Get rid of any monument, statue, city, school name or political party that had to do with slavery.

Start with the Democrats. 

When Abraham Lincoln was president, every Democrat, except four, voted to keep slavery while 100 percent of the Republicans voted to do away with it.

Demand Washington, D.C., be renamed and the Washington Monument be taken down because he owned 275 slaves. Also tear down the homes (that still exist) of all past presidents, such as Thomas Jefferson, who owned slaves, too.

Once again, take it all down or leave it be. 

History is what it is, good or bad — it cannot be changed. Don't pick and choose what to take down.

Like I said, get rid of it all.

Robert Filidei

Texas City


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Carlos Ponce

"Get rid of any monument, statue, city, school name or political party that had to do with slavery."

That would include Galveston (island, county, city), named after Bernardo de Gálvez, who as governor of Spanish Louisiana imported slaves into that colony.

Bailey Jones

It's sarcasm, Carlos.

Emile Pope

Getting rid of statues that commemorate treason would be enough...

Carlos Ponce

Do they "commemorate treason" or do they honor the man? Prior to the Civil War he was a West Point graduate, a junior officer at Fort Monroe, was instrumental in victories during the Mexican-American War, fought alongside Ulysses Grant, was appointed superintendent of West Point, second in command of the 2nd Calvary in Texas and was offered command of the defense of Washington DC. When the war ended in 1865 Robert E. Lee became the president of Washington College (now called Washington and Lee University) in Lexington, Virginia.

His statues commemorate the man, not treason.

Casey Alan

I totally understand your frustration. Keep it or get rid of it. Just like some Christians they pick and choose what they want in the Bible, which also frustrates people. The Democratic Party has grown and mature. What they may have voted on 200 years ago is not the same beliefs now, or we would’ve never had a black Democrat president. I believe we should keep statues of our presidents, people who contribute and built this country. Any other Confederate soldier should just go away statue name and all. None of these Confederate soldiers statues and putting their names on buildings we are of importance until the 60s. Nobody cared up until that time. I also believe there should be statues put up the slaves who helped build and shaped this country.

Carlos Ponce

"should be statues put up the slaves who helped build and shaped this country."

They'll want those removed too.

The Emancipation Memorial, aka Freedman's Memorial aka Emancipation Group, aka "Lincoln Memorial" in Washington DC depicts Abraham Lincoln with a former slave, Archer Alexander. "The ex-slave is depicted on one knee, with one fist clenched, shirtless and shackled at the president's feet." According to the National Park Service, the monument was paid for solely by former slaves. Frederick Douglass spoke as the keynote speaker at the dedication service on April 14, 1876, with President Ulysses S. Grant in attendance. Now they want it removed.

Casey Alan

Again you miss read my statement. No surprise there. I personally as I stated previously, feel that statues of our presidents and the people who created our constitution regardless if they owned slaves should keep their statues. Not Statues that have slaves chain to them. It’s amazing how the slave you talked about is kneeling on one knee with his fist clenched in the air. I’m talking about the slaves who help free other slaves through the underground tunnel. Who help hide escape slaves. Who invented things that we use that some people don’t even know about. I am not talking about keeping the Statues and the building named after traders and losers.

Dan Freeman

Mr Ponce writes about the Emancipation Memorial that “Now they want it removed.” The report from American University concludes: “If there is one slavery monument whose origins are highly political, the Freedman's memorial is it. The development process for this memorial started immediately after Abraham Lincoln's assassination and ended, appropriately enough, near the end of Reconstruction in 1876. In many ways, it exemplified and reflected the hopes, dreams, striving, and ultimate failures of reconstruction.” This memorial and others that reflect the hundred plus years of continued oppression by Jim Crow laws and segregation should remain.

The statues to those generals and politicians who broke their oath to the United States Constitution must be removed and destroyed along with those of Hitler, Stalin, and the Shah of Iran, among others.

Carlos Ponce

Dan Freeman forgets they were PARDONED - "a full pardon and amnesty for the offence [sic] of treason against the United States, or of adhering to their enemies during the late Civil War, with restoration of all rights, privileges, and immunities under the Constitution and the laws.” President Andrew Johnson December 25, 1868.

"It’s true that Union and Confederate soldiers are considered U.S. veterans under federal law, and that they would be entitled to the same benefits as Union soldiers today."

You might say, "Big Deal! They are all dead". But then we have 18 U.S. Code § 1369. Destruction of veterans’ memorials which is punishable by fines or not more than than 10 years imprisonment or both.

Wayne D Holt

The North (meaning Lincoln) was not just at war with the South; it was at war with itself. There was widespread, vocal and committed opposition deep in the North against Lincoln's policies. Lincoln chose clearly unconstitutional actions to crush that opposition in the North as he pursued his war objectives in the South.

I keep reading the words "treason against the United States" in reference to the South's desire to secede. Which is the greater treason: to attempt to peacefully leave a voluntary compact of sovereigns or to engage in a continuous and unrestrained usurpation of the founding constitutional principles of the government you are leading?

Lincoln quite clearly broke his oath to protect and defend the Constitution for the united States of America. He violated some of our most precious freedoms enumerated--not given--in the Bill of Rights. Freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of the press, redress of grievances, Amendments IV, V, VI, and X. He didn't just break his oath, he conducted a full scale assault on the very principles the American Revolution was fought to secure.

Where do we put him?

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Let's just take Dignified Resignation down in Galveston and work on the wording in the 7th and 8th grade History books of "enslaved workers" for slaves and take that out. And oh yeah, the hidden Confederate tattoos that some of our pubic servants have.

Carlos Ponce

7th and 8th grade History books are approved by a committee in each school district before adopted for use in the classroom. They didn't ask you to be on the committee?

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