Over the past several months, as reported in the The Daily News, Ted O’Rourke, a trustee on the Port of Galveston board, continues his efforts to undermine Port Director Rodger Rees and attack his character. It seems to be there could be an underlying agenda and/or dirty politics fueling O’Rourke’s efforts.

I hope the Port of Galveston board of trustees and the residents of Galveston are wary of O’Rourke’s actual intentions before Rees, who is reportedly doing an excellent job, does leave.

Once again, Galveston could end up the loser if an individual, motivated by helping himself and his friends, versus what's best for the good of the port and the city and residents of Galveston, has his way.

Toni McCoy

Texas City


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Kelly Naschke

Unless you give specific, factual, examples, it would appear as if you are trying to undermine Mr O’Rourke.

David Schuler

This letter would be unnecessary had Mr. O'Rourke provided factual evidence in his latest allegation regarding Mr. Rees intentions to leave. Instead, the recent article by Mr. O'Rourke sounded far too much like a 3rd grader claiming, "Teacher, look what Johnny did!" I certainly respect Mr. O'Rourke and appreciate all the work he's done over the years, but I also urge the Wharves Board to take a more proactive look at this situation before it's too late.

Jarvis Buckley

David your comment is anything but respectful. "Sounded like a third grader".

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