I appreciate Dr. Ben Raimer’s message: Wear face masks to protect others ("Wearing a mask is a public duty," The Daily News, June 26).

It baffles me how some people think the face mask is only to protect the wearer. It stuns me that level of ignorance continues to exist after three months of being told to wear a face mask to protect others; to reduce the spread of the virus; and to alleviate the strain on our health care providers.

But I am not surprised.

Misinformation has convinced people that wearing masks is a sign of weakness and fear; the president sets that example. So when mask-wearers like me are characterized as “fearful” or “cowering,” I object. I wear a mask to protect people like you. You should appreciate it.

When our governor and county commissioners fail to protect us, they are the fearful ones. It is their responsibility to make the hard decisions to protect public health. Voting against mask wearing is an abdication of the responsibility to protect public health.

Kudos to Mayor Jim Yarbrough and four council members for passing face mask requirements. By voting against the measure, Jason Hardcastle and John Paul Listowski have sided with the ignorant right-wing zealots and exhibit their lack of concern for the safety and health of Galvestonians.

John Allen



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Craig Mason

I agree I look at wearing a mask as a sign of respect for my neighbors in my community. I also look at it as a source of freedom. If we all wear a mask we have more freedom to go and do without the fear of being infected or infecting someone else.

Bailey Jones


Gary Miller

Are you infected? If so stay at home. If not infected you can't infect anyone, with or without a mask.

PD Hyatt

What surprises me is the hatred that some portray against others who do not agree with them. What is so surprising (not really) is that there are so many who do not believe in our Constitution anymore, as it our nation used to have the right of free speech and to think differently than others, but when We The People do not think like the leftist do then we are condemned by them with hatred and malice.... Our nation used to be able to have civil discussions about almost any subject you can think of, but thanks to the leftist MSM who are programming people to think 1 way and 1 way only that is no longer happening.... I am one of those who has no immune system and past 65 so do NOT tell me that I need to wear a mask, as I will wear one when I see fit to wear it as I have been living like this for over 7 years and the world just came into MY world and you all are freaking out!

Bill Broussard

Mr. Hyatt. No one on this blog would want to take away your right to free speech. Say whatever you want as long as you say it through your face covering 🙂

Dan Freeman

I am truly sorry for your lack of immunity. But you cannot put others at risk. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.

Carlos Ponce

No glove, no love. from "The World According to Garp".

Gary Miller

PD> With a 85 year old immune system I wore a mask the first time to get a hair cut. I knew it couldn't protect me from someone who is infected and not being infected myself it wouldn't protect the barber either. Thinking about it later I couldn't think of a good excuse for wearing it. It didn't help me or them at all, Just made some bureaucrat happy.

Gary Miller

I don't think you are “fearful” or “cowering,”, I just think you are ignorant. If you are not infected your mask protects no one. If not infected you can't infect anyone, with or without a mask. The only people needing to wear a mask are those who are infected and they could protect more by staying home.

Terri Abraham

If everyone who is infected knows they're infected, that would be a big help. Since a lot of people are infected and don't yet know it, wearing a mask protects everyone around them.

Carlos Ponce

There is no test that is 100% accurate. There are "false positives" and "false negatives".

From Snopes: "No test is 100% accurate. Although tests can perform well in ideal laboratory conditions, in real life lots of other factors affect accuracy including the timing of the test, how the swab was taken, and the handling of the specimen."

Lorna Presswood

According to CDC itself, only 35-45% of those that test positive will even show symptoms. Of those, only 8-11% will actually get more than mildly sick. Of those, most that get sick get over it. An even smaller portion-people with pre-existing serious conditions, will actually get deathly ill. All of this is why the death count is still .02-.03%.

Wearing a mask doesn't matter, spreading it doesn't matter...WHY? because LOOK at the numbers. Spread it all you want, the percentage of people actually dying or getting even more than mildly sick is small.

These "cases" of positive results are being used politically. Testing positive doesn't mean you'll get sick, doesn't mean if you transmit it to someone being asymptomatic will get someone else sick, doesn't mean more will die, doesn't mean everyone will drop dead all the sudden in the streets after 4 months of this, read the facts from the CDC.

The facts are, ICU units are mostly full of people in Texas that DO NOT have Covid. This was a statement by the governors office that the media is "reporting it wrong".

Politics. It's all politics, that's it. If anything, this "global pandemic" that causes pneumonia in mostly elderly and people with pre-existing conditions is like the flu-same death rate, same infection rate. It's all being used as a political tool. SO WAKE UP PEOPLE.

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