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I was recently diagnosed with cervical neck and spinal stenosis. I had been going to an orthopedic clinic for around two years with pain in my legs, feet, arms and hands. They took X-rays and thought that was sufficient enough to diagnose and treat me.

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I enjoyed the article about Marie Robb ("Councilwoman claims West End neglected during storm," The Daily News, Feb. 23). I've owned property for 11 years and have lived here since May. I've been surprised at how little support we get from the city with all of the taxes we pay.

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There’s still time to sample some of the island’s best dishes — and help a worthy cause. Galveston Restaurant Week 2021 will end on Sunday, but you have a few days to take advantage of the event. In fact, more than 40 island restaurants are participating. A portion of the proceeds from the e…

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Nature delivered Texans harsh freeze conditions at a level we rarely experience, which in turn brought out large quantities of the whining liberal mindset (individuals and media) that believe government is responsible for all their comfort, success and needs.