You get what you give. That may not include money. Churches teach you to give money by man's mouth. The Bible teaching is not to serve a master of money.

Therefore, the Bible teaching is to spread generosity of meaning the word of the Bible not money. It meant generosity spreads and feeds others. Not money. Too many people are serving false prophets in churches by being taught money. The Bible is filled with controversy and that was by man — not the Holy Spirit.

People have turned their backs on church because of being taught to give up their money. Some people feel like they can't go into a church because they have no money to give, and that's not acceptable. Some people like myself have also been conned out of their money, and that's not acceptable.

The Bible teaching is about sacrificing. Has anyone ever considered abortion to be a mother's sacrifice of her child because she has no money to have the child or raise that child? Where's the church involved in helping a mother with money to keep her child?

Something to really think about next time you judge others.

Terry Segura



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Carlos Ponce

"Has anyone ever considered abortion to be a mother's sacrifice of her child because she has no money to have the child or raise that child? Where's the church involved in helping a mother with money to keep her child?"

Christian groups offer services for such. They provide pre-natal care, housing if necessary, visits to an obstetrician. If the mother can not provide for the child after birth, adoption services are available. The care provided is non-denominational so don't feel you have to belong to that church.


Sanctuary of Hope-

Sanctuary of Hope is our 85-acre multi-building campus that provides world-class housing, medical care, counseling support and educational facilities for unwed mothers and their children. This incredible campus allows them to receive care, treatment and training previously thought to be unobtainable. -John Hagee Ministries

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston has Blessed Beginnings Pregnancy and Parenting Life Center- Catholic

Many, many more......

Charles Douglas


Charles Douglas

Those question marks are not for you Mr. Ponce! I could refute what the author is saying about giving money in the church, but why bother. He has been sold some " WOLF-TICKETS" and I don't want to invest the time! Anybody who knows anything about the Word of God knows money is included in support of the church of the Lord, and I could give multiple scriptures and verses, but I won't waste my time.

Gary Scoggin

I’m not sure of the point here. But if it’s that churches don’t need money, that is neither Biblical nor practical.

Gary Miller

More deaths than births. The American black population is on a path to extinction and abortions are Democrats way of hurrying it. Republicans should say they are trying to save the black population from extinction. True or not it's really what fighting abortion is.

Charles Douglas

Miller> [thumbup][thumbup]

Dan Freeman

In fact: deaths exceed births for white non-Hispanic. Births exceed deaths for non Hispanic black population. As trends continue, we become less "white" and more diverse.

Carlos Ponce

"we become less 'white' and more diverse" False premise if you don't see the diversity in those you call "white".

Ed Buckner

Mr. Miller, yours is a great example of a "fact" that simply isn't true at all. The American black population is growing not shrinking and no abortion rights supporter I've ever met has any objection whatever to that. Not all Democrats are pro-abortion rights but most are; not all Democrats oppose racism, but most do. It's utter nonsense to claim that abortion rights are related to genocide of any part of the population, however often this false talking point gets bandied about.

Charles Douglas

I learn one thing from studing the Word. Nobody will care about color in "HELL" or "HEAVEN!" It naws on me then, why so much emphasis is place on color here! Check that! I already know the answer. "DECEPTION" & "LIE" from HELL!!

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