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In response to the editorial by Margaret Battistelli Gardener ("Sweet call: Truffles gets to stay," The Daily News, Jan. 10): Gardner is a compelling writer and asset to The Daily News. However, describing The Strand's "true vibe" in the 1800s as "a riotous mélange of signage, entertainers a…

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Do you have an outstanding employee or co-worker who you would like to recognize? The Rotary Club of Galveston is accepting nominations for its second annual Galveston Employee of the Year Award now through Feb. 3. Nominees must work in Galveston but need not live in Galveston or be affiliat…

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In Dan Freeman’s commentary (“Private charities do good but should be watched,” The Daily News, Jan. 12), he writes, “To assure the representation of the public interest, democratically elected bodies such as city councils, legislatures and Congress should appoint one or more members of the …

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It's past time for the Democrats to stop spending millions of dollars of taxpayers money to try and impeach President Donald Trump. One of the articles of impeachment is obstruction of Congress. The Democrats have been trying to obstruct Trump from the day he took office. They've done nothin…

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In the late 1970s, Farmington, New Mexico, was in the vanguard of middle-of-the-block crosswalks. The city painted white lines and put up crosswalk pedestrian signs. Unsuspecting drivers would screech to a halt, narrowly missing pedestrians. Often, one lane stopped but the adjoining lane did…

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I'm reminded of "The Wizard of Oz" when I hear that the Galveston County Grand Old Party has handpicked someone to run against Cheryl Johnson for tax assessor. I cannot help but picture the character that goes around singing, ‘‘If I only had a brain."

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In response to the letter by Matt Fleming ("I'm voting for Jackie Peden," The Daily News, Dec. 24): Term limits can be debated where no special prior knowledge is needed. This is different with positions like the sheriff, judges, district attorney and more.

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The Daily News has proven itself fully capable of generating its share of garbage without importing any from other papers like the El Paso Times on Dec. 18 ("Texas GOP lack of diversity is a problem, not a 'narrative,'" The Daily News, editorial roundup, Dec. 23).

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Recently, The Daily News updated the status of the two lighted pedestrian crosswalks on Seawall Boulevard and stated more crosswalks of this type are planned for other locations ("Galveston works to repair lighted seawall crosswalks," The Daily News, Dec. 16).

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No one "belongs" in public office. Jackie Peden is a candidate for Galveston County tax assessor. Jackie and Chris raised a family in Galveston County, and she works with her husband and daughter in their family business. Jackie runs marathons and likes all things Disney.

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Anyone who puts another Democrat or Republican in office again is negligent. They're surely not looking to make anything better for ourselves, one another, or our country. Both party's own our politicians; they've been bought by the same negligent businesses, attempting to brainwash us, the …