Congratulations Galveston Police Department for being voted the most racist town in America. I guess you must love that title, as you've showed the rest of the country how racist you truly are.

Walking that mentally challenged black man with a rope down the street to your police station was deplorable. At 76 years old, I never thought another racist, like Gov. George Wallace, of Alabama, was still alive and well. But, you proved that racism is very much alive and doing quite well in Galveston, Texas.

Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame on you.

Kathy Diute

Hagerstown, Maryland

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Gary Miller

This writer is so racist no comment is needed.

Emile Pope

Not racist. Not in the least...

Cary Semar

Kathy Diute's letter is insaneley "over the top" but it is not clear to me how that makes her a racist. There seems to be an effort to brand anyone who makes accusations of racism as "racist" and create an all purpose shield for racists. Your comment is not well considered; it sounds more like a visceral reaction to Kathy's offensive letter. Kathy's letter appears to violate the guidelines for letters to the editor, so one might ask why they printed it. I suspect it was printed as representative of public reaction to the original photograph.

This is not a criticism of the GDN. Guidelines are merely guidelines, not hard and fast rules.

Carlos Ponce

Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame on Kathy Diute. I won't visit Hagerstown, Maryland. There are prejudiced people living there.

David Smith

This racist is INCORRECT..

Maybe she need to google Jasper tx before opening that piehole

Gary Scoggin

“Congratulations Galveston Police Department for being voted the most racist town in America.”. I don’t remember voting in that election.

Wayne Holt

Case study offered here of the irrational, emotionally overwrought, extreme anti-intellectual plight of those who can't begin to even understand the issues involved let alone what the racial environment here is or isn't.

I wonder if she understands she just provides cover for those who actually are racist by shrieking about it with no evidence. Evidence as in proof of existence, Emile.

Emile Pope

Misogynistic much?

Bailey Jones

Not an apt analogy - there were no attack dogs or fire hoses employed, and no slack jawed semi-literate yokels on the sidelines shouting racial epithets.

I'm completely uninterested in the opinion of anyone who isn't part of our community. And among those who are - all this arguing over the little bits of the story we know, or think we know, is pointless. When the investigation is complete and the body cam video released, we'll have enough evidence to venture a cogent judgement.

Carlos Ponce

And unlike what presidential candidate NO'Rourke tweeted, no one was dragged by a rope in the streets of Galveston.

Don Schlessinger


Don Schlessinger


Charles Douglas

In the late 1970s, Wallace announced that he was a born-again Christian and apologized to black civil rights leaders for his past actions as a segregationist. He said that while he had once sought power and glory, he realized he needed to seek love and forgiveness. In 1979, Wallace said of his stand in the schoolhouse door: "I was wrong. Those days are over, and they ought to be over." He publicly asked for forgiveness from black people.

Ms Kathy Is it possible to repeant of one's sins? That question is for you Ms Kathy of Maryland? I know what God says, ..BUT WHAT do you SAY? WATCH out now, I would not want you to act all uppity, and blaspheme God. Did George Wallace make peace with the Lord for those he hurt or was his sins to great for them to be forgiven? Ms Kathy, what about your sins? Have you ever SINNED? Ms. Kathy don't lie to me now, do you think your sins can be rectified, and if so why not George's? Next time you and I have a discussion, about Galveston, we will rabbit trail off on where you stay! As a history buff, I know I can keep you entertained. Yall take care now hear!!!!!!!

Harvey Mueller

Wow!!! All this indignation over walking Mr Neely a repeat offender 2 blocks. literally 2 flippin blocks.

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