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Doyle Beard

If I remember correctly this article was about carpetbagger and along came a cherrypicker.

Gary Miller

Membership in the NRA indicates defenders of the Constitution. A real plus for election.

PD Hyatt

I agree because with out our 2nd Amendment rights no other rights can stand.... And that is the only thing that has stopped the progressive left from taking all of our rights away....

Jim Forsythe

Gun concealed carry reciprocity bill, passed the House, is on the way to the Senate.
It may become a new battleground fight for some.

Taking away your right to own guns under the 2nd Amendment is talking points some try to make, that is not true for all.
Just as some Republicans disagree about what the 2nd Amendment spells out, so do some Democrats.
Most people if asked, should a person be able to protect themselves, would agree that they should. Difference comes in the details .

Ownership of guns is not a Democrat or a Republican thing.
"Republican and Democratic gun owners are almost equally likely to say they use a gun for protection against crime, 64% to 69% respectively. However, Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say they use a gun for target shooting (71% to 53%) or for hunting (64% to 53%)."

Steve Fouga

Each voter must decide what's important to them. For me, membership in the NRA is pretty far down the list -- below economic policies, education policies, taxation policies, etc -- but it's definitely worth noting.

Diane Turski

More second amendment propaganda! Progressives also support the second amendment! NRA membership does not indicate that anyone has the good judgment and common sense required to fairly govern all the constituents.

Carlos Ponce

"More second amendment propaganda!"
So you're saying that the Second Amendment should be revoked?
What other freedoms do you want us to lose?
Freedom of Speech?
Freedom of Religion?
Freedom to assemble?
Freedom of the Press?
The ENTIRE Bill of Rights?

Jim Forsythe

Progressives also support the second amendment!

Carlos Ponce

"Progressives" have their own interpretation of what the Second Amendment actually says. They still profess that arms ownership only applies to militias contrary to SCOTUS rulings.

Doyle Beard

Saying you support the 2nd amendment and taking action such as belonging goes a little farther than talking. Look at progresssives records and talking points and tell me they support. lots of talk and no walk.

Jim Forsythe

Part of the problem is the laws on the books that are not enforced." Roughly 2% of all federal gun crimes are ever prosecuted."

A lot of people believe in restrictions, but may not have the same idea what that means, as others do.
Background checks, do not seam to being doing what they were put in place to do, to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people.
Background checks are only as good, as the people that supply the info .

"Among all voters. Only 8% of voters believe that the Second Amendment does not protect an individual’s right to own a gun —74% take a moderate view of the Second Amendment and believe that the right allows for restrictions that keep guns out of the hands of criminals. 14% are absolutists and believe that the right allows for no restrictions whatsoever."

Doyle Beard

and the people who get the info must report it.

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