Sad, scared, hopeful people leave their homes and families, everything they’ve ever known and loved, to escape fear and poverty, to look for a safer, better life.

Desperate people, because no one leaves their home and life behind them and walks toward another country unless they are desperate.


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Carlos Ponce

An overwhelming majority of those coming over seeking a 'better life" do not qualify under American law governing asylum.

Charles Douglas

In my opinion it doesn't matter if they qualify or not, they were breaking the laws of this nation! If any disgrace or lack of compassion here is to be should go against a racist fool, who occupies the American Oval Office who is not qualified to be there! He came through the front door urging ILLEGALS from around the world to crash our borders, to break the laws he swore to uphold! That is fine, and dandy if one does not have a dog in the fight, but what about American citizens whose property and crops are being destroyed by the mass onslaught of Illegals flooding across the border! Who are going to help or make them whole from Joe Biden's mistakes, and stupid, political decisions?

Another thing all these people coming in here are not destitute or running from a sadistic government! Some are Killers, Murderers, Child Molesters, Drug Mules, Drug Cartels Members, Dangerous Gang Members, Rapists and SexTraffickers! America remains one of the most compassionate nations on earth, but where there is no order, there is chaos or calamity, and that is EXACTLY what we are observing at the border now! Many of these people when interviewed tells the interviewer that they came because Joe Biden OPENED THE BORDER UP FOR THEM TO COME! Now, like Castro from Cuba did years ago when he emptied his Prisons of the Scum he had in them, and sent them by boat to Miami, Venezuela has done the exact SAME THING! What will you do if you meet one of those Murderers, or Rapist in a parking lot one night, ....feel sorry for them? We don't need more criminals from the world, we have enough crime here on our own, who the Liberals don't want to lock up! So they are back on the streets as soon as they take the handcuffs off, committing more crimes against American citizens!!

Lastly Joe Biden has been busing, and flying Illegals from one place to another under the cover if darkness ( He is like Satan, he loves working in darkness )...for 2 years ans NOBODY HAS SAID A WORD, now since these Governors have turned the table on him and the WOKE-LEFT, we get an Op-Ed in the paper like this one! We get people wanting prosecute them for looking out for Americans! Where was all this disdain, and excoriating before? See this us why this nation is going down-hill now! Division, dishonesty, and selfishness! Joe Biden has open the border for one reason and that was to stack the deck at a future day for Harvesting Minority votes like he and his party have done so well with African-American, & Hispanics up to now! Now they figure they are losing their grip on these who are here so they are recruiting more. That is it! He has as much compassion for them that he had whe he crafted and help a bunch of Racist Dixie-Crats in the American Senate pass laws disproportionately against African-Americans back in the sixties sending many of them to prison terms unjustified.

Craig Mason

We have plenty of killers and murderers that are home grown too.

Carlos Ponce

And the laws of the United States are there so the numbers of killers and murderers do not increase. The law has the government vetting those entering this country. Those laws are being ignored.

Dalton Logan

Yes sir Mr. Mason, we sure do especially in most of the democratically controlled cities. I agree with you 100% on this point.

C. Patterson

Typical VIRTUE SIGNALING. Stop it! You’re either so desperate to gloss over your Democrat Parties criminal activities or willfully ignorant.

I do not blame the thousands of innocent people hoping for a better way of life its the majority of the other bad actors that are so dangerous that if we don’t swiftly put a halt to this we are all going to feel the consequences of this.

At its core, this IS NOT a humanitarian effort, like Joe Biden opening his arms to welcome the less fortunate bs propaganda, this is Human Trafficking done intentionally to serve a specific purpose. There's NOTHING humanitarian going on at the boarder, theres death, rape, children who’ve either been abandoned or abducted and found by BP Agents. So much Fentanyl POURING ACROSS OUR BOARDER ITS NOW BECOME THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF DEATH IN THE UNITED STATES IN AGES BETWEEN 18-44. Read that again! The Cartel are in control of the Boarder and the Biden Administration is allowing it because it serves their dark purpose. The Cartels are engaging in child trafficking, sex trafficking and slavery! Its so bad that a gag order id placed on Agents, and among the thousands invading, known Terrorist who are on the FBI watch list because our enemy now knows they can gain entry by sneaking in with the crowds.

Its a NO FLY ZONE so no drones that could possible film whats happening, NO CAMERAS BY REPORTERS ALLOWED NEAR FACILITIES and a complicit legacy media.

Your description is pure hopeful fantasy and another world away from the truth. The tragedy is real….and it has to stop

Robert Braeking

I just looked up the flight restrictions along the border between El Paso and Brownsville on my Foreflight® app. I don't see any flight restrictions listed. I am not aware of the drone regulations as I fly fixed wing land aircraft. I believe that the lack of video on the national news is due to suppression of information for the betterment of the Democrat party. The mainstream press is the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. I have seen a plethora of video on alternate media such as Rumble®, and YouTube®. I have long postulated that the Democrat party is in the pockets of the Mexican drug cartels.....although I can't prove it. But this is a little of their own medicine. Suggesting it is true makes it true if they don't deny it.

Gary Miller

Robert > I think you miss lable the media and Democrat party. The media is not the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. The Democrat party is the totally owned enforcement wing of the media syndicate.

Robert Braeking

Either way. It is 1984 on steroids.

Ed Buckner

Kathleen Sukiennik, you are right, of course. And of course (at least for those of us who regularly read this forum and the Daily News), the naysayers come out of the woodwork to misrepresent reality and what you wrote about it--best simply to ignore them. The problems presented to the American society by immigration have been serious and complex for generations now and are most unlikely to be helped much less resolved by grandstanding and political theater. If we could return to the days of at least some serious, compromising efforts by leaders on all sides, we might have a real chance to improve our society and the lives of desperate people trying to get in. Thanks for a thoughtful note.

C. Patterson

Again willfully ignorant Mr Buckner… willfully

Paula Flinn

Please look up the difference between “boarder” and “border,” before calling anyone else “willfully ignorant.”

Jose Luis Ochoa

Not knowing how to spell a word or making a typo does not make you ignorant.

Robert Braeking

The Georgia interloper speaks. The border counties cannot absorb the millions of illegal aliens who are walking across the border and being released into the country. Where in Georgia would you like to receive your busload?

Bailey Jones

These people are not criminals. They have come to the US under US law seeking US asylum. They deserve to be treated with the same respect and humanity that we would demand for any American.

You have to love the irony, though - how many Floridians came from Cuba under the "dry feet" policy that required nothing more than that the Cuban refugees made it to the shore before they were able to apply for residency (after one year). I don't know how DeSantis feels about these 100,000s of new Cuban residents, but my understanding is that they've been a boon to the state, both culturally and financially. It's also funny how you never hear the DeSantis's and Abbotts of the world praising Obama for closing the Florida border to Cubans.

Our immigration system is a mess. Using that as an excuse to treat lawful asylum applicants with anything other than love and humanity is the real crime here. That these political stunts are so popular among the MAGA crowd tells you all you need to know about Trumpsters and their vision for America.

Carlos Ponce

An overwhelming majority do not qualify for asylum, Bailey. Looks like Liberals are ignoring the laws governing asylum,too, if you believe they do.

The Cubans under the "dry fleet"policy did qualify.

Our immigration system is a mess because those in charge refuse to follow the law.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos how do most not qualify for a court hearing on asylum. You may be confusing being granted a court hearing on asylum and being granted asylum. If these rules no longer meet the needs of the USA, we need to change them. Until they are change, we, the USA must go by them.

There are 3 ways of obtaining asylum in the United States: The affirmative process. An Asylum Merits Interview after a positive credible fear determination; or the defensive process. Carlos which one of these processes do most not qualify for?

If we want to speed up the process, we must change the process. "Let’s put the resources into that so people can find out right away,”. “Do they qualify or not? Right now, as you know, it’s four or five, six years before they know. Meanwhile, they’re living in the United States. Until this is changed, we must follow the rules.

All that is needed is to show credible fear! “Under the current law, if you show a credible fear, that’s the initial screening standard, you are allowed to be processed and have a court hearing on asylum,”. “The credible fear standard is too low, so we changed it to increase the requirement to pass the screening test to where it’s more likely than not you’re going to be harmed. Eighty percent of the people pass the credible fear standard, but when it comes to final adjudication, the final asylum standard, only 10%.”

Carlos Ponce

Jim, read my post CAREFULLY!!!!

"An overwhelming majority do not qualify for asylum,"

Did I EVER say they do not qualify for a hearing? Once again, you read into my statement something that is not there.

C. Patterson

Bailey …I wholeheartedly agree. These migrants are not to blame, we are. When you entice people to come they will. This is an extremely dangerous journey and often they end up in the hands of the Cartel and Coyotes. Knowing JUST THAT would justify quadrupling our agents to protect these migrants but we’ve done just the opposite we’ve reduced the number of agents at the actual boarder to just a fraction and left these migrants to fend for themselves. Are you aware that there are makeshift graves just for the children. Last week Migrants from Venezuela we’re left in El Paso with nothing for 6 days. No food or Shelter. Some folks have been waiting a decade to get in.

This is not about immigration not is it about a humanitarian agenda. This is selfish, self serving and the tragedies as a result are criminal

Gary Miller

Is there any immigration law Biden has not violated? Law breakers expect to be arrested, indighted and convicted. Time for Biden to be in the docket.

Carlos Ponce

There are those who uphold their oath to defend the laws and Constitution of the United States and then there is Doppelganger Joe.

C. Patterson

Just See what you see!

Tires of folks who attack the source, confirm their stance and deny the truth.

Meanwhile the tragedy continues…

Remember the folks like AOC who were outraged by the faux crisis of “ kids in cages” … where are they now? If you care so much about these children, where are you now!

Or of course it was just political theater to justify your hate for Trump.

You so clearly reveal yourselves.

Laura Addison

Thousands of migrants have been transferred by flights to locations around the country, including trips arranged by the Biden Administration and a Democratic mayor (El Paso).

"...busing is beneficial for the migrants, who receive safe and comfortable transportation to their final destinations after an often arduous excursion. “It’s a journey that we never expected to experience,” Roxeli, a Venezuelan migrant, said aboard an El Paso United Charters bus heading to New York City on Tuesday. “It was a rough environment. We had to cross oceans, rivers, jungles — countries where perhaps we weren’t welcome.”

Around her, other smiling migrants settled into their seats, ate pizza and sandwiches provided by volunteers, and prayed for their safety during the next leg of their journey."

“We decided to leave Venezuela because of the country’s situation,” a woman in the group aboard the charter bus said. “I wanted my children to have opportunities and for my family to get ahead.”

"Before they headed out to New York from the (El Paso) Welcome Center on Tuesday, the busload of migrants recited the Lord’s Prayer with Father Rafael Garcia of nearby Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Truly heartwarming.

Jim Forsythe

The similarities are striking between what’s happening with the immigrants today and the so-called Reverse Freedom Riders.

“The fundamental idea of sending vulnerable people north to make a political point is almost identical. So are those false promises of housing and work,”. “This past week, it was Martha’s Vineyard where the Obama family goes. Back then, it was Hyannis where the Kennedy compound is.”

Robert Braeking

The city of Del Rio has a population of a little less than 50,000 people, a bit smaller than the city of Galveston. There are 600,000 illegals crossing at Del Rio a year and being caught and released. That is 12 individuals for every man, woman and child residing there. There is no way to absorb that many people with food, water, shelter, and sanitation. Could you do it in Galveston, Kathleen? Me thinks not. Yet they keep coming to the tune of 2,000,000 a year in all sectors. Biden is letting them in and welcoming more. They keep coming, and coming and coming. They have to be relocated. They can't just hang out in Del Rio. There is no room at the inn. What are you going to do with the masses of illiterate, uneducated, and penniless people? You could simply ignore them or deny their existence as the Biden administration is doing or you could send them to Washington, Chicago, New York and San Francisco where the local politicians have decided that they would welcome them...........except on Martha's Vineyard where they were just kidding about their welcome mat. Biden chooses to ignore the situation. It is much harder to ignore when 20 bus loads a day are arriving in Washington.

Gary Miller

The Democrat party thinks these migrants will vote Democrat. A constitutional amendment that lets illegal migrants live and work in the US but never be citizens or vote would eliminate the Democrat reason to keep them coming. Their children born in the US would be legal citizens and voters.

C. Patterson


Christopher Smith

The LORD watches over the foreigner and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but he frustrates the ways of the wicked.

Carlos Ponce

Christopher is confusing the CBP and ICE with the Lord.[rolleyes]

Christopher Smith

Something something "do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt" something something

Carlos Ponce

So Christopher Smith was "a foreigner in Egypt"? Who knew? God wants us to obey Civil law. To ignore transgressions is not within scripture. To figive, yes, but they must be held responsible. I am writing more about the evildoers in the Biden regime who ignore the child trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking resulting from their policy.

Christopher Smith

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce> That is correct. AMEN! [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

Charles Douglas

Something Something ..Thou Shalt do NO MURDER!!!!! NONE!!!!!

Christopher Smith

Yes everyone agrees murder is bad. That wasn't in question.

Carlos Ponce

Murder is bad. How many hundreds of bodies have been found on this side of the border, Christopher? And how about the "rape trees" where coyotes have raped children and women and left their evidence of underwear? All because Biden has opened the borders which is what the illegals are saying.

Charles Douglas

Ask all the babies who are being systematically murdered by abortion, and their blood is crying out to God to do something about it like Able's did many years ago! Not in question? I beg to differ! Everyone does NOT consider abortion as murder, but GOD DOES!

Christopher Smith

I'm not sure what point either of you, Carlos or Charles, are trying to make. But I do know that the good book says we should treat strangers and foreigners with dignity and respect. Maybe we should try that.

Carlos Ponce

We do that, Christopher but are a nation of laws or do you think the ones you don't like should be ignored?

Charles Douglas

Charles did not TRY to make a point, Charles made a point! The point Charles made was that you fell up in here talking about how we should treat strangers who crashed our borders, or you could say who BROKE INTO our country illegally, and Mr. Ponce & I countered with a greater need for the LEFT to stop managing, supporting, or facilitating the killing of the young or the unborn! Now it is my hope that you can see where I went with this, but be aware, I can't make it much planner than that!!!

Charles Douglas

One thing at play here which should be noticed is that the WOKE-LEFT hates it when they are beaten at their own game! They have been exposed and beaten at what they were doing and lying about! This is one reason they hate Trump! He came in off the streets and ran the country better than the Old Political Pros who were supposed to be seasoned "Can't Miss" " Know It Alls!"

People like Bush, ( all of them) ..Obama, and Clinton ( both of them). I love Trump for stepping right in like he was a career politician and doing what he did across the board for a broad spectrum of citizens, for facilitating our Energy Independent, and for that Rolls-Royce Economy he had going before XI JING of China got jealous and purposely loosed a killer Virus on the world to stop it! Some of us on the Conservative side had not observed his kind of tenacity, smarts, and ferocity since a guy named Ronald Reagan graced the Oval Office so many years ago! So naturally the WOKE-LEFT has been out to chop his legs off at knees from day one! They have acted like vultures circling a weak or dead animal...ready to pounce at the very moment opportunity presented itself! They tried impeachment twice, they tied to spy on him, they tried Censoring him, they tried setting him up using weaponized government agencies and they tried to have him ousted for not being mentally capable for leadership by some within his cabinet. ( General Kelley ). None of it worked. So they waited for a time when people had to vote, knowing that was the proper time to deploy and do what they are known for in order to get him out of office!

What I did not expect was for Governors ABBOTT, DUCEY, & DESANTIS to rise up and slap the WOKE-LEFT upside the head using their own methodology like they did! Man!!! That did me a lot of good to see that! You should have seen them scrambling to cover up what the Good Governors exposed to the world! They have been lying to African-Americans & Hispanics for decades and years about having their backs while keeping them in bad schools, ghetto neighborhoods witb menial employment opportunities, and with Plan Parenthood Abortion Clinics within walking distance in order to control us! They supply the Lone Star Cards and Welfare, and we supply the blind political support and votes which helps keep them in power!. Fair deal?

What those Governors did was hit the WOKE-LEFT below the belt in a bad place ( if you know what I mean..Lolo......and man they recoiled at record speed limping around trying to find something, anything to cover-up what had been exposed! What did the Good Governors expose? Well, ..that the WOKE LEFT is all about TALK and no HAT! Notice what happened when those forty of fifty immigrants was bused to New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and Martha's Vineyard? They promptly said, " Oh no! My My My,... No Yall can't stay here, Yall got to go!" So much for being a safe haven for the unwanted! So much all the signs claiming to be Sanctuary States & Cities! So much for love! So much for that " Send Me Your Huddle Masses" stuff! No! You can't manipulate me by screaming about SLAVERY, & JIM CROW anymore, so stop it. Stop it & Start caring about your people, stop ✋️ defunding/dismantling our police, discriminating against our White Farmer's, and caring this country back to quotas! Let's get on with making America Great Again!!!!! Thank You ..Thank You! [beam][beam][beam]

George Laiacona

Very well said! Just another example of what the republicans really stand for. The two Republican Governors are not alone. The republicans have refused to legislate Immigration Reform ever since the TV celebrity Reagan years. Each time proposed legislation comes up for a vote republicans turn it down. Immigration problems for Americans have always been here. The President alone can do very little by himself. We need Republicans to do something legitimate about the situation, not continue to do nothing. They just stand by and put the blame on those who are actually trying to solve the problems.

We must realize that we have to vote out of office every Republican legislator running for office in order for legitimate action to be taken.

Stephanie Martin

I would like to know how many bus loads of immigrants have been moved out by the Biden administration under the cover of darkness?

Jim Forsythe

Does it matter how many?

There is a difference when the USA Government moves people at the border, as border issues are responsibility of the Federal Government.

Unless DC releases the people at the border to the State, they are violating Federal law.

The ones the states removed; did they have their medical checks. Did the miss their hearing for asylum because they were no longer at the border?

Did the busing/flying of these people help solve the illegal Immagration problem? If so, what does the busing/flying change as far as how we deal with this problem.

Unless we change the laws, we will never fix this problem.

Robert Braeking

Stephanie, Think about this. Over 2 million people have been apprehended at the border and released to the interior. Where are they? Answer: Biden moved them under cover of darkness.

Charles Douglas

Ms. Martin> The answer to how many migrants Joe Biden has moved from the Border under the cover of darkness to all over America is ..they are to many to count! This is why the government is hiding what they are doing and his supporters are too, because they know he is wrong, and they know a rekoning is coming soon! The government has NO MORE RIGHT OR LIBERTY TO BREAK OUR LAWS THAN EITHER ONE OF US! This why we have government checks & balances!

I personally am embarrassed that Joe is the President and if you saw him make a United Nation speech today you will agree! He finish his speech in front of the UN Members and the world on world wide broadcast, and he walks away from the mike befuddled! He looked left & ,right, turned in circle, started pointing..talking to himself! Somebody had mercy on him and hollered across the room saying " OVER HERE" Mr. President! This is who the WOKE LEFT MANUEVERED into the Oval Office! This guy has to have a keeper! He is dangerous as as anybody can imagine! If we can vote his rear end out before he gets us in WWIII IT WILL BE A MIRACLE!

Gary Scoggin

Hebrews 13:2 Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

Matthew 25:35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,

Leviticus 19:33-34 ‘When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD your God.

Carlos Ponce

That's for individuals, not the government.

For example, we are given the Commandment THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

However in Numbers 35:30 we read "If anyone kills a person, the murderer is to be put to death on the testimony of the witnesses."

A contradiction? No.

Ted Gillis

Why don’t you find out and tell us Stephanie, instead of just making up some mysterious accusations.

George Croix

Mysterious accusations.......chuckle.

In today's ACTUAL news, not that 'progressive' crap that tells you exactly what about 81 million Biden voters need to know to avoid reality....

Read it. Learn it. Know it.

"The Democrat-run city of El Paso has recently started bussing migrants into New York City, but has so far not seen the sort of attacks from liberal mayors and others that have faced Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

The border city, which has been at the front line of the massive migrant crisis that has raged since early 2021, has so far bused over 2,500 migrants to New York City since the end of August -- as well as about 150 migrants to Chicago.

El Paso’s Democratic Mayor Oscar Leeser said on ABC’s "This Week" on Sunday that: "The people are not coming to El Paso, they’re coming to America."

Leeser has said that the city is seeing over 1,000 migrants a day."

Guess VP Harris won't be going back to El Paso again, now that there IS something for her to see and try to deny....

Of course, NONE of that is anything compared to the THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS just cut lose into the country on their own or flown into it by the elected President and his handlers, the actual presidents....but, 50 go to Martha's Vineyard or Delaware or DC opr Wherever and the usual apologists pitch a fit...

Two faced virtue signaling elites, as usual.....nothing new there.....NIMBY's one and all....

“It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”

― Ronald Reagan

Attaboy, Ron......still as valid today as 40 years ago.....

Anyone disagreeing is a racist, sexist, homophobic, fascist, climate denying, Ultra Something Or Other, nativist, national security threat, Anti Something Or Other, White Privileged ....etc....there's plenty more, but I get started laughing so hard at such ignorant left wing crap, and have to stop and rest ....

Deer season time is almost here.....better things to do.....just couldn't resist one more pouring back into their bottle(s) for the usual suspects...

It's so easy, it's no longer even fun....

Charles Douglas

What was it that those WOKE-LEFTEST said to the BLACK & HISPANIC Illegals who arrived in Martha's Vineyard? " NO' NO! What are yall doing?" "Get Outta Hereeèeeee!" " NO Room Here For Yall!" Lololo "Who shipped yall here, ABBOTT?" " Was it DeSantis?" Lolo

. This is what a SANCTUARY City is like? All talk & NO HAT! They are like little empty dark clouds sailing over a scorched, dry, barrier land in a year of drought .....promising much & GIVING NOTHING!!!!! Same methodology they use now and for years past in order to hold on to the political support & votes of African-Americans! They promise much, and all they deliver is Lone Star Cards, All that [censored]....sounded good though as long as you don't ship 50 Black & Brown illegals to Martha's Vineyard where they have to prove what they claim! Lolo! Oh ..wait wait did not ALL THE DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES kiss the hand of BIG Al Sharpton & promised him they would pay Slave Reparations? Yes they DID!!!!!! I'm not BLACK !because if you didn't vote for JOE SLOW, YOU ARE NOT BLACK, so I was told but I have not heard about any payments to other BLACKS!!!! What's up? What ...another Martha's Vineyard situation? Lolo

Bailey Jones

An interesting study out today -

"The decline of refugees arriving in the U.S. costs the overall economy over $9.1 billion a year, according to a peer-reviewed paper published in the Oxford Review of Economic Policy. "

“The sharp reduction in U.S. refugee admissions starting in 2017 costs the overall U.S. economy today over $9.1 billion per year,” the paper concluded. It also cost public coffers “at all levels of government” over $2 billion per year, it added.

A working copy of the study is here -

Ted Gillis

Those bussings from El Paso are coordinated with the city of destination, and they are not in the middle of the night. Big difference. Good reading though. Thanks.

Ted Gillis

Vertol Systems. Remember that name.

Jose' Boix

As a Cuban born American Citizen who abided by the defined and enforced US Immigrations Laws ca. 1960, have followed this interesting and expansive discourse bordering on diatribe! It is interesting to read the many opinions regarding the various "options" available such as refugee, asylum, DACA, TPS, JI Visas, and the many others.

IMHO, when I went through the Cuban Refugee program, it was a well-developed, enforced and provided a defined path to residency and eventual Citizenship - provided we followed the requirements. The known consequence: deportation! Now, the Government has created so many "programs" designed as "deferred" or "temporary," and adding asylum - with no provision on how to manage or enforce.

Just my thoughts from an individual who was fortunate and blessed to have been welcome to America via an immigration path that was well crafted.

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