After reading Dolph Tillotson’s column “Oppose the demolition, but don’t canonize Walter Norris Jr.,” The Daily News, May 1) it appears to me that Tillotson is suffering from a toxic masculinity problem about African American men, even those who are deceased and no longer pose a threat to his fragile ego.

Tillotson begin his illustrious career in the newspaper industry at the age of 19. He worked for his sister Annie Tillotson Land, also a journalist, and her husband Charles Land at the Tuscaloosa News while attending college at the University of Alabama.

Tarris Woods is founder and president of Galveston County Coalition for Justice and former City Councilman in District 1.


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C. Patterson

Anger management much? Just a thought.

You have so polluted your opposition to Tillotson with your personal attacks which have little or nothing to do with your original complaint that its been reduced to a toxic rant.

Heck, Im embarrassed for you!

Noel Spencer

Who is writing these articles for Mr. Woods ?

Pete Nanos

Wow, Dolph. You've been exposed as a racist, a white supremacist , and probably are also a homophobe and a misogynist. How humiliating this must be , especially for a Democrat. Does that mean Biden was referring to people like you when he spoke at Howard University. Hell man, next thing you know you'll be accuse of being a .....Republican....

Pete Nanos

Cheap shot ,Mr Woods. You should be embarrassed, but thanks for the opportunity to show Democrats how conservatives feel when they use the same tactics to try and silence their opponents.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Tarris Woods is part of the problem, not part of the solution. When any criticism of a different race, whether justified or not, is painted as racism, and not just seen as criticism, that paints the accuser as the racist. Seems like that shoe fits Tarris Woods.

henry hansen

Typical divisive rhetoric. Personal attacks against a man based on where he grew up? I guess it will never stop. Shameful.

Pete Nanos

I find it amazing that not one of the normally blabby liberal talking heads has anything to say. Forsythe, Jones,Tillis, Mr Ed, Carpenter where are you now? Remember who called this for what it is Mr Tillotson. Not one liberal denounced it.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Nanos, there are one or two more that I'm waiting on! This should get interesting after while. See, when Dolph got on Trump we heard from all those folks! You can't have it two or three ways! Anyway Dolph reminds me.of meeeee! I call it like it is, and have done so in many places around this country, and the world! "Imma" start taking names to give Donnie Trump when he takes office again! He's mad too,..about all WOKE-LEFT these frame-ups and lies being told about that DOSSIER!!!


I think they’re hiding in shame in light of the Durham Report….

Carol Dean


Bailey Jones

Pete, I try not to voice opinions about things of which I have no knowledge. The career of Walter Norris Jr., would be one of those things. Dolph Tillotson's personal history is another. I don't feel the need to have any opinions about the county's ancient internecine battles. Apparently Tarris and Dolph have wildly different opinions, and both have been expressed in the paper. I have none.

But please, carry on.

Charles Douglas


Charlotte O'rourke

Life isn’t fair. It’s true and expectations and trying to make life fair just causes ulcers. Bias exists. I’ve found that the higher the social standing of someone the harder it is to get FISCAL accountability or for anyone to believe something is terribly wrong.

Think … Bernie Madoff, Elizabeth Holmes, etc. Smart people that should know better, snowed, right?

Think … the Park Board claiming and keeping city money for years without city budget oversight. If anyone else was paid to collect the HOT fees, and KEPT the money - everyone would be screaming, where is the DA?

Think, the port and failing to have up or down board votes on the revenue bond projects ($100-$200 million in needs) to support before voting to approve appropriating $56.6 million for CT25 without having your parents (the city) cosign,

Nowadays, I look at the Wharves Board and Park Board and say, good people, but where is the diversity in gender, age, race, thought, and backgrounds and the insistence on fiscal accountability and oversight. I guess it went the way of truth and became obsolete.

Pete Nanos

What does this even have to do with this discussion?

Charlotte O'rourke

Pete, a bias is a strong prejudice for or against something. This opinion piece by Woods is about racial bias against a specific list of individuals.

I have no specific opinion about it, but believe bias - including racial bias - exists in everyday walks of life.

I discussed other types of biases where groups or individuals are treated differently based on elitism or socioeconomic status or plain old popularity or beauty.

Madoff was investigated 8 times by the SEC before charges were filed. If the same complaint were brought against someone with a much lower socioeconomic status would that outcome of dismissal have kept occurring?

Just pondering …. Pete.

Pete Nanos

Thanks for clarifying, but accusing someone of having biases politically, socially or otherwise for views they hold is one thing. Insinuating someone is a racist because they find fault with someone who happens to be black is another. Telling us why you disagree with someone's view point by point would have been acceptable. Tillotson definitely has biases as do we all. But unlike most liberals do when referring to people on the right, I wouldn't stoop to suggesting he's a racist. He's a liberal hack, but that's a given. Dislike his politics, don't know him well enough to dislike the person.

Charles Douglas

Now that the truth is out and on the scene,...and all the lies fake news, scams, and set-ups have been exposed by the Durham Investigation, we now know that there was no January 6th attack on Democracy because we didn't have a Democracy!

The WOKE-LEFT, FBI, CIA, BIG TECH, FAKE NEWS MEDIAS, & the "SWAMP" destroyed Democracy, free speech, and due process in this nation months before all that happened on the 6th, when they collided, conspired, lied, committed fraud, and plotted to overthrow, a duely elected American President of The United States of America! That was no less than a WOKE-LEFT COUP ATTEMP! There was also TREASON committed and one American General confessed on national TV that he would warn RED CHINA ahead of any attempt of an American move against CHINA!

They all need to be tried and.convicted, some imprisoned and some paying the Supreme Penalty for what they did! They did those things in the DARK, thinking they would die there, but no their treasonous ACTS LIVED TO SEE LIGHT, EXPOSED in the light of the DURHAM REPORT!


Ted Gillis

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be denouncing Pete. Can you please explain what Dolph did wrong by allowing a guest columnist to submit an unfavorable letter about himself and then print it in his newspaper? Is that what I’m supposed to denounce?

Bailey Jones

Beats me, Ted. I've read all of the comments here and can't find a single salient fact in any one of them relevant to whether Walter Norris deserves to have his name on a building, or whether either Tarris or Dolph are racists. It's like walking into someone's Thanksgiving dinner not knowing which uncle is the crazy one.

Pete Nanos

Can't speak for Tillotson, but the suggestion that he might be a racist based on his criticism of a man who happens to be black is unfair . It's been a staple of the left to shut down dialog for years. The fact that he allowed it to go to print says to me that he's confident most will see the accusation for what it really is. I seriously doubt a racist would have allowed it to go to print.

David Hardee

Gillis says "what's the difference" and Big Jim considers the article has something to do about sex trafficking, and Charlette want women on the park board. The irrational humanity is on display in the form of attention deficient in this thread.

Ted, the difference is that Dolph evaluated performance and Wood's turned it into racism. Big Jim also perceived slavery (sex trafficking) was an issue. And women's lib found a need for expression. There will be nothing but accomplished towards civility if every utterance is portrayed by these progressive liberals malcontents about them (me-ism). Free speech allow even idiocy.

Charlotte O'rourke

Lol. Is that what you got out of my comments …. Women’s lib. Lol. Not race or agenda or background/socioeconomic bias with current city council appointments. It reminds me when I complained about the port spending money on booze while continually taking the employees out for lunch. The chairman asked what are you some kind of temperance woman. No sir I said. I like my beer, martinis and old fashions, but don’t think the public should pay for either the booze or lunch - especially when the port is not entertaining customers and our docks are falling in creating danger for workers. We still have the same types of abuse of public funds and millions of infrastructure needs.

As a fyi, I respect many individual’s on Wood’s list.

Signing off the women’s lib, temperance women’s movement. Still chuckling….

Paul Dorton

So, just because Mr. Tillotson attended a university that 9 years before had a racial incident he's automatically a racist? The same man who recently posted a column about how angry conservatives are?

I notice Mr. Woods did not dispute any of the facts that Mr. Tillotson raised about Mr. Norris. And Mr. Woods list of names? How about instead of trying to rely on the increasingly overused accusation of racism, you give us some facts on why you think these people were treated unfairly by Mr. Tillotson?

For too long people have tried to stop meaningful discussion by labeling the people they disagree with as racist. And in too many instances it has worked. It is one of the main reasons things have gotten as bad as they are today.

Charlotte O'rourke

Fair questions. Personally I’ve never met a saint and never expect to. Frequently perception of character is political, a product of the times, and not fact based or based on personal knowledge. The newspaper gets to set the narrative and storyline. And it’s impossible to win against ink by the barrel and control of the story.

Sometimes the news sets up a hero and sometimes a goat for the EXACT same non saintly actions. I’ve always understood a bias must exist ….. but am unable to confidently label the cause of the bias.

For example, was Reverend Thomas a hero or a goat? Not a saint. My opinion is a civil rights hero.

But to each … his or her … own heroes. Sorry I can’t post the link to the Houston Chronicle on the Reverend but you can google it.

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