With the recent exchange of definitions of the events of Jan. 6, 2021, and the continuance thereof, I thought I would inject another important word regarding our nation — democracy, which is "the principle of equality of rights, opportunities, and treatment."

Are we there yet? It seems not.

We legitimately elected a new president; but that doesn't seem to have sunk in with the Republicans. Why? Is it not the idea to treat all Americans equally?

Why is it then that the Republicans don't want to support our new leader in his efforts to be of value to all classes of Americans and not just the upper-class, rich citizens?

Just when do the Republicans think it will be a time to recognize the fact that America is made up of all kinds of people, you know, those who they're supposed to represent?

If the equality of rights is supposed to be with us, then why are our legislators choosing to only represent a few?

Who has the answers that will please all Americans?

George A. Laiacona Jr.




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Charles Douglas

This author talks like a scared man! Could it be because the fake moron

in the Oval has failed miserably as a leader, causing our Allies and Enemies alike to laugh at America? He is an incompetent failure as a leader and a disgrace to the Office of Leadership, along with all the other circus clowns he has helping him to tear this nation down before the world!

This author's leader in the Oval is on the take from Russia, China, and has in all probability been compromised by His own ignorance & greed! Iran has so much disdain and disrespect for him they won't even allow his representatives in on the so called Neclear Negotiations going on now between Iran and the rest of the world! Spain is the nation who is relaying important conversations and points to American Reps who Iran barred out of the meetings!

The is is the same man who killed tens of housands of American fossil fuel jobs the first hour he took office! This is the man who shutdown the Keystone Pipeline and turned his back on Union Workers he begged to vote for him during the election season! This is the man who swore he was a moderate who would unify the nation, but the minute he stepped in office he became the worst of the Woke, Radical, Liberal Left politicians this nation has ever known! He then proceded to divide this nation by race ...using African Americans to help do it! He routinely steps on the constitution in denying Americans their constitutional rights and due process!

This author's favorite talking point is about the so called Janurary 6 insurrection which was supposed to have occurred in 2021! Now we are hearing how Democrats have faked evidence, & they have, and are tonight refusing to turnover evidence pertinent to the sick charges they are trying to get the American people to buy into! They hand picked investigators they knew would do everything in their power to SLAM & FRAM Donald Trump!

Their man whom they engineered into the Oval Office caused Americans to die by the tens of thousands in Afghanistan, because he is a born loser, who has a yellow streak up his back a mile long & who has no stomach for a fight with the enemy! He ran off and left thousands of Americans and at-risk Afghans to die, be tortured, raped, and sold as sex slaves after he swore publicly he would not leave them behind! He back-stabbed France concerning a weapons deal with Australia, and he signed off on a pipeline increasing the wealth of Vladimir Putin and Russia! This man has ruined women's sports in this country, discriminated against White Farmers, and did nothing to help stop the escalation of crime in this nation! He on top of it all, opened up the border to millions of Illegals, from everywhere, Sex Trafficking, Illegal, and dangerous drugs gotten from China, and used to kill thousands of young Americans annually in this nation!

He promised not to shut this country down but that he would shut the VIRUS down! Well the VIRUS has kick his [censored] 10 ways to Sunday! He has the nerve to hold back life saving material from Florida because he thinks Desantis might be the Conservative Presidential Candidate in 2024! His Justice Department is investigating parents who don't want their kids taught CRT, and he has been paying workers to stay home instead of going back to work! He has inflation now running at a forty year high, and gasoline prices are off the chart! While he is purging our military of people who won't think WOKE like him, or those who won't take the jab, China and Russia are developing new weapons to help them to win any fight with America they have in the future!

This author has the audacity to try to build up a total disaster to the public like everyone he is speaking to is misguided or stupid and are unable to see what a disaster America has become under this WOKE Administration. It has gotten so bad in one year under Joe China, there are Democrats & Liberals who now have their hands on the trapdoor which will be use to rid themselves of Joe China, and Cackling Kamala Harris for the 2024 election!

Carlos Ponce

Looks like George A. Laiacona is trying to convince himself... AGAIN!

Carlos Ponce

The difference between Liberals and Conservatives is that Liberals practice identity politics. Under Constitutional law every American is treated the same or should be . That's what Conservatives follow. That was Dr. Martin Luther King's "Dream".

George is still stuck in Liberal mode.

Paula Flinn

The real difference between Liberals and Conservatives is that Liberals want to help the middle class and the poor. They want equality among the races. The Conservatives won’t vote for those things that would help ALL people.

What have Liberals done?

Liberals got women and African-Americans the right to vote.

Liberals created Social Security.

Liberals ended segregation.

Liberals passed the Civil Rights Act.

Liberals passed the Voting Rights Act.

Liberals created Medicare.

Liberals passed the Clean Air Act & the Clean Water Act.

Liberals passed the ACA allowing millions of previously uninsurable children & adults to get affordable care even with previously existing conditions.

Conservatives opposed them on every one of those things.

These are not “talking points.” These are true facts.

Charles Douglas

Liberals ended Segregation? Then who started it? Who championed and started SLAVERY? Who started " Share-Cropping, which was SLAVERY 2.0? Who passed the Civil Rights Bill? I will tell you, Lyndon B. Johnson pushed it through Congress because he told the other Racist Dixiecrats like Joe Biden from Delaware, James Eastland & John Stennis from Mississippi, J.W. Fulbright from Arkansas, Robert Byrd from West Virginia, and Strom Thurmond from South Carolina, "Come on now yall, we have to give them something to keep THEM quiet!"

" We will give them just enough to keep THEM quiet!" "If yall listen to me we will have these N[censored]..voting Democratic for the next 200 years!" " I know what I am talking about Now!" This was his baby, and his legacy! It is said that Lyndon Johnson and Hunter Biden had one thing in common, ....their favorite word in private was the " N-WORD!"

I was a fake [censored] Democrat for years, and I know all the games they play, and the strings they pulled in order to rob African-Americans of their pride, dignity, self responsibility, self respect, and the will to stand alone and progress forward like everybody else! It took a while but I learned, and I learned it well! So please!!!!!!!

Democrats are the ones who are using minorities to justify mailing out millions of ballots, putting ballots boxes on every city block, bringing in 18 wheelers loaded with ballots after the polls have closed so that their candidates who are behind can catch up over-night, and by suggesting minorities are to stupid to know how to obtain legal ID(s) to verify their ballots like everybody else! It is one insult after another! People need a daddy in order to be born and raised, once that happens they don't need ANOTHER DADDY ( government ) ..to step in and give them government subsidies in order to control them for their votes and political support! ( SLAVERY 3.0 ).

The Democrats promise minorities everything, but it always ends up being government subsidies in exchange for political support! That is where the rubber meets the road with them, POLITICAL POWER!! Look how they have opened up our borders to the world, letting in Illegas, sex trafficking, dangerous drugs, and diseases unchecked, while they on the other side of the border are prosecuting, and harassing American citizens for not doing the same thing millions of Illegals are not doing! It is pathetic, outrageous, dispicable, and SIC-NY-FYING!

Now, they are trying to start treating citizens for the VIRUS based on skin color, they already singled out WHITE farmers as not being egilible for federal aid like MINORITY farmers were given, even though they all grow food that we all buy at the market in order to feed our families!

They are now attacking our school kids and our military, two key player groups needed to permanently take over political power in this nation for years to come! This is what the Democrats stand for, and I saw it coming years ago! Wake up America, while you have a chance!

Carlos Ponce

Paula, your history is worse than your math. That is a fact.

Gary Miller

George > we know America is all of us. The problem is too many Democrats Say they hate every thing America stands for. Kind of complicates the idea of American being all of US.

Gary Miller

George > Democracy is the stepping stone to power of Dictators and Despots. The founders included protections against democracy for good reasons. Progressives passed the 17 th Amendment to remove one of our most important protections against Democracy. That Amendment has done and is doing great damage to our politicks. The founders intended for the senate to be the voice of the states instead of the voice of a political party. Governors or Legislators were supposed to apoint spokesmen for the state to the Senate.

Carlos Ponce

Paula Flinn posts:"What have Liberals done? Liberals got women and African-Americans the right to vote." Not really.

Although today's use of political ideologies "Liberal" and "Conservative" are not identical to that of yesteryear it is clear REPUBLICANS were behind passage of the 15th and 19th Amendments, NOT Democrats.

African Americans Right to Vote:


Yeas: 33 Republican, 0 Democrats

Nays: 3 Republican 6 Democrats

Not voting: 20 Republican 4 Democrats


On women's right to vote:

"In 1878, the Nineteenth Amendment was introduced as a resolution to the U.S. Constitution by Sen. Aaron Sargent (R-CA).This amendment—also known as the Susan B. Anthony Amendment—was blocked four times by the then-controlled Democratic Senate. It wasn’t until 1919, when the Republicans regained control of Congress, that the Nineteenth Amendment passed."


Vote on 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote:


For Republican 200, Democrat 100, Prohibition Party 1, Independent 1

Against: Republican 19, Democrat 70


For: Republicans 36, Democrats 26

Against: Republicans 8, Democrats 17


David Smith

Paula .. you actually posted SS?

You are correct!!


Tell us who taxed it...

Once for 50%

Second for 85%

Who was the dev

Coding vote in the 85? Yeo

Carlos Ponce

Paula Flinn posts:

"Liberals created Social Security."

Galveston County and Texas teachers opted out of Social Security for a reason: IT IS FLAWED.

Read from someone kvetching about Social Security:

"Paula Flinn Mar 22, 2015 10:18am

I collect teacher retirement, but I also paid my 40 quarters of SS when I taught in New Mexico before I returned to TX in 1992. Because I did not pay SS at GISD on the last day that I taught, I did not qualify for receiving my $300+ a month SS when I retired.

In 20 years, I will be probably be dead, so you can have my $100 + that I collect every month from SS. They CHEAT retired teachers out of 2/3 of the money we should be receiving because we are considered "double-dippers":

Paula Flinn in 2015 had problems with Social Security.

Paula Flinn

Just because retiring teachers have trouble with collecting their full SS that they should be entitled to, it doesn’t mean that other people haven’t benefitted from collecting SS. Carlos, it was the Senate Republicans, including Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson from La Marque, who voted against giving teachers who paid their 40+ quarters of SS with another job their full retirement from the state. It’s called the Windfall Elimination Provision, and it is very unfair because individuals like me paid into it for 10 years or more. I paid into it when I worked in New Mexico, before I came back to Texas.

“The WEP aims to prevent retirees from the unfair advantage of receiving full Social Security benefits if they are also receiving a pension from a job that didn’t pay into Social Security. The WEP can reduce eligible Social Security benefits by as much as 60%. It has a maximum deduction equal to one-half of your pension payment. To avoid the WEP, you’ll need to work at least 30 years in a qualifying (Social Security-eligible) position with substantial earnings (for 2021, this is $26,500 or more). Other WEP exemptions include railroad pensions, survivorship benefits, pensions that began before 1986 and federal employees whose Social Security coverage began on Jan. 1, 1984.”

Carlos Ponce

Paula, Paula, Paula. It was a Democrat House who put in the double dipping clause in it.

The Windfall Elimination Provision was enacted in 1983. It was initiated in the Democrat House under Speaker Tip O'Neill.

Sen.Hutchinson's bill S. 490 (Public Servant Retirement Protection Act) would modify the WEP was introduced in 2009 but got nowhere in a Democrat Congress.

Your history is bad.

Carlos Ponce

Paula, a bill to modify the WEP has been introduced by Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX-8) H.R.5834 - Equal Treatment of Public Servants Act of 2021. No action has been taken by the House Ways and Means Committee where it was sent Nov 3, 2021. Of the 58 co-sponsors only three are Democrats:

Rep. Henry Cuellar [D-TX-28]

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez [D-TX-15]

Rep. Filemon Vela [D-TX-34]


Bailey Jones

George, I think you've hit on something, but maybe missed something as well. It wouldn't surprise me to see this exact same letter, in 2017, addressed to Democrats.

Why is it that we can all (mostly) agree about things like litter, and traffic, and who has the best fish tacos, but wildly disagree on things like the last election, climate change, or COVID? The answer lies in the fact that we all have first hand knowledge of litter, traffic, and tacos, but we have to rely on "trusted sources" for issues that need a good bit of specialized knowledge. And those "trusted sources" aren't trustworthy.

If you get your daily information from a Hannity, or a Carlton, or, God help you, an Alex Jones, or from a Maddow, or a Cuomo, or a Colbert, then you aren't getting information, you're getting a political narrative. You're being entertained. It makes perfect sense to dis Biden if you're being told every day that Democrats stole the last election. It makes perfect sense to not get vaccinated if you're being told every day that COVID is a hoax and vaccines are dangerous.

The only way I know to get past the "trusted sources" problem is to encourage people to take control of their news diet. You do this by fact checking your "trusted sources". I've been doing this for years. If your source references a NYT story - go and read it yourself. If your source shows you a 5 second clip from a speech - go find the whole thing and watch it. If your source pulls a sentence or two from a scientific study - go find the study and read the whole thing. What you will find is that you're not being told the truth, you're only getting the political spin. And very quickly you will find out who you can trust and who is lying to you. And of course, if your "trusted source" isn't backing up what they say with evidence and only giving you their opinions, run away. If you catch your "trusted source" in a lie, run away even faster.

It takes time and effort, and a certain amount of courage to challenge your heroes. But not to challenge them is to let yourself become someone else's political tool. We are living in a golden age of information availability. Every news article, every political speech, every tweet, every scientific paper and poll is at your fingertips, just waiting to be learned. Don't surrender your personal autonomy to those who get paid to lie to you.

Diane Turski

Bailey, I follow your good advice on fact checking, and Rachel Maddow qualifies as a trusted source.

Carlos Ponce

Thanks for the joke, Diane Turski!

Charles Douglas

Somebody need to inform the author of this hit piece on Republicans, that it is being reported that the AFGHANS LEFT behind in a screwed up economy, and dangerous environment created by Joe China are now selling their small kids to get money for food! They sell their older girls to be sex slaves for hairy faced Terroists, and ISIS fighters! See the damage one yellow belly engineered in a position which he was not qualified for can cause...in the name of politics?

These are the Democrats I know though! They will beat a square peg into a round hole, and call it a perfect fit! Who in their right mind would check a box and allow Kamala Harris to be a heartbeat away from being the President Of The United States? No biggy though, because the same question could be asked about Joe China! We are officially in a pickle! Think I am lying? Really? Tell me about it in July!! Oh yeah, Joe China was making a speech yesterday concerning taking a test! He ended his speech by pointing his finger at the camera and saying, " THERE IS A LOT OF REASONS TO BE HOPEFUL IN 2020!" There's the author's man! He does not yet realize we are in 2022 NOT 2020! Lord help us all!

George Laiacona

What I see is the continuous repeating of the Fox News Republican propaganda station. The untruths will continue until the Republicans realize that following the wannabe Dictator Trump was a bad idea for our democracy.

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