As the saying goes — everything is bigger in Texas — including the problems plaguing our fractured nation's justice system. Texas and Galveston County arguably accrues more problems and fewer solutions than neighboring counties and states.

One can debate about why that is, but here are the facts: Texas has the highest rate of wrongful convictions and of incarcerations in our country. The Galveston County jail is so overcrowded that defendants — presumed innocent citizens — have been transported to other county jails while their cases linger.

Other defendants remain in jail, unable to post exorbitant bail amounts commonly set at $500,000 to $1 million, costing tax dollars, loss of tax base, loss of local income, jobs, homes, individual mental and physical deterioration, often culminating in dismissals and resolutions once rejected by the District Attorney's Office months earlier.

The HOPE Drug Court, an alternative to incarceration and recovery, continues to be underrepresented and underutilized leaving unfilled vacancies as the District Attorney's Office denies admissions. I have represented clients in every one of the above situations here in Galveston in the last two years alone.

Kristie Walsdorf



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PD Hyatt

Well, there could be an answer to the problems that you mentioned.... Get the people whom you claim are innocent to stop and maybe they will not land in jail. I bet that if you are not breaking the law then you will not end up in jail.... Novel idea that I would be willing to bet that many have wished since the fact that they had followed the law.... It might be hard to understand, but I would be willing to bet that most who follow the law have not seen the inside of a jail cell....

Gary Miller

PD! Innocent until judged guilty does not mean the people jamming the justice system are all innocent victims. MOST will be found guilty when they come before a jury. Most broke the law and are awaiting judgement.

PD Hyatt

I guess you didn't read what I said. If you follow the laws, the odds of you seeing the inside of a jail cell are slim to none. If you don't follow the laws, then the odds are greatly increased.... Many who claim to be innocent are doing that because they have been taught all of their lives to never accept responsibility for their actions just like the progressive movement has taught them....

Mark Stevens

Great points, Kristie!! But it's going to get worse, nationwide. Our Attorney General in Washington seems enamored of private prisons. Incarceration is Big Business, and terribly expensive for taxpayers and the inmates and their families. I say get 'em out of jail and make 'em pay the rest of us!!
Mark W. Stevens

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