 2015) provides the data behind Chicago's corrupt political culture. They found that a tabulation of federal public corruption convictions make Chicago "undoubtedly the most corrupt city in our nation", with the cost of corruption "at least" $500 million per year.

Six Illinois governors have been charged with crimes during or after their governorships; four were convicted, and of those, one (Blagojevich) was the first to be impeached and removed from office.

Obama miraculously survived his tenure in Chicago as a decent man.

I would have been less blunt but the Chicago political structure deserved the impact of a severely dramatic description.

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