Roger "Bo" Quiroga posted on Facebook on March 15, 2018, that he "Started new job at Hellenic LLC — Gaugamela." Listed himself as company "principal."

Now he’s told this newspaper he doesn't even know what "principal" means or what the job description was or is. Bull.

He says he got a job with this outfit and still has it. But he can't describe the job and says he’s never been paid for any work. Incredible. You do or don’t have a job. If you claim one and can't describe it, you’ve never been paid and you don’t really know what the company’s business is now, that's just misleading, confused, ridiculous babble from a guy who wants us to elect him mayor.

Then he claims he’d tell this company he’s worked two years for not to try to do business in Galveston while he’s mayor but to take their pot-of-gold industrial scheme to another lucky port city. It's a scam. His only value to Hellenic is political, a value that extends only to Galveston.

Being BOI (born on the island) is great. But it doesn't make you the best mayoral candidate. This good 'ol boy’s time is long past. Vote Craig Brown, a trustworthy, responsible guy.

Kevin Moran



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Marshall Stein

When Roger attended that meeting with Hellenic at Council, he was a port employee but he had absolutely no financial dealings with the company at that time or before.. So there was nothing to disclose, there was no conflict of interest! His financial arrangement with Hellenic began long after his employment at the Port was ended. He has no conflict of interest to report now because the company has absolutely no business relationship in the past or present with the city! There is nothing to report! By the way, I served on the UTMB Conflict of Interest Committee in the past and believe that background in the issue establishes at least some credibility to write an opinion. One other point. After looking at the website of the County Democratic Party , I found that one of their official clubs Is the " Galveston Island Democrats Club" and you were listed as President. I was wondering, are you expressing your individual opinion in your columns or that of the County Democrat Party or both. Sometimes it can be a little confusing, please help me.

Lisa Blair

How confusing can it be? If Kevin was acting as a Democratic Party representative he would have made it know by using his title like the County Republic Chair has in the lie filled mailers that the party has paid for in an attempt to influence our nonpartisan municipal election. The Democratic Party has not donated, endorsed, or assisted any candidates in this election.

There is no doubt that Quiroga should have disclosed his ties to Hellenic LLC for the sake of honesty and transparency if nothing else. In fact, more than once he claimed to be retired, not employed by a firm that had previously sought business with the city.

But the conflict is not the most serious issue of the Hellenic “Deal of the Century”. Quiroga’s lack of due diligence (the company consists of a website full of new age double speak pipe dream scam nonsense) to even bring such a thing before the council, his insistence on council acting immediately (even though it wasn’t on the agenda and hadn’t been evaluated by staff), and worst of all, the temper tantrum he threw when council declined to take him seriously. Quiroga showed how easily he could be either duped into a scam deal or had his cooperation bought by the promise of a reward down the road. Either way it would have been bad for Galveston.

Kevin Moran

Marshall, the newspaper got it wrong. My original guest column did not claim Bo had a conflict of interest in the 2013 meeting. Not at all. The conflict is/was current--him working for Hellenic but failing to make sure people knew it, knew it was the same essential outfit as in 2013 and talking about it. It was just plain sneaky, really dishonest, as shown by his reaction when I shed light on his connection. He dissembled, acted ignorant (or worse, was ignorant yet claimed the job). He showed irresponsibility and deceit.

Charlotte O'rourke

Hi Marshall,

Bo is applying for the job of mayor. As a candidate for mayor asking for votes, Bo posted his RESUME online for viewing. On that resume, he listed working as a “principal” for Hellenic/Gaugamela since March 2018,. A voter asks what is that company you work for and what do you do for them? Is that the same group of people that asked the city for the creation of a management district several years ago promising the deal of the century?

Aren’t these legitimate questions that Bo should be more than willing to answer as he listed the current employer of Hellenic/Gaugamela on his resume?

I don’t understand the controversy over asking the work history questions.

Marshall Stein

A comment. Even hinting at conflict of interest violations is a very serious comment on a person's character. All of a sudden you give up on them after I demonstrate that they never happened and bring up additional points to replace the old ones. I will gladly deal with them as well , after all of you who jumped on the conflict of interest band wagon apologize to Roger for raising them in the first place.

Kevin Moran

Again, I did not say he had a conflict in 2013, but in the immediate present. Read the guest column.

Lisa Blair

It is ridiculous for you to suggest that apologies be made to someone who has told as many falsehoods as Quiroga has.

Marshall Stein

Kevin, Roger has no conflict of interest period. Roger has a small financial interest that has absolutely nothing to do with the City of Galveston at all. He is not presently a public official. He disclosed it properly as he was supposed to do. You hated the company but that is irrelevant. You want him to run around town yelling "Mea Culpa" for simply having a relationship with a company you dislike. What if a candidate owned a small stock position in badger meter , a stock exchange company that presently has contracts with the city for water meters.. Would you still be writing columns about conflict of interest about them. I do not think so. How many of our candidates own businesses, which I am sure properly disclosed like Roger,. many of which could potentially make money from the city. Shouldn't they have to ask mea culpa as well. Of course not . Roger did what every candidate does, no more no less. I urge you to please stop associating Roger with conflict of interest .

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