On behalf of the honeybees, please stop. Did you know every time the county sprays for mosquitos during daylight hours, thousands (perhaps millions) of beneficial insects die? This includes honeybees, which pollinate about 70 percent of the world's agriculture.

Did you know it's estimated 90 percent of the bee population has been lost? Did you know honeybees have many enemies, though the greatest threat is from chemicals created by humans.

Please stop. Without question, mosquitos are annoying, spread disease and should be controlled. Spraying when disease is detected is crucial. Spraying because people are annoyed, is unacceptable. Spraying in daylight is particularly unacceptable as bees are foraging. The poison falls on them and they die.

If they should return to the colony, they're cleaned by their sisters who then also die and weaken the colony. Larvacide products are effective, long lasting and kill only mosquito larvae. The county has them, but this writer isn't clear on how they're used.

Please stop. When you're annoyed by mosquitos and feel you must begin a phone campaign to the county — first, apply repellent then ask for night spraying. Please stop.

Pam Christiansen



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Gary Miller

I agree daylight spraying is harmful. Not spraying is also harmful. Actually I have never seen the sprayer truck working during daylight.

Pam Christiansen

Gary, NOT spraying is only harmful if disease has been detected. Daytime truck spraying was conducted across the island on December 29th as staff was not available to complete truck spraying at night.

Jim Forsythe

Gary, yes they spray in daytime. Spray Hours

M-F 8:00pm to 4:30am

Airplane Spray Hours start at Sunrise

questions or concerns....mosquito.control@co.galveston.tx.us

Lynn Leonhardt

Here is an article concerning bee's https://fintreat.com/198366-morgan-freeman-destroyed-his-multi-milli.html#page_number=11

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