Was the search of a former president Trump's office a legitimate judicial inquiry or an unwarranted assault?

If you support Trump, the answer is the government went amok, trampling on our rights. If you are not, the search was a legitimate use of judicial power.


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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Mr. Willis.

We have a disgraced and defeated former president who has refused to abide by our constitutionally mandated election process, who has refused to acknowledge the results of 100s of election audits and 80-odd court rulings, and now is refusing to accept that the laws concerning the possession and care of our nation's most critical classified documents apply to him.

Now - unable to win in the courts - he is vilifying the Department of Justice and the FBI. And for what? For trying to enforce the laws regarding the protection of America's secrets. The DOJ, FBI and the courts have bent over backwards trying to appease this huge empty ego. They gave him months and months to return America's property to the Archives, only resorting to a search warrant when it became clear that he was lying, appeased his demands to release the inventory of seized property, then the warrant, and now appointing a special master. And the information that has become public in each instance is more damning than the last. And with each instance, he claims a greater victimhood, a greater martyrdom, and his loyal supporters follow - seemingly impervious to the facts, and utterly oblivious to the irony.

President Biden is correct in his assessment -

"Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal. Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.

"Now, I want to be very clear up front: Not every Republican, not even the majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans. Not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology. I know because I’ve been able to work with these mainstream Republicans.

"But there is no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven, and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans, and that is a threat to this country.

"These are hard things. But I’m an American President — not the President of red America or blue America, but of all America. And I believe it is my duty — my duty to level with you, to tell the truth no matter how difficult, no matter how painful. And here, in my view, is what is true: MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people. "

There is an election coming up. And Trump is on the ballot - in every race where Trump enablers and Trump apologists are running - in every race containing a Republican who has chosen to grovel before a wannabe authoritarian rather than fight for the expressed will of the American people. It is the patriotic duty of every American to end this now - while we still can. If you're a Democrat - vote to save our democracy. If you're a Republican, vote to put "Republic" back in your party name.

Carlos Ponce

When this all pans out, Bailey will be eating his words.

The raid was just a last ditch effort by the Bidenistas to influence the mid-terms but God will play his Trump card!

domenico nuckols

Well said

domenico nuckols

Bailey well said!

Gary Miller

Dominico > All communists agree.

domenico nuckols

Gary> Thanks for stelar comment! I’ve known since 1977 LOSER Trump is not a good person. He lies, cheats, and steals Ask any contractors in Atlantic City, they will concur.

David Hardee

Bailey, sums it up generally with this statement , "Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal. Normal means "conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected." If applied - normal meaning - then what is by that definition NOT to a standard, usual, typical or expected? And where is the normal fixed in a time and space must be established to begin to find the When and what's that are abnormal. Since this entire thread is on the event of, by and on Trump it is obvious Trump as an entity in the politics of national prominence is our stating point. On 16 June 2015, Trumps announce he was a candidate for president of the USA. The in a abnormality a non-career politician defeatedand severely shocked the entire bevy of career politicians (democrats and republicans) and also crushed the hope of the 1st THEM (correct pronoun use) female president. Shocking also was that Trump overcame the concerted efforts by the bureaucracies (FBI, CIA and others) to prevent his election. Trump was the cause of break with the standards of career politicians having power. All that has transpired forward is Trump's fault alone with the exception of those that voted for him being also at blame. Consequently if we want to assign responsibility and evaluate the acts that were follow-ons we cam begin at 16 June 2015. Now build a chronology of the events and acts with consideration of the in-power bureaucracies (Democrats held all the power of Congress and bureaucrat agencies). and acts included.

Itemize the Trump acts but also incorporate the in-power bureaucratic acts. And also there are many abnormalities that are precipitated from society's changes to the norms (standards) of mores, morality, ethics, by the segments of society as they react to movements. The trust by the progressive liberals for inclusiveness with the disparity for all the norms (standard that were in place of 247 years cannot be ignored.

Trump has caused the entire country to enter into a revolution (civil war) that so far has been mostly bloodless. Extremism exist on both sides of the struggle. And there are many ancillary factions that are the most extremist i.e. proud boys, BLM, don't ignore the abnormals of gender confusion and the WOKE contributors.

Hopefully this is a blessing that all the suppressed are getting a opportunity to reveal and project their conflicts to the standards that had prevailed for 247 years. From this crucible of revolution will come forward a USA of the traditional or a new USA that is inclusive for all the abnormalities that have been will ever appear. A USA which is shameless and blameless will be a utopia where no matter the act it is acceptable. No need for judgement or penalty will be necessary every individual will be free to perceive, act and judge themselves with permissiveness

Vote wisely!

Gary Miller

David > Thank you. We enjoy reading when it was well researched and honestly presented.

Gary Miller

Bailey > You didn't need so many words to convey the truth that you are an Anti Trumper. The doc's he had were boxed and delivered to his home by the GSA. All were declassified by Trump before he left office. The national archives had already recovered some boxes of Doc's and were invited by Trump to come back if they needed more. What we got was what we expect from a anti Trump AG, anti Trump judge and anti Trump FBI. Conduct normal under Communism but abhoant in America. Hillary R. Clinton still hasn't been raided. Comey hasn't been arrested and Wrey still runs his socialist FBI.

David Hardee

The articles rendition is shallow and skewed to justify a miniscule item in a universe of questionable acts.

This saga has a 6 year history and no straight line of pure truths is possible to achieve justice. This is a politicized scenario from it's inception that has corrupted every bureaucratic effort to make a conclusion. It is not unique to find that political corruption exists in almost every function of our federal bureaucracies. that corruption is assured when the in power politicians are allowed to place their unqualified hacks in positions that control a bureaucracy. Considering that the in-power is the result of a electoral process the ultimate cause lies with the ability of the populous that elects their representatives.

The incident of the search and seizure. by the FBI at Trump's home was performed in concert with the procedures (legal steps). That alone makes the conclusion for legal and proper for those that are: 1. simple minded (lacking the knowledge of the how we got there ), and 2. those that have concluded that in this case Trump deserves what ever means will accomplish the end. The rest of the populous are: 1. the apathetic, 2, the bewildered and disgusted (know the digressions from norm, legalities, biases) and 3. those that are convinced that corruption in bureaucracies is destroying the country, 4. Trump no matter anything. You can mix and match yourself with any of the above along the 6 years of events that have unfolded.

We are with this scenario's convolutions stretching the concept of our a nation we were given and has sustained for 246 year to the breaking point. The options for our future are dependent on the purifying the bureaucracies. That purification will either come from a rebellion by those of good will (whistleblowers) against the pollution by their leaders or the populous creating a representative that can and will drain the swamp.

There is no doubt that the FBI has a serious amount of credibility problems and needs a draining.

George Croix

So, Trump's medical and tax records, also seized, are now considered national security issues? How about his wife's underwear...that too...? Barron's things?

Whatever any merits may have existed for looking for documents after 18 months, including several months of congenial back-and-forth-interplay, under cover of machine guns and 30 law enforcement officers, and taking several hours, this was a fishing expedition hoping for dirt to use to influence the midterms and of course 2024. The 'Top Secret' documents tossed on the floor next to a box of magazines and then photographed by this raid party as if stored that way in an obvious influencing attempt should prove that to anyone with a room temp IQ. Even the dubious NYT disavowed that....

The FBI/DOJ did the same type interfering in 2016 with the 'Steele dossier 'FISA Court falsifications, and 2020 with the Hunter Biden laptop suppressions. This third election influencing makes the hat trick....

It's not illegal to pretend this Mar a Lago raid was all on the up-and-up and no politics involved, just as it's not illegal to believe in the Easter Bunny...after all, the bunny leads the elected President around when reporters ask actual unscripted questions....

I am not a Trump fan, but am a fan of the Constitution, and of this country, even though my elected President has done more to divide it against itself than any time since Fort Sumter. And this stinks to high heaven as third world banana republican crap.

The only thing more disgusting is the wide support for it just because of who is involved, but there's nothing new there. The same characters still claiming the 2016 election was illegitimate doing more projecting, as the left always does....

Bailey Jones

George, that's a very extravagant defense of criminal activity, especially for someone who claims not to be a Trumpster. The warrant was very specific - documents that belong to the American people, no more, no less. The warrant is here, if you'd like to actually read it - https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/22267182-trump-search-warrant-affidavit

All underwear, medical records, McDonalds' receipts, etc., that was scooped up due to its admixture with official classified government documents will be returned.

George Croix

BS.. Stop your lying...

I didn't defend any criminal activity...and no criminal charges have been brought...

Suspicion is not a crime...yet....

Thats a very convenient and odd justification, as one's medical records and tax information do not belong to the American people. At least they didn't last night...maybe something changed this morning...retroactively....

The judge granting the Special Master also objected to that little factoid of DOJ/FBI included seizures.

No more, no less than those entities, in conjunction with a conveniently chosen Federal Magistrate Judge, Reinhart, who earlier recused himself from Trump's lawsuit against Hillary Clinton in the Russia collusion scam, because he said he couldn’t be impartial.

Guess he got a dose of impartiality suddenly....

Obviously, Trump was storing federal records in his wife's clothes and his son's bedroom....


How cute...

I'm not an engineer. but very specific to a layman like me would not include a description of any and all....

No ordinary citizen would be served a search warrant like that...

A banana republic is where the authorities just come take whatever they want and give back whatever they want...

Looks like we elected a leader to head one...

C. Patterson

Its all NONSENSE! This is the willful misunderstanding of the law. Garland could have at ANYTIME gone down the hall to the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) but he intentionally did not because he surely knew the response he’d get. Trump declassified Crossfire Hurricane for which its assumed he has a legal copy of. Interesting that 18 months later those documents have still not been released to the public. Theres most certainly very damning information on Obama,Biden, Hillary and Rice and that what they’re after. This argument about the records act is all spin!

1998 SCOTUS Decision in The Department of the Navy vs Eagan decision that the president has the sole and inherit authority to declassify / classify whatever he wants … In the Clinton lawsuit where he was being sued for keeping and retaining 8 years of audiotapes from his presidency in his sock drawer.

The Obama appointed judges decision was THE PRESIDENT ALONE HAS THE INHERIT SOLE DETERMINATION IN WHAT RECORDS ARE PERSONAL AND PUBLIC…. The POTUS doesn’t have the highest classification, HE IS THE HIGHEST CLASSIFIED OFFICIAL and thats whats meant by “inherit”


THEY’VE GOT NOTHING! They’ll claim obstruction which is BS because he was actively working with them and gave them complete access to ALL the boxes as well as the lick to the room where they were guarded by Secret Service, Christ, how much more secure do you want? And keep in mind you can indict a ham sandwich but can you get a conviction?

George Croix


They've got the TDS folks riled up again...THAT was the goal..and it works so easily at that level....

Gary Miller

Petterson. > well researched and reported.

Charles Douglas

I am a TRUMPITE!! I am a TRUMPITE I say, and I am proud of it! However, I don't want to talk about Trump today, because I want to disgust the ungrateful [censored]s ..who have lived prosperous, rich lives In the best country in the universe, but now are working double-time in the destruction, and the demolishing of the same!

I want to talk about Joe China, who along with his family ( especially Hunter) ...have stabbed this nation in the back, and have sold us out for Chinese silver & gold! Joe China ran out on Americans, and friends of America in Afghanistan...leaving them to die, while many more of them fell to their deaths by clinging on to the.last C130 Aircraft taking off without them, leaving tens of thousands of victims to a barbaric inhumane fate, and tens of billions of dollars worth of sophisticated milltary equipment to our enemies,...the TALIBAN & ISSIS!

This so called leader,...DIVIDER IN CHIEF, has caused a 40 year high inflation rate here by attacking our Fossil fuels and coal industries, by opening up our Southern Borders to the world's illegals, Drug Cartels, Sex Trafficking, & HUMAN Smugglers! We are now being attacked by China who sends dangerous killer drugs like Fentanyl through the Southern Borders by the Cartels, killing thousands of young Americans annually and the WOKE BIDEN Administration makes no move to stop anything coming across our border. This makes Joe China, his Administration, and his supporters Complicit & Conspirators in the fallout & the loss of lives & property associated with these acts!

Kamala Harris, what a Nut-Case! What would possess ANYONE, but the WOKE-LEFT to want this individual as a President? Pete Butigrieg! It is almost like he does not exist! His answer to the poor people's prosperity in the mist of $8 gasoline prices is to buy $70,000 Electric Vehicles! Nuff said about him! Loyd Austin, Joe don't even know his name, hard to say who is worst Austin or Joe! Ahhh then we have General Millen who said publicly that he would notify China if America decided to make a suprize military strike on them! Yeah! What a.bunch of patriotic Americans we have running things! These people are supposed to have our best interests at ❤️????

We have an Administration which sides with criminals over citizens, they favor lawlessness over law-abiding, and lying over truth! They want to control groups of people! This is not congruent with the principles of a free society,..but is synonymous with the Chinese mentality, of how government is supposed to operate! They tell you what your kids will learn, how far you can drive, what you can eat, and WHAT YOU CAN SAY! They routinely censored their citizens and AMERICA UNDER THE WOKE-LEFT'S LEADERSHIP IS JUST LIKE THEM!!!! The LEFT has successfully weaponized all of our government agencies who are supposed to be A-Political, or Politically Neutral. This is why they must go down in November, and in 2024! All the babies they don't kill in the womb they are now trying to indoctinate them with Erotica Sex, sex positions, sed actions, sex changing, and PC- BS concerning SLAVERY, JIM CROW, AND SEGREGATION of the past! Time is out for all this idiotic, useless BS! It is sick-ny-fying,....sickening!!!!!!!!

Charles Douglas

I wanted to include but missed it, concerning all those supposedly secrets that Trump allegedly had at his Florida home was nothing to worry about! The reason is, between the Biden Family Syndicate operations, which are selling everything they can get their hands on for money, plus the activities China's spies have going against Congressman Swawell, and Hilliary Crooked's garage Top Security Server which was Hacked by everybody and their brother, along with the Pelosi Family ....I would think Red China already knows everything they want to know about America!

If these WOKE-LEFT Leaders in DC had the most accurate play in the world on how to destroy America in action, THEY could not do a better job of undermining and destroying America than they are doing at the present!

George Croix

I love the title to this piece.

Note to the GDN party who chose it.

We have an elected President right now taking every opportunity to angrily shout his hatred of his political opponents as he divides the nation evre further, accusing them of....wait for it....anger, hatred, and division.

As always, whatever the Left accuses others of is what they are doing themselves...

Maybe next time ask a conservative leaning GDN employee before putting all your eggs in your basket of deplorables...

Oh...wait....there isn't one to ask......

Gary Scoggin

A few thoughts....

1. My first question is why did Trump have this stuff? What was his rationale for keeping it? That's a question the ex-President should answer directly and honestly.

2. If Trump had these documents legally, why was he so cavalier about their storage? Even if he had declassified them, he knew (or should have known) that there was very sensitive information that could be useful to our adversaries. Why would he bother to stick it in an inititallyunlocked closet and other insecure places? All legal issues aside, that is pure irresponsibility. (I wouldn't be surprised if Putin's or Xi's boys hadn't already broken in and taken a look.)

3. De-classification is more than just waving your hand and making a pronouncement. There are inventories and chain of custody requirements. Even if Trump maintains he declassified this stuff by pronouncement, that doesn't count. There are procedures to be followed.

4. Why didn't Trump return the sensitive documents documents when the National Archives requested them? Further, why did his lawyer commit perjury when she signed saying all confidential and secret documents had been returned? The FBI showing up with a warrant only happened after frequent requests and non-compliances by Trump and his representatives.

Bailey Jones

Gary -

1. - who knows? I assume it was so he could show the documents to his Mar-a-lago friends - but that's just speculation, because he's offered the American people no explanation.

2. He either doesn't believe that laws apply to him, or he wasn't able to pay attention to the numerous briefings he received on how to store and protect sensitive data. Or perhaps the gopher who he assigned that task is resigned after Jan 6th.

3. These documents are not declassified. If they were, they would be marked as DECLASSIFED on THIS DATE by THIS PERSON.

4. See #1.

David Hardee

Gary, I want to disect this comment for clarity of the readers on your innuendo questions. Lets start with the event of the oval office transition to a new resident. The procedure is that the contents of the office are indiscriminately packed up and taken to the residence of the old president for him to be able to continue with the influx operations that are pending. There is not a process of each item being selectively discriminated as to it value or priority or legal staus of ownership. So all the paraphernalia is considered safe in the possession of the past president and the secret service contingent assigned to that past president for his natural life. Does that answer satisfy your 1st WHY?

Your second WHY is answered by the also by the fact he retained it for what ever time he wanted. Normally the past president is considered a safe custodian and thos items he has are important to the continuation of the governmental functions are not the only existing copy. Consequently the return is not of significant importance. But those items that are personal - writing, communications, passports, check books, receipts, documents of legal import related to client and lawyer are never to be subjected to any but the president's eyes and control.

Now to your 4 claims of knowledge - actually suppositions - of legality to the susequent positions taken by the Biden directed bureaucrats (FBI, DOT, GAO, etc.) there is the interpretation of the laws that is being processed as we wait of the conclusion. The act by those bureaucratic functionaries at the direction of - or the enticement to - or denial of involvement by Biden is a stretching of the probability of Biden is not at least a catalyst.

Quit playing Inspector Clouseau and let the equivalent Moe, Larry, and Curly bureaucrats follow on with the ignoring Hunter Biden and family culpabiles and continue the 6 years of badgering Trump.

Bailey, it seems that the justice system is dribbling the both the Hunter Biden and Donald Trupm investigation towards the basket, slowly. The outcome of the elections will determine which will get the slam dunk. That is the bureaucratic strategy for self preservation by political justice.

Votr wisely.

Jim Forsythe

Trump and removing the document from the White house and taking them to his resort/house is the issue this article is about.

Does any ex-President have the right to have USA documents at his house? If your answer is yes, then look for more ex-presidents to take our document home and clam them for their self.

Also, at that time an ex-president could do whatever he wanted, including sharing them with other countries. Is this what you want an ex-president to do, keep Government documents and share them?

The warrant included all of the house, including bedrooms. It would not have happened, if Trump had just returned the documents when asked to do so.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, I could point out the absurdity of your comments but why should I bother?

Gary Scoggin

Don’t bother. Thinking people ignore you anyway.

Carlos Ponce

Scoggin, you are so WRONG!

C. Patterson

At Gary and Jim… yes Presidents always take personal belongings, records and memorabilia. They have the constitutional authority to classify, declassify and determine what is private to or public to them. Obama took 31 million pages of documents snd Bill Clinton kept 8 years of audio tapes. They determine ehat tbey want and are the ultimate authority as has already been established by both the SCOTUS and a federal judge.

Some of its personal, sentimental and some they may choose to place in the Presidential Libraries…

Jim Forsythe

The difference in what happened to Obama's records and what Trump took to his house, is that Trump did not work with the National Archives and Records Administration for a project to digitize unclassified records only. Bill Clintons tapes are a different issue that will be investigated as a different possible crime.

The issues that we are discussing is, did Trump have a right to have USA documents at his house? If your answer is yes he did, you are opening the door for all ex-presidents to keep documents at their house, to do whatever they want, with USA documents.

Obama White House records made their way to Chicago at the end of his second term. But the process of transferring the documents was done in cooperation with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), which legally owns those records under the Presidential Records Act.

The 1978 law declares presidential and vice-presidential records property of the federal government, with the NARA responsible for the "custody, control and preservation" of the materials once a presidential administration ends.

Rather than store the Obama records in a physical presidential library owned by the NARA as many of his predecessors have done, the Obama Foundation worked with the agency to digitize unclassified records.

Carlos Ponce

"More than five years after Obama’s presidency ended, the National Archives webpage reveals that zero pages have been digitized and disclosed."


"The Obama Foundation, working with the National Archives, promised to digitize and put them online. Almost six years after the records arrived at a Chicago-area warehouse, that hasn’t happened."


"The Nixon Library did not release the final batch of his secret tapes until 2013 — 39 years after Nixon was driven from office. The Lyndon B. Johnson Library delayed releasing the final batch of his secret tapes of presidential conversations until 2016 — 47 years after he left office."


Ted Gillis

The New York Post has about as much journalistic integrity as Mad Magazine. The only difference is that Mad Magazine is actually interesting to read.

Carlos Ponce

Thank you for your opinion, Ted. [yawn][yawn][sleep]

Charles Douglas

I heard that Joe China had 30 people at his rally on Labor Day, and Trump had 25 thousand! That is pitiful! It is pitiful on Joe's part! Everything the man put his hands to,... turns to [censored]!!!!!!!

" I went to the border!" "Naw I did not,....Yes I went to the border!"..... Kamala Harris

News Anchor: "NO...You did NOT go to the border!"

Kamala: Cackle..Cackling.....Cackle.....and ..and I did not go to Europe either!"

Now this is who the WOKE LEFT has on-deck to be the NEXT POTUS!! Now you tell me why we are the laughing stock of the world! I have watched this whole thing from the beginning, I even said ALL HELL WAS GOING TO BREAK LOOSE IF JOE GOT ENGINEERED INTO THE OVAL, and I still don't believe what I've seen!!!! I don't b-e-l-i-e-v-e it!

domenico nuckols

A document describing a foreign government’s military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, was found by FBI agents who searched former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and private club last month, according to people familiar with the matter, underscoring concerns among U.S. intelligence officials about classified material stashed in the Florida property.

Carlos Ponce

You do know the same information is found on Wiki.

George Croix

That must be the same 50 'national security experts familiar with the matter' who signed a letter declaring Hunter's diary to be Russian disinformation... so they could help influence the last election...

If at first ya don't succeed...try, try again..... we got him now, boys....

But, I don't blame the left. All they have is Trump TDS to run with...

For this lowest rated Admin. in American history, he's like finding a favorite toy among the devastation of their burned out home after they let their 2 year old play with matches...


Gary Scoggin

The interesting but predictable thing about these comments are the lengths that people will go to justify Donald Trump’s improper and possibly illegal behavior.

Bailey Jones

Especially since it's really not that huge of a deal - compared to some of his other shenanigans. As always, the attempted coverup is worse than the actual crime. All he had to do was return the documents that NARA asked for, and we could have all gone on with our lives. It's like getting pulled over for a broken tail light and then punching the cop in the face.

George Croix

Gary, it's not justifying Jeff Dahmers murders to think he should get the same legal considerations as anyone else under similar circumstances.

How would you like YOUR home raided for 'possibly illegal' stuff, including 'specifically' any and evrything the Police wanted to atke with them.


I expect such from the usual suspects, but not from you.....

Run...hide....the progressive pod people are infecting you with their second standard.....

Gary Scoggin

I think Trump has gotten MORE deference than normal people. If you, I or Jeffrey Dahmer had improperly (and likely, illegally) sequestered highly classified documents do you think that the FBI would make several polite attempts to regain them before showing up unannounced? Do you think they would purposely wait until we were out of town so as not to provoke an ugly confrontation? Do you think that that a Federal Judge would appoint a special master to help us sort these things out?

As an ex-POTUS, he merits some special consideration. But there is a limit.

The fact is that he had in his possession highly sensitive documents that have direct impact on our national security. And he had them under minimal security. Remember, after their first visit, the archivists suggested that they at least put a lock on the closet. People are aghast that they searched Trump's closet and office; I'm aghast that the FBI found secret documents in those places.

And still unanswered is the question of why he wanted to do this. At least traitors like Manning and Snowden had their perverted reasons for giving away secrets. (Note that I'm not calling Trump a traitor. Although that day may come.)

If insisting that our national secrets remain secrets and insisting that people follow the law makes me a progressive, then I guess I'm guilty. (George, I know you've always believed in those two things.) Funny how those values used to be associated with conservatives, but no longer. And that's the real shame: What Trump has done to the conservative movement.

George Croix

Gary, I missed this earlier. Wasn’t ignoring it….was enjoying my trip to the dentist….


I think we KNOW those type documents actually GOT HACKED off a server, by foreign sources, and did zero there, which is why I can’t square either the 18 month delay before the charge of the light machine guns OR why the folks there months ago simply left….if we believe the sudden hysteria, why the hell did THEY just walk away, then wait another 3 months….All they saw a need for was another padlock, for goodness sakes. Do ya figure those DOJ guys were blind or in cahoots or maybe, maybe, figured much ado about not very much….

Gary, it simply makes NO sense except as a political, interfere with an election, again, ploy….

Was the Secret Service also in Trumps pocket. They cover every inch of protected property.

Does anyone really believe Trump packed up this stuff himself….well, anyone with a room temp IQ or higher….

Be interesting to know what the archives librarian said to the DOJ to cause an assault team to be deployed, when that SAME National Archives was where Sandy Berger stole classified materials multiple times and left them at a construction site, and his punishment was no raid on his home, 100 hours community svc., 50 grand fine, and 2 years probation…..pretty sure no Secret Service detail was guarding that construction…

It’s all out of scale….hand slap for one and the gallows for the same thing for another….

As Americans we all should be aghast at THAT…..

You, a progressive…..now, that’s funny….never hear me say it….

Gary, it’s no more fair to conflate the hardcore Trump supporters with all conservatives than it is to say all liberals are the same as the rioters/arsonists/looters that pop up after every slight actual or imagined on that side. .

Jim Forsythe

Ask Anna de Rothschild how secure Americas document were at Mar-a-Lago!

George Croix

Oh, boy...and she speaks RUSSIAN, too...that PROVES those nuke codes were in jeopardy....

I bet that's why Garland sent 30 machine guns, instead of just 25....

This was a screw-up.

She should have been invited.

And Colbert's crew, too....


George Croix

Oh, oh, wait...

I forgot....

"America's Documents"...Is that the new talking point?

Love it.

It's every bit as honest and accurate a description of this cluster doodle as 'nobody is above the law"....my all time favorite as driveled out incessantly by people ignoring and/or excusing lawbreaking in epic proportions....

Surely these two platitudes are just for trying to get that 18-34 demographic back on Biden's side in positive territory...

It'll work, too, as long as they dont drive or buy groceries or have babies to feed or a 401K, or....

C'mon, Jim. you're way better than this.......

What's up for next week?

Corn Pop reruns?

George Croix

Yep...doing the same thing...

It's like a home version of a Biden speech accusation of anger, hate, and division given by an angry, fists raised and clenched, little man expressing hatred for his political opposition while dividing the people....

I swear, you characters are like vampires...they can't see themselves, either...

Gary Scoggin

"It's like a home version of a Biden speech accusation of anger, hate, and division given by an angry, fists raised and clenched, little man expressing hatred for his political opposition while dividing the people...."

Or a Trump rally. (Admit it, George, you know I'm at least a little right.)

George Croix

Well, right about Trump, anyway. But not the vastly overwhelming majority of the 74 million others. A few thousand. Maybe a few million.

Certainly no more than trashed America during the 2020 summer of love … chuckle..

It’s one reason I only like the policies, not the man himself….

I’m trying to stand up for due process and fair play, Gary…

That used to be a good thing….

Now, the fad is fire, bang, aim…..

The usual suspects having a hernia over Mar a Lago have convenient lack of memory.

It’s easier to deflect and whine about comparisons that went unpunished than to face reality….of a double face….

Don’t let ‘em have you, Gary.

For one thing, you’re no ‘progressive’…but in this case imitation is not flattery…

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