Why does Galveston have the worst streets around? Even when they're fixed, the jobs aren't always completely done.

Who signs off on those unfinished projects?

My car's shocks and tires can only take so much with so many of these uneven roads, especially the intersections off Broadway where you have to carefully drive slowly over to avoid potholes galore.

As our beloved president would say, “Come on, man!”

Manuel Moreno Jr.




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Charles Douglas


Charles Wiley

Exactly! These streets are like those in a third-world country.

Brian Maxwell

We have a higher PCI score than most cities. Our streets are actually much better than most surrounding cities.

If there is a problem area report it and it is handled usually within a day or two.

Don Schlessinger

19th and K, I stopped using Ave P long ago so I don't know what it drives like now but it has been bad for years.

Charles Douglas

Okay ..go pave Heard Street! You can tear a front-end alignment all to H$*× going down that Street!

Brian Maxwell

It’s under construction now. We are replacing everything beneath the street which is why the streets were so bad to begin. Generations of elected officials neglected the infrastructure. Now streets are being paved daily in Galveston and with utilities repaired beneath them so they don’t repeatedly fail.

Keep in mind when I joined the city 11 years ago the city didn’t own a milling machine, it’s paving machine didn’t function and the total streets budget was $100,000 including signals and signs. We now have full time milling and paving crews and back up equipment to avoid loss of time when machinery fails.

We score higher than almost all our peer cities in our street scores so to say the streets are terrible is not even close to accurate.

Much of what is being discussed is TxDot. They are responsible for the Broadway project INCLUDING THE INTERSECTIONS.

katherine teed

so that makes it ok?

Bailey Jones

The Broadway / 29th intersection is actually worse than it was before they did the resurfacing. I've heard that the intersections belong to the city while Broadway itself belongs to the state. I don't know if that's true, but some of the intersections are truly awful.

Brian Maxwell

It’s not finished. And it’s a TxDot project as their ROW extends through the intersections.

Bailey Jones

What's the ETC?

Brian Maxwell

They are paving today.

Bailey Jones


Noel Spencer

Thanks Brian for clarifying why the intersections with Broadway are still in such bad shape. I suspected it may be a state issue. Now we know the facts.

Ellen Morrison

Brian, since you seem to be fielding questions on this, I have one.

I’ve noticed frequently that as soon as a road is paved, it is cut into for another project. I recognize that, with our antique infrastructure, it can be hard to predict problems, but this isn’t always the case. Why aren’t road and infrastructure tasks better coordinated?

Brian Maxwell

We replace all of our infrastructure under most streets that we repair.

The cuts are almost always another utility.

Don Schlessinger

If cuts were by another "utility" why aren't they responsible for repairing the street to the original condition? Are we not requiring "other utilities" to do this?

Brian Maxwell

The state removed our authority to regulate other utilities and collect franchise fees a long time ago.

Debbie Gremillion

I couldn't agree more with Manuel. This streets are ridiculous. And to say that they are better than most other cities is just a cop out and an excuse. The streets need to be fixed no matter what other cities streets are like. How about trying to make them something the citizens can be happy and satisfied with and impressive for the tourists? Good enough doesn't cut it.

Brian Maxwell

What streets are you referring to?

Brian Maxwell

Also it’s not a cop out when you consider where we started, which was one of the worst and we are improving streets every single day…..something almost no other city is doing.

Bill Cochrane

Mr. Maxwell - You say "report it". Is there a phone number with a human to talk to? Going to the city web page and opening several thousand pages is a pain.

Only one street named here? Heards? I assume that's Heards Lane? Actually, the complaints I have heard the most about is the inconvenience of all of the street work being done. You can't win for losing? LOL

Brian Maxwell

Very true. Wanting new streets and having the patience to live through the process are two different things. Actually Heards, Broadway and others mentioned are streets under construction.

You can report any street issue to public works at 797-3630. A live person answers.

Noel Spencer

I have called the city about street repairs and they do answer and take the information. I found that you should get the work order number before hanging up. You can then follow up with that later number reference if the repair is not done. Their process does work.

Don Schlessinger

"The state removed our authority to regulate other utilities and collect franchise fees a long time ago."

Interesting, thank you Brian.

Charlotte O'rourke

Galveston ignored city street repairs for years, but are finally investing in improvements. Thank goodness.

My only current complaint on streets is that the city is allowing the port to put in a new street allegedly to minimize traffic on Harborside. As the plan is to turn traffic on 14th street for the new cruise terminal, the only objective appears to be to disrupt Pier 19 tenants and a Pier 16-18 tenant, and create long term city street maintenance.

Spending millions on a road with no purpose at this time and creating a lifetime of maintenance paid for by taxpayers is the height of incompetence when current streets still need major repair. Go figure.

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