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Imagine being James Templer ("For democracy's sake, Banana Republicans must go,” The Daily News, June 12-13) and other leftists and believing democracy is in peril when everyone has weeks ahead of Election Day to vote or can request a ballot be sent to their home.

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Kudos to James Templer on his excellent critique of the Texas Grand Old Party leadership deciding that fealty to the disgraced twice impeached insurrectionist-in-chief is more important than supporting democracy ("For democracy's sake, Banana Republicans must go," The Daily News, June 12-13).

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Moody's Investor Services, an independent bond credit rating for stocks, bonds and government entities, recently issued a very positive report about Galveston Wharves financial performance. As a result of its research, the respected entity upgraded the port's credit rating.

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In January, one of President Joe Biden’s first acts was to reverse President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the World Health Organization. Biden stated that America’s participation would come with a push for reforms. How has that decision worked out?

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Maris Helfrich ("Letter writer put false words in my mouth," The Daily News, June 5-6) took offense to my letter ("Republicans will do as we've always done," The Daily News, June 4). I apologize and want her to know that she's loved as much as any of God’s children.

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In an attempt to receive a blue flag accreditation, Galveston Park Board of Trustees wants to ban domestic animals, such as dogs and horses, from East Beach. I have no idea how a beach as dirty as ours on most days, could even be considered environmentally safe.