I graduated from Friendswood High School in the spring of 2020.

Even after approval of the latest bond, there's still some unrest in the community about the Friendswood Independent School District's bond to revitalize and improve much of the school district, about half of which would go to the high school.

The district is home to some of the best educators in Texas, while the campus is old and crusty. This funding was needed beyond belief.

Friendswood is home to some of the wealthiest families in Texas because of the school district alone. It's estimated that a person living in about a $350,000 house would have to be taxed $29.11 extra per month to pass the bond with nothing coming from anyone 65 and older.

And people want to turn this down?

It's purely disheartening to choose $30 a month over the future of the children of Friendswood.

This bond was passed in the November election. However, there's still much to be done. With our city's population on the rise there will be more bonds proposed soon, I can promise.

For the sake of the children and the best teachers in the state, vote yes.

Braden Mabry



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David Hardee

Possibly this bond issue would have been a good one. But the simple fact is that the expenditures on most bonds have proven that frequently we get very little in ROI. Schools, in general, have turned into social engineering institutions and the dollar costs are simply driving property taxes into the stratosphere.

Maybe if the parents of the school-age children had to foot the bill they would make a better quality of students. Free is the most expensive and least productive.. Take a look at where the USA ranks among the nations. This has only been going on for the last 60 years since the Federals got their tenacles into the schools, health, and lives of the individuals. That Great Society and the new departments of Health, Education and Welfare was the Genie of doom.

Chuck DiFalco

"if the parents of the school-age children had to foot the bill" then 80% of children wouldn't go to school in America because they couldn't afford it. That's why public schools were started in the first place. 200 years ago, America decided they didn't want to be like Charles Dickens' Britain with its permanent underclass.

David Hardee

Poor job Chuck. The article is the author's lament that the school bond was rejected. He is confounded why $30.00 a month (his number) increases to property taxes (times 12 = $360 per year) would be rejected. Now chuck that I have summarized the article sufficiently can you understand that the article is a question - WHY was it rejected.

Can you, Chuck, answer his question? Please try.

Articles like this one illustrate the narrow perspective most have on their position in the big picture It is a why me - selfish. Friendswood is, says the article, best thus entitled - rich can afford - etc,. thus the author is saying Friendswood is a stand-alone entity. Wrong! Wrong starting in 1963 when the Feds put their tentacles into the very lives of the individual citizen and the local institutions. Since then nested in the SS payroll tax scheme everyone employed has produced .0625 x 2 =,135 (13,5 cents of every dollar) into the federal bank. The department of Health, Education, and Welfare get their portions to send out to fund and dictated to the local schools.

The, in general, schools are atrocious. The students are, in general, uncontrolled and mediocre learners, at best. The students are a reflection of the (non-existent by traditional standards) families of which 63% are single parents.

Well, Chuck - provide you answer to the article - I will await your response.

I will go no further trying to illuminate the reason(s) that bond issues and other thing related to schools are being scrutinized severly.

Please think things through befor posting the "one sentence" responses. Try looking at the forest and not pick out a tree as the issue,


The issue is not a simple passing of a bond for schools. single funding Seems that Chuck has a narrow ability to consume the complex context and develop a complete scope of the many issues and see that forest. for a

Chuck DiFalco

An even poorer job, Mr. Hardee. It should be obvious to the casual reader that my earlier post was in response to your post, not the original letter. That intent was entirely deliberate, as I often find responses to letters, articles, and columns even more interesting than the original topic.

I often make short, targeted posts to elicit responses. Many times I get nothing, except obviously my earlier post from today. As far as the merit of the Friendswood school bond issue, now I'm not interested in going there at all.

"Chuck, answer his question" "Chuck - provide you answer to the article - I will await your response" So I answer to you now? I don't think so. You might wait a long time.

"Chuck has a narrow ability to consume the complex context" Well, Mr. Hardee, you sure gleaned much about my intellectual capabilities with my not one sentence, but indeed short, response. Amazing! You sound like a teacher that students hope they don't get.

Mr. Hardee, I recommend that you think things through before firing off misguided responses and unfounded accusations. Your legitimate message about poorly performing schools suffers as a result.

David Hardee

Ok, Chuck. You're not interested in the article(s) context. You prefer to snipe at the responses. with a snide quip. That is no contribution and does not deserve the effort I expended. I'll note your peculiarity in the future and not burden you with a rational response.

I am never a "casual reader" or responder.


Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer.

Mr. Hardee, You must not be a reside within the Friendswood ISD zone. You mention to look to see how the USA ranks against the others around the world, Perhaps, you need to look up where Friendswood ISD ranks in the state of Texas. They have been in the top for as long as I can recall. In my opinion ( you can research this yourself) Friendswood ISD is ranked #10th Best School District in Texas by niche with no other district in the Greater Houston ranking above them. In US NEWS Friendswood High school is ranked #1660 Nationally out of 17,000 schools which is based on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college. Amongst Texas high schools Friendswood HS is ranked #164 and in the Houston Metro area they are ranked #51. The niche information may be found on the niche site and the USNEWS information may be found on the USNEWS.com site. With these kind of rankings I would think that Friendswood would be included in the schools that are in the business of social institutions. I also could not state that the Friendswood parents need to make a better student. Just because you heard about what you believe is the norm in Texas and/or the United States does not mean that the same shoe fits all of the districts. I would encourage you to read up about the school districts in the area to educate yourself about those who are producing and those that are not. Also, why would the parents of the school-aged students in Friendswood not be be footing the bills ? They live in the Friendswood ISD zone and are paying FISD taxes. Are you implying that FISD pulls their school taxes from other areas?

The statements that you made about Friendswood simply are not true.

I have never heard of a free bond unless you are thinking of the ones that may be issued in the future to cover the huge debt that parts of our country are in. I think that those entities could have issues selling the bonds for the enormous amount of money they plan to borrow to get their state out of the red. Now, back to Friendswood ISD... this may be a good time for you to get your pen and paper out and 'ditilize' * the issue.

When you come up with the answer I am sure that all the schools that are performing in the categories that you speak I am sure that Betsy DeVos, the U.S. Education Secretary, will appreciate your find and start working on a solution.

* ditilize- word coined by Mr. Hardee. Ditilizing is the process of taking pen and paper and doodling while trying to solve the problem. The product of ditilizing is pictures, scribbles and words that are loosely connected and represent a mind in the process of trying to make logic.

David Hardee

Friendswood is better than most ISD's at doing the job. So why was your bond rejected? Your ISD is so special then maybe you should ask Betsy Devoss!

Rather than patting yourself on the back, and lamenting about the bond rejection, answer the question - WHY was your bond rejected. I gave a plausible answer.

Whatever the role the Federal's play in your school district they (federals) are the source of the repugnant attitude about the quality of education in the USA. That attitude flows into the population which in general is reacting with inclinations to not be receptive to ISD bonds and, etc, Is unfortunate that Friendswood gets splattered with a bad perception.

As to a free bond try soliciting the money you want from those that attend the school.

Friendswood is an ISD and most ISD's are floundering. Become a PRIVATE school and rid yourself of the tenacles of the government and the public influences. .

I digitize and research constantly.

With 9 grand and 2 great-grand kids, I want the best of education for them. That translates into best for all. Public schools ISD are in general failures on EDUCATION quality. Every evaluation that comparing private to public shows public schools are failures.

A little history proves that the Federals have USURPED the local control of schools and consequently put the country on a declining path in the proficiency of general populations EDUCATION is available for DIGITIZING. Try it and then get back with a less personal comment. Friendswood is a good tempest in the teacup of ISDs. Keep up the good work.

When your bond is rejected there is a reason - the Teapot (ISDs) is a failure.- Friendswood is in the Teapot.

George Soros

Once you realize that the general population does not care about the public education system, the better off you will be. They MIGHT care only if they have kids in the public school system, but even then majority of them only see the school as a free daycare.

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