A vibrant two-party system being essential to good government, I'm increasingly concerned about what's happening to the Grand Old Party. It was always my hope that Donald Trump would be an aberration and Republicans would see through him after four years.

Unfortunately, it appears old-school Republicans are leaving the party to the "Sunday soldiers" who agree with Trump's fascist tendencies or fear of his impact on their future elections.

This was quite evident during Trump's trial for sedition. The "Sunday soldiers" had an opportunity to part ways with Trump and didn't. For example, Sen. Lindsey Graham on the day of the seditious raid on the Capitol said of Trump, "I'm through with him — enough is enough." However, after the trial, he voted Trump "not guilty" with 42 others.

Reminds me of Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer who said, "An evangelist came to town ... he even converted Huck Finn — until Tuesday."

GOP guru Mike Murphy recently advised senators, "Trying to change Donald Trump is like teaching Charles Manson to fox trot. He’ll try a step or two and then stick a fork in your eye — because he's Charles Manson."

Jerome Bourgeois

League City


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Charles Douglas

This author seems to be so uninformed. He seems to be one of those people who the LEFT has deceived into propagating their irresponsible, fake ideology! If I was a betting man, I would bet the LEFT has not even given him his ration of Covid Vaccine yet! The LEFT is excellent at using unsuspecting individuals like this author for their own purposes and giving them little in return.

He seems to be unaware that the "LEFTIST SWAMP" who used the fake MEDIA to protect Beijing Joe from the general public, by not having him to answer questions, and hiding him in a hole, during the campaign season, is now telling him what to do, where to go, and what to sign by this Communist leaning "Radical Junta" located in the White House! Our enemies abroad knows this like they know everything else going on here! They have the best spies and surveillance in the world! Joe China has to take " Blackout" days when NOBODY ...but those who controls him will see or talk to him! He seems to have problems finding his way off stages after he stumbles through speeches of policy! He, even at his laid back schedules of operation afforded him by the "JUNTA" will NEVER complete four years with this abominable, horrific, ruse and HOAX being played not only on Anerica but the world!

Gary Miller

Jerome> So sadly informed you wrote a letter to prove you know only the liberal spin but not really well. Two major political parties is good but three of four could be better. The Grand old Party is near its end like the Bull Moose or Whig parties of old years. The Democrat party is showing signs of dying also. Leaving America with two newer and more vibrant parties. The future will belong to the MAGA and Socialist parties. The MAGA party is already stronger than the remnants of GOP and DNC combined.

Gary Miller

Jerome> You may not think the Democrat party is dying but it actually died when it became the property of the Liberal media. The MSM is also dying with other means of communicating changing it's structure and people wanting truth turning them off. The MSM has enough money to hang on for a little longer but the DNC has little income except the MSM.

Brian Tamney

all we've gotten since Januaryu 21st is an endless list of STUPID executive orders, and tthe Dems in congress trying to shut down conservative media, but Trump was a dictator, give me a break!

Craig Mason

Brian what conservative media has been shut down by the democrats?

Carlos Ponce

Jerome Bourgeois has removed his brain and replaced it with Leftist Liberal talking points.

Virginia Stone

Jerome Bourgeois [thumbup][thumbup]

Bailey Jones

Jerome Bourgeois, well said. I agree with your assessment. But also - not my circus, not my monkeys. I wish the party well. Enjoy the purge.

Charles Douglas

Reminds me of back in the day on the "Plantation!"

Gary Miller

Charles> The plantation is owned today by the same people who owned it before. White liberals, Better dressed KKK types. The Black version of KKK is NAACP.

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