Sorry Joe Biden, you can't blame Trump because you shredded every other agreement he had. So, no, you kept this one, so you own it.

If you're going to blame your generals, line them up under oath and prosecute them for giving all that gear to the enemy and for a terrible evacuation plan that's now costing our soldiers their lives. However, if they blame you, and I think you share plenty of the blame, you all need to go.

This isn't rocket science, any dummy with a "battle plan" book could've done much better. I survived Vietnam and watched that fiasco, and this is much worse. One-hundred-thousand people will be butchered by this bunch and you and/or your generals are at fault and both parties should feel the same.

You ran as the only expert in foreign affairs with the best people doing our foreign service — what a group of dummies you're proving to us and our enemies. Shameful is what it is, if not treason. You own it, Joe Biden, and you have blood on your hands; and I'm afraid many more soldiers will die, and that's terrible.

Jim Flex



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(33) comments

Claudia Burnam

[thumbup] E G Wiley

Charles Douglas


Stuart Crouch

Seems the idiocy so prevalent in Texas City has metastasized and spread up to Dickinson. Typical of any disease; just ask them, they'll give you more of their less-than-rational, expert medical opinions.

The author appears to believe that he can rewrite history and offer up those gosh-darn 'alternative facts' that help support a page right out of FAUX News' playbook; "Us good, them bad". Such creative fabrications have become the norm for The Party of Liars, a.k.a. the facist Rethuglikkklans. Desperation is never pleasant to witness, but you all have come to wear it really well.

David Hardee

Stuart - good - but should be posted to the article about La Marque police shooting.

Please do that posting.


Susan Fennewald

I don't care if the exit wasn't pretty - at least we're out of there!

Don Schlessinger

Actually we aren't out of Afghanistan. As long as Americans are stranded there we're not out.

Susan Fennewald

Yes we are out. I don't care if individual americans opted to stay - or were too ill-prepared to leave with the rest. Its a bit like the hurricane evacuations - if you choose to stay, or neglect to leave on time, that's up to you. Anyone who was in Afghanistan, shouldve known they were in a war zone and that the US military was leaving. They've been planning this for months. So we are out of there.

Carlos Ponce

Gates locked, no admittance to the airport, Taliban questioning everyone on the streets, killing anyone associated with the Americans..... how could they leave? The French, the Brits, etc. went out to gather, secure, evacuate their people. I blame the suits, not the boots. Our military was prepared and trained to do likewise for our people. But the suits said NO!!!!!!

And Pende Joe takes a victory lap......

Charles Douglas

Mr. Schlessinger> You always hit the "proverbial nail" squauarely on the head,....and I notice that you unlike myself, never take long to make your point! [thumbup][thumbup]

David Hardee

This is a comment from a total Me-ist. Me-ism and apathy is what has put the USA on the path which has destroy all the mores, morals and ethics of the "best hope of humanity." If you cannot see beyond yourself your value to society is nothing. Anyone that cannot see our society is in decay and will not take a position and exert effort to improve it is the,, at least and enabler to the decay, or is the enemy. "Wasn't pretty" in this case is not enough to qualify as a concerned citizen. Get active Susan, the country needs you.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Hardee> [thumbup][thumbup]

Gary Scoggin

President Biden may have inherited a bad deal from the former guy but it matters not. The President has had seven months to get this right and had total control of the timing of the withdrawal. He owns this one.

Carlos Ponce

There was no "bad deal" Gary Scoggin.

George Laiacona

It stands to reason that a Trumper would blame President Biden for the Afghan problem because this guy must have been hiding under a rock 20 years ago when Bush sent the first line of American troops to Afghanistan. This guy is forgetting that every President since then had decided to keep the war going on, even though it proved to be a loosing battle. Our President Biden has taken the necessary action the the past Presidents were afraid to do because of the political problems that it creates. Trump could have taken the same actions, but like the Presidents before him he didn’t for political reasons.

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona is rewriting history. President Trump had a plan in place - a plan that would NOT be disastrous like the BIDEN PLAN. How long you plan on apologizing for Pende Joe, George Laiacona?

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce> Even though you are highly capable, and talented, there are some on this forum, who are with the LEFT, are NOT going to be able to help! Nobody told Joe China to sell America, and Americans out! He did that by being dishonest, lying and dodging the truth! We have learned that he had secret conversations with the Leader Of Afghanistan urging him to lie, cheat, or by hook of crook, change the perception of how the war was going in that man's country! This was BEFORE the Teliban got a good start in taking over the country. So he had a legitamate opportunity to remove all his people, allies, and equipment before he turn tails and ran out of them! He gave the Terrorists, addresses and names of the Americans and Afghans who were trying to escape Afghanistan, he farmed out the outside security of his troops to The Teliban, and ISIS who wants nothing more than to KILL them! This is why we had 13 to come home dead! Their blood is on Joe's & his enablers' hands!

He pulled out American troops far ahead of when he should have, ...leaving behind THOUSANDS of Americans, Allies, endangered Afghans, who helped us, 100 Billion of dollars worth of high tech, modern, and sophisticated weapons and war systems ...left there for the enemy to come, and get! No other President helped him do that! He did all that in his low-lifed effort to get to a microphone on September 11, and CROW, beating his chest about how he did what others could NOT!!!! He forgot one thing though! He forgot one thing! He forgot that you cannot enter a SCRUBBY DONKEY in the Triple Crown, and expect him to compete! Joe China is, a "Scrubby Little Political DONKEY" ...who had no business being President in the first place, but his enablers were desperate to win at all costs, even if they had to divide this nation, and tear it down by stirring up racial issues, with SLAVE talk, Segregation, Jim Crow, every [censored]!

He and those two sorry excuses for generals, Milley and Austin, even accused our military of being the " Real Enemy" of America, not China, not Russia, but our own military! This fool had the gall to stand before 13 brave dead Americans he previously referred to as the enemy who needed "CRT" training, and their loved ones when their caskets came home for the last time ....watching and gazing at his watch like he was supposed to be someplace else! If I had somehow in a dream VOTED for this guy I would never admit it! Now the truth about this hoax, and fraud is coming to light, making him the laughing stock of the world!

Time is out and long past for blaming Trump, or the last Administration! What Joe China is, and Who he is a matter of record! To say he is the worst leader ever, would not be correctly describing the damage this incompetent traitor, and his family has done to this nation and it's people!

Carlos Ponce

"there are some on this forum, who are with the LEFT, are NOT going to be able to help!" I know, but at least I can say I tried.

David Hardee

George, you can SUPPOSE all you want about what Trump could, should or would have done and it does not change the highly visible fact that the buffoon you voted for made the worst possible decisions that cost lives, severe loss of prestige in the manner in which he surrendered to the Taliban. Bidenville is filled with political hacks that spin, lie and claim success at the same time blaming everyone possible for failure. How ludicrous to bellow success and at the same time blaming others for failure. That is idiotic to say I won because or in spite of the failures I had because of the influences of others . Or saying who do you believe, me or your eyes. Bidenville will never accept they are lunatics because lunatics are incapable of realizing they are lunatics. Get out of Bidenville George before you are fully qualified as a member,

Charles Douglas

Mr. Hardee> Beautifully stated! My semtimemts exactly!

David Hardee

Biden and his cohorts have taken steps to prove he and his band are stupid and the country he leads is tolerant of stupidity. Only redemption for our country is to forcefully regurgitate the entire Bidenville of lunatics.

Bailey Jones

George, I almost wish that Biden had been the one to sign a peace treaty with the Taliban terrorists in 2020 and invite them to Camp David - just to see all the Trumpster brains exploding with self-righteous indignation, and to hear the cries of TREASON! and IMPEACH!

The simple fact is that America lost this war. Just like Vietnam, and for the same reasons. And we'll lose the next one as well - because we're too busy reaping partisan political points to learn the hard lessons that we've been handed - again.

Carlos Ponce

Bottom line: Was the Camp David Meeting EVER held? No. The meeting was just a diplomatic "carrot". No one really thought it would occur since it would mean the Taliban would have to behave themselves - a near improbability.

"The view was that the Taliban couldn’t be trusted to live up to its commitments and that a deal would very quickly collapse once the Afghan government was brought into the talks."

The meeting was to include Ashraf Ghani, someone the Taliban refused to talk to.

"We have informed Zalmay Khalilzad a number of times that we don’t consider Ashraf Ghani and his administration as a legitimate government and therefore we refused to hold direct talks with them,” the Taliban leader based in Qatar said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Who brought up the idea of a meeting? The State Department.

"officials at the State Department argued it could move the parties closer to an agreement".

Jim Forsythe

Pompeo made similar comments on "Fox News Sunday," telling host Chris Wallace that, "President Trump ultimately made the decision. He said: 'I want to talk to (Afghan) President (Ashraf) Ghani. I want to talk to these Taliban negotiators. I want to look them in the eye. I want to see if we can get to the final outcome that we needed so we could sign off on the deal so we found that arrangement acceptable.'"

"And we concluded this was a perfectly appropriate place," he added. "You know the history of Camp David. Lots of bad folks have come through that place."

As Trump mulled over the talks, he came up with the idea of hosting the leaders at Camp David, which was seen by multiple advisers, including Pence and Bolton, as a bad idea. Those opposed to the Camp David talks raised concerns with holding the meeting on the week of the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, according to the officials.

David Hardee

Bailey I wish you and I had been there in Afghanistan to personally witness the devastation and the disgust that our soldiers had to accept because this degenerate, buffoon Biden (Supreme Commander and Chief) order our military to participate in.

Charles Douglas

With all due respect, nobody is debating about WHO...lost the war! Nobody is debating about WHY we became entangled in that war! What is the issue here is WHO gave ISIS & The Taliban a biometric list of names and addresses, & telephone numbers of Americans, and at risk Afghans LEFT behind by a man who was in a hurry to get to a microphone on Sept 11, 2021 to beat his chest and brag about what he did that NOBODY else could do! What's at issue here is WHO had an arm twisting conversation with the Leader of Afghanistan ...urging him to deceive the world concerning how the war was going, and the performance of Afghan troops versus the Teliban!

What's at issue here is WHO, called American troops the "Real Enemy Of The State" instead of China & Russia, and had Milley, & Austin talking about going through their ranks rooting out "White Supremacists" and giving the whole military "CRT" Training!

I challenge anyone to name one other President who Helped Joe China to do these things? He farmed out the outside security of the Kabul Airport to the Teliban! Who else have copied this stupidity! Who else helped or caused Joe to use the Taliban as his personal security for his troops who the Taliban has sworn to kill! This is unconscionable!!!!

This blunder allowed ISIS suicide bombers to get close enough to our brave military people to KILL 13 of them who were helping to evacuate those who were hurting & in danger! Thirteen brave souls who Joe China stood in public on the tarmac and disrespected by checking his watch everytime a casket came down the gang way, and when he was not gazing at his watch, he was talking about Bau Biden who died of a brain tumor which had no relationship to those dying in combat whose lives were taken away by an over-zealous, incompetent fraud of a leader who cannot even take questions by reporters without complaining about getting in trouble!

I would like to commend "OG" Gary Scoggin who have been a poster on this forum for a long time. We don't agree on much but I respect the guy! He like myself will never allow a party, NO PARTY, to perpetuate a lie against America of the magnitude Joe Biden was ....OPENLY trying to do, when he knew he made decisions detrimental to the welfare of America, and Americans! Gary spoke against it and as far as I can tell he is the only Democrat or Liberal locally or nationally to do so,..that I know of! If my candidate did what Joe Biden did ..I would get another man or woman to support! With me it will always be ...AMERICA FIRST!!!!

Paula Flinn

One problem with President Trump was that it wasn’t “America First,” it was “What’s good for Trump is also good for America”. It was “Trump First.”

Trump, a corrupt person, lied to the American people everyday, and most of you still want to re-elect him! It just boggles the mind, especially after the horrendous January 6th insurrection.

Biden’s transgressions are mild compared to Trump’s. Even the messy evacuation of Afghanistan. Biden will be remembered for ending the war there.

Carlos Ponce

None of this is true, Paula.

Paula Flinn

Just because you refuse to believe it, doesn’t make it false, Carlos.

Carlos Ponce

Paula, remember when you taught children to differentiate between fact and opinion? What you posted was not fact, mere opinion. But you're entitled to your OWN opinion, but don't expect others to follow suit.

George Laiacona

Charles just how stupid do you think the American Military is ? The items left behind are not operational unless they have all those strategic parts to make any of them functional. Have you ever tried operating a chopper without out its chip brain? Have you ever tried using a rifle without out a firing pin ? I could go on , but what for. You being an arm chair General, you must know everything ? Any and all equipment left behind will not be in operation for quite some time. Our military personnel are not stupid people! The problem is that they can’t run the country without food As you will soon see.

David Hardee

Seems some of our citizens do not understand the Military Command structure and the oath each member of the military takes.

The intellect of a member of the military can only be engaged in those situations where a direct command is not in effect as result of situations where communications is not operational.

Military personnel in the field of conflict are constantly dominated by orders from above rank. Biden is the SUPREME rank and his order must be obeyed on threat of court martial. Recent example of the Lt Col. comments causing his dismissal should be enough evidence to convince these nincompoops' spouting that the military were given latitude to intelligently decide to not abandoned their positions and equipment. Biden made the decisions that ignored intelligence of his counselors. The military was used and abused by Biden. Now in the fact of criticism Biden is refusing to accept responsibility and depending on the oath of allegiance to stifle the military from exposing him as the Buffoon and Chief.

It does take a scintilla of rational evaluation to see beyond the babble of the Bidenville pollute-a-rats. There is only one conclusion on the debacle we have seen in Afghanistan - Biden is the Commander and Chief and a SUPREME weasel for not admitting that he ignored the counsel and ordered the acts that cost a surrender to the Taliban operative equipment, cost the lives of 13 obedient military personnel, cause the embarrassment that our allies are heaping on the USA, and is grounds for his impeachment. George, we have seen helicopters flying, we have seen guns and weapon in pristine condition, we have seen pallets of money. all are in the possession of the Taliban, right?

Are you being intentionally obtuse, or are you so jaded you cannot accept the truth, or is it your intention to have Biden revered because it is an unbearable personal insult to admit your judgement was so bad for having voted for BIDEN. Denial of reality will cause damage to the psyche. The country needs you. There are many battles ahead against the progressive liberal cabal of malcontents desiring to re-imagine all that made the USA the "best hope of Humanity. MAGA George.

Charles Douglas

George, George, Gearge, I can understand how you feel! I do! You go on being angry, because If I had backed and individual who left all that military equipment and sophisticated weaponry behind I would be angry too! See right now you want to hide your pain with your anger! Thats okay too, whatever works for you! Also if you think Russian and Chinese engineers cannot figure out how to make a Blackhawk helicopter fly you are more gullible than I give you credit for! My guess is all they will have to do is get in and fly off with one, judging by the other stupid stuff Joe China has done, like giving the Taliban a biometric list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of Americans and Afghans who are in danger of being killed for helping our troops for many years! Another stupid act was to allow the Taliban to be the security of the Kabul Airport where ISIS got in close enough to KILL thirteen of our troops! That was a doosey! What kind of fool would do that? Naw George, you be angry, because I am angry that thirteen Americans and thousands more will die because of a stupid RACIST clown who cheated his way in the Oval Office, and Who is afraid to take questions from reporters without knowing first who they are and what they will ask! I am still wondering how a so called leader can stand on a tarmac and offended Gold Star parents & relatives of the very soldiers who deaths he caused! I appreciate you giving me.a.chance to VENT,.....I am starting to feel better already. Lololo.

Charles Douglas

** UPDATE** Somebody need to tell George that all those high tech helicopters LEFT behind by Joe China that no Taliban was smart enough to fly ...are seen in the air all over the Middle East in celebrations to flying sixteen or seveteen of them to another nearby country! Mr. HARDEE you were right as usual! Big Tanks & Amoured Carriers, moving down the streets, small automatic weapons which George said could not be driven or wouldn't fire, respectively,.....moving down the road, and going off in the air like crazy! Well, the "BIDENITES" are embarrassed again!

Maybe the Teliban don't need all those "brain cards" and "firing pins" George said Joe China took with him when he ran off and left all that equipment for the enemy to use on us at another time!

This is what they get for trying to cover for insanity, and voting for the same! [beam][beam]

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