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Mr. Trump continually cites record highs in the New York Stock Exchange and record lows in unemployment as indicators of the "best economy in our history." Most economists agree that these aren't the most important indicators. In fact, there are cautionary indicators that show cracks below t…

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In response to the commentary by Ray Holbrook ("Illegal immigration is the real problem," The Daily News, Nov. 29): Holbrook said, “The Bible says and I believe that there is only one way to heaven. You believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God or you don’t, you’re not in.”

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In response to the commentary by Ophelia Garcia ("Shame on Trump's cowed enablers in the Senate," The Daily News, Nov. 27): I could've written this myself, but Garcia expressed these views eloquently. The GOP Trump enablers (Republicans and senators) are failing miserably in their duty, taki…

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I've never considered whether I’m blue, red, pink or green anymore than if I’m Republican, Democrat, liberal or conservative. These are labels that the politician and news media like to group us into to fit their agendas.

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U.S. Rep. Randy Weber’s commentary ("Dems conducting impeachment in search of a crime," The Daily News, Nov. 16) made one thing very clear indeed — he, like his Republican colleagues, has chosen to ingratiate himself to the most corrupt, inept, unstable, unethical, compromised, bigoted and d…

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I had to laugh when I read how the poor Lindale Park area residents might have to haul their trash the 5.7 miles to the recycling center because the recycling bins have been neglected and misused ('Some residents worried about overflowing Lindale bins," The Daily News, Nov. 22).

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In response to Mike Allison's letter ("It’s time for GOP to wake up and smell the coffee," The Daily News, Nov. 19): Allison’s reference to lockstepping Republicans made me shudder with visions of Nazis Germany and his referring to Trump’s physical appearance (“this orange-haired pink guy”) …