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I remember when Roger "Bo" Quiroga was mayor previously. My recollection is that Galveston was more divided; there was more of an “us versus them” climate to proceedings at city hall; a “developer versus the environment;” “old school versus progressives.”

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My letter to the editor ("Frank Maceo has my vote again for District 3," The Daily News, Oct. 13) requires no correction, but Ralph McMorris’ commentary ("Letter touting Frank Maceo demands correction," The Daily News, Nov. 24) requires some additional facts.

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On Dec. 1, the Bay Area Alliance for Youth and Families will participate in Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement thatn started in 2012. Every year, nonprofit organizations rally together on Giving Tuesday to raise money to build their communities.

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Alarming news: We've elected what we thought was a patriotic American in U.S. Rep. Randy Weber to represent Galveston. From what I just read, he has taken sides with the "Kin-Folk" Texans that still think Texas should be separated from the USA ("Texas secessionists crow after Weber memes abo…