In response to the commentary by Stephen Hodgson ("Critics of socialism always overlook Scandinavia," The Daily News, July 28): If the paper is going to print support of socialism, beware, you could lose your paper under socialism.

Someone bragging about the benefits in a country with 5.4 million people, with so many great things to offer under socialism, isn't accurate. Hodgson left out that the poverty rate doesn't include immigrants, but if you're selling something, why include minor points like that? (It's 36 percent for immigrants.)

And they spend $7 million on all military, so a group of 100 well-armed killers could take the country over in a day. When compared in U.S. dollars, the tax rate for higher-end earners is 43.9 percent, which is higher than most northern U.S. states.

So keep your selected "mess" out of the paper until you at least ask any sixth-grader to look it up on the internet to get at least a little more than just a few positive facts. Everywhere communism (socialism to you highly educated and well kept citizens) — it has failed.

Millions have died under communism and those of us who have fought to stop it still will; however, they have open borders, so maybe you should go live there.

Jim Flex



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Bailey Jones

Oh my goodness. This is gold. $7,000,000 on all military? ROFL. But so sorry to hear that Scandinavia doesn't have any newspapers. Bad socialists!

Jack Cross

Mr. Jones, Mr. Flex was pointing out that Scandinavia does not compare economically to Texas, much less the U.S.A. Socialism is not funny, it has has a history of misery. There are groups within the U.S. that want to destroy the capitalist's system and replace it with a Marxist type governing. That is a part of what is behind the rioting. That I think is Mr. Flinn's concern, I assume you don't agree.

Bailey Jones

Who is Mr. Flinn? lol. You guys are killing me. Waiter - reality check, please!

David Hardee

All socialism is to be rejected. Socialism is a combined political and economic method of governance. That means it is the antithesis of democratic governance with a free market economic system. Worse than socialism is a progressive liberal Democrat. The dangers of progressive liberals to society are greater than those from a pure socialist. The socialist does not destroy society's mores. While the progressive liberal wants to eliminate all the mores or elements that restrict the individual. The ultimate goal of the progressive liberal is a population without any restrictions by traditional ethics, morality, laws or interference with the individual's rights to do as they want. Institutions like religion, police, and even family are to be either eliminated or conditioned to meet the individual's right of self-determination. Meism was one of the first progressive liberal social infections. The Me-ist mantra was "if it feels good do it." America has been sliding down the progressive liberal slippery slope. We need to MAGA. Vote wisely.

Gary Scoggin

Note: “Progressive Liberal” = anyone that doesn’t agree with a MAGA.

David Hardee

Do you have an argument? If not arguing “Progressive Liberal” = anyone that doesn’t agree with a MAGA, is absolutely correct. Because the only other vote would be for the Democratic party which is polluted with a "progressive liberal" agenda.

Gary Scoggin

The irony is that Donald Trump and his MAGAs are advocating things that are far from conservative. In fact, they are killing conservative priniciples off as fast as they can. Killing free trade, booming deficits, pulling back on the global fight against communism, federal takeovers of local policing authority, interfering in energy markets, attacking the press, generating class warfare, sewing racial division are a few examples.

Carlos Ponce

Killing free trade- All things being equal free trade is good. All things were not equal. The USA was getting screwed.

booming deficits - as proposed by the Democrat House

pulling back on the global fight against communism - That's a LIE.

federal takeovers of local policing authority - protecting Federal property is within the scope of the Federal government. I guess you thought when Democrat Presidents Federalized the National Guard to enforce integration that was wrong.

interfering in energy markets - not true

attacking the press - only pointing out the FAKE NEWS, same problem Presidents Lincoln, Jefferson, Truman, etc had.

generating class warfare - Democrats are doing that along with the Liberal Press.

sewing racial division-Democrats are doing that along with the Liberal Press.

David Hardee

To: Gary Scoggins comment at 12:46

Mr. Scoggins, you are correct in your current evaluation of the Republican party, disgusting. The current conditions across the world are chaotic. Congress is a cesspool of self-serving politicians.

The only solid thing in this morass of unbelievable chaos is the medicals and our president team. That team, I can assure you are trying best they can to get you and I (collectively) to the other side where we can reestablish some normalcy and continue on the quest to MAGA.

The stamina, resilience, and, I say, Trump's modicum of vengeance for the vicious relentless attacks on a 72-year-old wealthy man (Trump) is astounding. Some or many might say it is ego or stupidity that keeps him sustained. I believe it is Trump's love for his family, our country and to win. MAGA!.

Carlos Ponce

Socialism is bad news but I respect Stephen Hodgson's right to air his views and this newspaper's choice to print it. People have to be aware that Marxists are making inroads into this country and they vote. The Socialist Party of the United States will not run their own candidate this year, they agree with the Democrat candidate and will vote for him.

Dd you see this?

"ST. JOHNS, Mich. (AP) — Owners of a Michigan bed and breakfast have removed a Norwegian flag outside of their business after being accused of promoting racism from people who think that it is a Confederate flag.

Kjersten and Greg Offenecker, owners of The Nordic Pineapple, hung the flag opposite of the American flag after they moved into the Civil War-era mansion in 2018, the Lansing State Journal reported. They took both flags down last week.

The red flag, with a blue cross superimposed on a white cross, is a nod to Kjersten Offenbecker’s grandfather, who was born in Norway. The Norwegian flag has the same colors as the Confederate flag, but the patterns and symbols are different. The Confederate flag is red with a blue 'X' containing white stars."

Hilarious how ignorant some people are!

Bailey Jones

Hilarious how ignorant some people are! - I agree!

Jim Forsythe

JIM FLEX, if you are going to talk about Scandinavia, do not use Norway's info only. Your population numbers are for Norway only.

As far as taxes, are you including for the USA, gas tax, property tax, Social Security tax, sells tax, other hidden taxes, and the cost of Medical plans?

For as small as Norway is in population, they are rated high for Military strength. For 2020, Norway is ranked 31 of 138 out of the countries considered for the annual GFP review (Global powers ranked by potential military strength.)

Jim, you forgot to ask a sixth-grader, to look it up on the internet to get the correct information.

Bailey Jones

Come on now, Jim. He only missed the military budget numbers by 3 orders of magnitude. Lots of conservatives don't know the difference between "millions" and "billions". Or the difference between "Medicare, social security and public schools", and "communism".

Gary Scoggin

It's only socialism when somebody else gets the money.

jimmy winston

"however, they have open borders, so maybe you should go live there."

I would love to, but our passports have been denied access to virtually every country in the world because our government leaders are too stupid to understand that a pandemic is not a hoax.

David Hardee

It is threads like this that are infiltrated by those who practice ridicule based on their successful finding a flaw. These seekers of the superfluous are nuisances.

and qualify only to find the fly poop in black pepper.

With te exception of the fly poop seekers these are people talking to people. Incidents of gramar, spelling or lack of specics ormaly do not distort the context.

If your mind grasps the intent thats enough, here. If the intent is contrary the argue with substancial info. Quips and snide retorts are of no value. I know the temptation tosay BS is strong. LOL. WOOPS see I did it. MEA CULPA!

Bailey Jones

I don't find facts to be superfluous. An argument based on false facts is a fallacy. It neither deserves nor requires a rebuttal other than to call it out as nonsense. I don't believe it's asking too much to expect letters to the editor, and the comments on those letters, to be logical, factual, and grammatical - typos notwithstanding. In a world where we have the accumulated knowledge of humanity at our fingertips there is no excuse for ignorance.

I'm beginning to come around to Gary Miller's point of view - based on what I read here it would seem that our socialist public school system is a failure.

Gary Miller

When the Scandinavion countries realized socialism was bankrupting their governments ( running out of OPM) they rejected all Socialist policies. Nationalized industries are being privatized as fast as buyers are found. They are no longer socialist except in some liberals mind.

Gary Scoggin

I'm pretty sure that these countries didn't reject "all Socialist policies." They still have public education, public retirement, a postal system and other elements of socialist policies.

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