I have a question related to the priest/pedophilia scandal in the Catholic Church: Why aren't all these men who are still with us in prison ("Former county priests connected to church abuse claims," The Daily News, Feb. 2)?

As for those who have departed, I'll bet they would prefer the gray-bar hotel over where they are now residing for eternity.

Buddy Faglie



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Gary Miller

Because too many governments, past and present, treated the Catholic church as part of or partnered with government.

Don Schlessinger


Gary Miller

Don? Are you aware that confirming a king or approving a state wedding required church OK for centuries.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Gary, if we accept the Church's decision that charges of child abuse by the priests recently identified by it are "credible" as a sufficient standard to send them to prison, are we not then also treating the Catholic Church "...as part of or partnered with the government."? All other accused child abusers in other religious denominations, schools, Boy Scouts, etc. require the government to find them guilty in a court of law before imprisoning them. Shall we just have the Church provide this government function for us in the case of Catholic priests?

Carlos Ponce

"Why aren't all these men who are still with us in prison"
Because the victims went the civil not criminal route. Pursuing the criminal route could have landed those who committed those crimes in prison. Pursuing a civil lawsuit against the presiding diocese resulted in $$$$$$$$$ for the victims. Both could have happened but they pursued the route their LAWYERS said was more advantageous.

Dan Freeman

The criminal route was limited by statutes of limitations.

Carlos Ponce

Even within the statute of limitations lawyers persuade clients to use the civil litigation route.

Bailey Jones

Because religious leaders wield a huge amount of persuasive power over their followers. Because religious believers willingly surrender their personal sovereignty and freewill to these leaders. And because, like all man made institutions, it's the nature of religious organizations to become corrupt and then to protect themselves at all costs.

Carlos Ponce

"Because religious leaders wield a huge amount of persuasive power over their followers." I agree that may have happened in the past. That is why the Catholic Church instituted the VIRTUS program. All in the church are to have protection in the church and action will be taken. I told the children in Catechism Class to report any one associated with the church from the Cardinal down to janitors to report anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

George Croix

But, culturally, they almost always either can't or won't, as a rule, do that reporting, because too often the victim is made to feel like the one doing wrong by accusing a 'holy man'....
The Catholic church is not the only religion where some of it's supposed protectors and healers are involved in such things, and the subject should not devolve, as it always does, into religion politics.

Bailey Jones

Better 1500 years late than never. Good on you, Carlos.

Diane Turski

It does appear that the Catholic priesthood has become a haven for pedophiles who know they will be protected by their own. I hope people will wise up and stop treating priests like they are above the law. These abusers should be in prison.

Carlos Ponce

Abusers should be in prison. That goes for all clergy and laity regardless of religious affiliation. There are more non-Catholic clergy guilty of such. Where is that list?

Dan Freeman

"There are more non-Catholic clergy guilty of such." Please supply evidence of the assertion.

Carlos Ponce

"There is More Sexual Abuse in The Protestant Churches Than Catholic"
"By Grace Alone-As sex-abuse allegations multiply, Billy Graham’s grandson is on a mission to 
persuade Protestant churches to come clean"
"Abuse by Clergy Is Not Just a Catholic Problem"
"Clergy Sexual Misconduct"
"Insurance companies, child advocacy groups and religion scholars say there is no evidence that Catholic clergy are more likely to be involved in sexual misconduct than other clergy or professionals."
"Priests Commit No More Abuse Than Other Males"
"The Protestant Clergy Sex Abuse Pattern"
"Is Sex Abuse a Catholic Problem?"
"Child Sexual Abuse in Protestant Christian Congregations: A Descriptive Analysis of Offense and Offender Characteristics"
"Child Abuse: Not Just a Catholic Problem"

Bailey Jones

Carlos simply proves my point. Sex scandal in the church? Step one - defend the church. Step two - deflect with whataboutism. If officials of an organization that I belonged to and believed in had been raping thousands of children and nuns, and had been doing it for decades (if not centuries), I would be burning it down to the ground. It deserves no better.

Carlos Ponce

I defend the church - but not the misguided clergy who abused children and other parishioners.
The following comes from the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston:
"In a couple of weeks, our Archdiocese will be releasing a list of clergy who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors. Please remember that while the Church is holy, not every member is holy.We have had terrible sinners in our church from the very beginning, from some popes on down, even to our present day. When truth is told, the great majority of clergy, husbands and wives, youth and young children, while sinners, attempt to follow Love's laws. We have 425 priests (diocesan and religious orders) and 433 permanent deacons in the Archdiocese. The list that is to be released goes back to 1950. Since that time, several hundred more priests have served in our diocese at one time or another. Keep in mind that the names of clergy you will see come from 1100 - 1200 priests who have faithfully served in our Archdiocese.
Evil has a special interest in the clergy because he knows that if he brings one of them down, more damage can be inflicted on the Church. Some have given in to his temptations, committed very grave sins, and should be held accountable. Regrettably, the manner of dealing with these moral failures was not always adequate or appropriate. The Catholic Church in the United States implemented a very vigorous response to this sad and grievous crisis beginning with the Dallas Charter of 2002 and evidenced by the CARA report published two months ago. We must continue to build on what we have achieved and prayerfully move forward."

Victor Krc

Even Jesus had Judas. Jesus picked him to be an Apostle and yet was betrayed by him. What a scandal, yet the Church survived.

Dan Freeman

Mr. Ponce asserted: “That goes for all clergy and laity regardless of religious affiliation. There are more non-Catholic clergy guilty of such.”

Tracking down his subsequent citations can be summed up in the first one: “Tchividjian …is careful to say that there’s not enough data to compare the prevalence of child sex abuse in Protestant and Catholic institutions, but he’s convinced the problem has reached a crisis point. “

We simply do not know if there are relatively more non-Catholic clergy guilty of such. But we do know the Bishops and Cardinals have been protecting the abusers. This is as serious a crime and has been successfully prosecuted. The guilty priests, bishops, and cardinals should be imprisoned.

Denial is not just a river in Africa.

Carlos Ponce

Dan, did you read all the links I provided. I doubt it.
I stand by what I posted.
If you think there are more Catholic Clergy in the world guilty of sexual abuse then prove it.

Dan Freeman

Mr. Ponce I did not assert the are more or fewer Catholic Clergy guilty of sexual abuse. I wrote, quoting your citations, that we do not know.

Carlos Ponce

Question: Are there more Catholic Clergy or non-Catholic clergy in the world? Include Protestant pastors, Rabbis, Muslim clerics, Buddhist monks. etc.
One of the links states that sexual abuse from Catholic clergy occurs at the same percentage rate in the world's male population. Other links provide similar observations with references to other religions. I did not provide exact numbers but one can surmise that since there are more non-Catholic clergy in the world than Catholic, there are more non-Catholic clergy who have committed sexual abuse than Catholic. I thought you worked with statistics, Dan.

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