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In response to the story ("Officers feeling attacked over calls for defunding," The Daily News, June 30): Instead of reducing funding for police, it would make more sense to increase the training/funding so that respect for all humans and abiding by their own laws will be in the forefront of…

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In response to the column by David Tepera ("You take pride in what you've earned," The Daily News, June 24): He's the best columnist The Daily News has. His opinions are straight to the point: Quit whining and get to work. Life isn't fair, never has been and never will be.

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Again, the outgoing mayor and council have shown that they don't like, or apparently, need businesses in Galveston. The extension of the mask order until Sept. 30, with the onus of enforcement on retail businesses, is a violation of rights of business owners, who should sue now.

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Michael A. Smith made a few good points regarding the "Dignified Resignation" statue, but I did not like the implication that it appeared by magic during the Jim Crow era ("County must begin process to remove 'Dignified Resignation,'" The Daily News, June 27).

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According to multiple informed sources, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman was investigating allies of President Trump including the legality of Rudy Giulani's interactions with foreign government officials and the legality of Trump's dealings with Deutche Bank.