Any representative that puts party over justice and what's best for the commonwealth is a criminal against the sovereignty of our country, our communities and ourselves.

If they're not earning their pay, if they create dissension, incite civil unrest or war, they should be removed from office and even be tried for sedition or treason. For they're paid by us all, to represent us all.

This is why we need to have them overturn Citizens United as soon as possible. This will stop them from only representing those that line their pockets and start representing "we the people." Together we make this a great country.

Christine Haas



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Ed Buckner

Well said.

Bill Broussard

Christine. I’m sorry but citizens United is but a smudge in a very dirty mirror

Gary Miller

Chritine > I'm sure you would volunteer to tell them what they should be supporting. WE elected them to do what THEY think is right.

Carlos Ponce

"overturn Citizens United"???? Has the Constitution changed or been amended since that decision based on SOUND Constitutional principle?

George Laiacona

You forgot about their first priority! That is to do and say anything in order to be re-elected. Nothing else really matters. Some do put on a good show, but in the long run, party objectives are what they spend their time on. When you vote in the next election, remember January 6th!

Craig Mason


Charles Douglas

YOU remember August 31th 2021! You remember General Milley telling Red China he will sell America out ...on a phone call not long ago. You want to talk about Insurrection? Let's talk then! Why did the LEFT not want the public to know that it was a Male Minority who shot that women protester on January 6th while she was crawling through a window unarmed? What were they trying to hide? That was a bad shooting if I ever saw one! Now you tell me who is trying to destroy America! Tell me who shot that woman and why? What was his name? Tell me his name????? Why did he shoot that lady she did not come at him with deadly force! Why then was she executed, murdered? Tell me why thirteen brave Americans were killed because of LEFTIST, Liberal, stupidity! These people are DEAD, because of the LEFT'S lust for power, and so much so they engineered a senile, old KLAN affiliated RACIST in the Oval Office who knows zero about leadership! He cut & ran off from ISIS, AL QUEDA, and the Teliban in Afghanistan,... leaving thousands of American citizens, Allies, & at risk, Afghans behind to die on August 31, 2021! Now everytime I see you reference January 6th, I am going to with this and more! YOU REMEMBER THAT!!!!

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