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Instead of worrying about being exposed to the COVID-19 virus by airborne sources, consider what you're stepping in when in public places. That's where the virus ends up, on the floor. Someone coughs or sneezes and it's in the air for a brief period, then it's on the ground for 24 hours.

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Many have wondered how the truth and science challenged TV reality star and current resident of The White House would respond when faced with a real catastrophe. Let's review just a few of his early responses to the COVID-19 catastrophe:

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Two pandemic response teams were disbanded. Our pandemic expert in China, Dr. Linda Quick, who would've assisted China in stemming the pandemic at its onset, was recalled and dismissed. None of the easily foreseeable steps to fight the virus were taken: Personal protective equipment for the …

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In response to the story ("City closes beaches as visitors still flock to island," The Daily News, March 30): We're going to miss our daily walks here at Pirates Beach. How about letting us on between sunrise and 9:30 a.m. while the partiers are sleeping?