My family roots in Texas date back to 1837, when the Lone Star State was the Republic of Texas. One of my fourth great-grandfathers, Joseph Thompson, registered to vote on Aug. 1, 1867, and reported he had been in Brazoria for 30 years.

He was married to Martha Brooks, who, according to the 1880 census, was born in 1840 in Texas. Martha’s parents’ reported place of birth was the continent of Africa.

Samuel Collins III is a seventh-generation Texan and a graduate of Texas A&M University. He is a historian, financial planner, and co-founder of the Galveston-based Nia Cultural Center’s Juneteenth Legacy Project.


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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] A wonderfully well-written commentary, Sam. The history of Texas is the history of all the people who have lived here, and no single narrative describes them all. Everybody has their own story and every story deserves to be told. There are heroes and villains, villains who were heroic, and heroes who were villainous. We can plaster over the imperfections of the past, or strip off the plaster and enjoy the stories that this old house has to tell.

Carol Dean

Sam, you have been living and working on this house for years. What seems to be the REAL problem?

Charles Douglas

Ms. Dean [thumbup][thumbup] . Somebody needs to preach building up to JOE COOL & THE WOKE-LEFT ...hopefully then they will quit tearing down, And all they don't tear-down ...just maybe they might quit burning down! ( ANTIFA BLM ).

This nation is essentially at WAR ....with itself, and that is a fact JACK, and a truth! Let me.also add this,......there is NOT going to be any building on the house until we stop all this Racial Hate & Division coming from the LEFT! Everything is about what happened back on the Plantation, back with the SLAVES! Now we hear the WOKE tryung to use REPARATIONS as a carrot. It IS SICK!!! SICK-NY-FYING. The WOKE-LEFT has school kids studying Drag-Queens, Gender Change, Segregation, CRT, when the average kid cannot read or write to specified levels! What's up with that [censored]! I'm tired of it!! It took me a while before I learned to LOOK UP, .....THEN GET UP, and shake off the burden the LEFT had place.on me! When I ask the Lord to.remove that burden...MY EYE SIGHT & UNDERSTANDING showed up, and NOW I see by the AMAZING GRACE PROVIDED! I'm willing to help build, when the WOKE-LEFT stop tearing down! [angry][angry]

Gary Scoggin

Charles, to be honest, some of the most divisive talk in these pages comes from the right. Granted, there are bomb throwers on the left around here too. Let’s stop the personal attacks and talk of war against each other and have respectful conversations about policy. For instance, Mr. Hardee, whom I often disagree with, can keep thing’s respectful. Mr Holt, whom I occasionally agree with, is another. I apologize if I cross the line but I do try to be respectful (except, I admit, with one person, who is a flat-out troll). We can fundamentally disagree with someone and still regard them as a good person.

Carlos Ponce

Scoggi, to be honest, some of the most truthdul talk in these pages comes from the right. You may call it "divisive" but it is truthful.

Charles Douglas

Joe Cool gave a graduation speech at a Historical Black University ...(HOWARD) ..this weekend! Out of all the things, subjects, or inspirational motivational areas he.could have used ..JOE "SLOW" used...Wait for it .....Hold- Onnnn, ...know what it was......"WHITE SUPREMISTCY!"

This is shameful and a scandal for an Old KKK AFFILIATE who stood against every Civil Rights attempt which came forth in Congress in the Forty Years he was there! He.stood against Busing, Intergration, equality and the equity he brags about now, and he eulogized the GRAND CYCLOPS OF THE KKK, calling him man he ever knew! Now he stands up at HOWARD UNIVERSITY'S graduating class of 2023 and stick his chest out spewing out division and hate concerning race!

If I had been there I would have asked him why he and OBAMA did not help Historical Black Universities procure Operation funds like those awarded annually to schools like Notre Dame , Alabama, and MISSISSIPPI! Those were funds the HBU Schools did not get automatically until Donnie Trump took office!!! MY MAN DONNIE J TRUMP, FIXED THE PROBLEM! [beam][beam]

I'm sensitive about this kind of stuff! Bubba Smoth & I wanted to play football for Uncle Darrell Royal at Texas, but had to settle for.other places because of people like Cool! Bubba had to-go with Duffy Dougherty at Michigan State, and I settled on The famous Eddie Robinson at Grambling State, but we both wanted to play for Uncle Darrell Royal! [angry][angry]

David Hardee

Again the clear eyes and the much trodden brain that has known the infliction by fellow man ferrets out and scrutinizes the attempt to "many are being lulled to sleep,".

Keep us all awake awake Charles. Narcotics are not the only way humans a doped and duped.

Carol Dean

Thank you, Mr. Douglas, for your input. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Sam has changed his attitude quite a bit in the last several years. There was a time when there were a whole lot of us who were more then happy to help out with the homestead. The problem ended up being that the black community and church turned their noses up at us; we were white. That sure in NO way to encourage

"brotherhood". BLM has done nothing but destroy a lot of bridges that had been built.

Gerardo Davila

I like the metaphor. Thank you for writing something that makes us THINK.

Kimberley Yancy

Amazing article. You have articulated well the one thing we share: HISTORY. I love the illustration of us all working on the house together. Beautiful!

David Hardee

No article is published without either a intent to inform or to promote an agenda.

Reading any article without evaluating it’s purpose of who, why and what it intends to sell is submitting to inoculation.

Anecdotal and analogy require no intellectual processing. Though of little value they are effective techniques in enticing feel good as they lull the reader to approval.

What a rendition of "selling." This article is constructed to sell by weaving nostalgia and soothing portrayals of events that were not repairs but were destructive and in quest of reparations.

Every portrayal in the article puts forth a best-selling spin. Self-ingratiating instead of sharing the responsibilities is not the way to REPAIR.

Declaring, "my African ancestor being forced by unscrupulous traders", neglects the shared responsibility that Africans deliver their fellow Africans into the hands of the traders. "The major Atlantic slave-trading nations, in order of trade volume, were Portugal, Britain, Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Several had established outposts on the African coast, where they purchased slaves from local African leaders. Americans never invaded and captured slaves.

This sentence, "It’s about allowing reasonable men and women to learn from successes and failures, helping to illuminate a dark past and creating a brighter path for everyone.", is again a slanting claiming the "dark past" was American’s diabolical intent to brutalize Africans. The purpose of paying/investing in slavery was to – maintain the value of the person so that the needed labor could be extracted. It is illogical that a valuable investment would be brutalized to the extent it would not be ruined.

This statement claims that nothing has been done or accomplished that has improved the plight of those that had heritage of slavery, "We can’t keep deferring this work for future generations. It’s important, and there’s real urgency."

It is wrong to claim that no efforts have been made. The period from 1964 till today is replete with constitutional amendments and legislation that have taken Civil Rights to the point that the Africans and every other minority is protected. Protected to the extent that unforeseen circumstances turned our society into a multitude of segmented tribes which are in a contention for more power.

“By being woke, you don’t just dream about how things should be. You work together to make things better.’ Woke has no credentials that reflect an attempt to work together. Woke is intended to project into society identity politics and social justice, such as the notion of white privilege and slavery reparations for African Americans. Woke has been totally about destruction. The rhetoric and nomenclature of our society has been bastardized by woke.

Here is the quote that all of us need to reject, “In a political climate where so many are being lulled to sleep, hibernating in the silos of their same opinion, I encourage you to stay awake.”

This article’s “awake” is woke. And woke is destructive.

Ted Gillis

All of those European countries had merchants who bought slaves and sold them to businessmen in the Americas. It was called supply and demand. If the businessmen in the Americas had just solicited labor for employment and paid a wage to them instead, then slavery would not have happened in the Americas and the practice would have passed into the history books as an unpleasant human quirk, like the Israelites were to the Egyptians, and the Christians were to the Romans. To excuse the Americas for their part in slavery is just wrong. It should be told for what it is.


Mr. Gillis, please explain the continuation of slavery as it exists to this very day in many parts of Africa? I’m interested how you completely forgot about this fact in your commentary.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Hardee, you are right on point as usual! This nation is being systematically and progressively torn down brick by brick, board by board, and policy by policy! There is little difference in what is happening in the Ukraine, with all the fighting, bombing, and destruction going on there than WHAT JOE COOL and the WOKE-LEFT are doing in America, and to America with a WOKE Political Wrecking Ball!

What gets me is we have so called Patriotic LEFTISTS who claims to love a free society such as what we have here, but are standing back and watching those they supported tearing down and destroying America as we know it! It is appalling and unconscionable, outrageous!!!!! The Enemy of the world must be making his final moves, because people you would normally think of as educated and intelligent are acting like blind fools! Right now the Drug Cartels from Mexico colluding with Red China has taken control of our borders, which were abdicated by Joe Cool and the WOKE-LEFT! China can fly Spy missions over America now with no repercussions for doing so!

China is holding Moslem SLAVES in their country who are grieviously oppressed everyday and they remain as America's #1 trading partners! ( nothing being said ). China is buying up our farm land with an agenda to starve us into eating bugs and going green, because they ( China ) have found the value in exploiting GREED, SELFISHNESS, coverciousness, and a hunger for power,... against WOKE-LEFTISTS. There are terrorists flooding into this nation and the fool in the White House just continue to preach hate and division! NATO Members are beginning to peel away from America ( France & Germany )... and Mexico along with Venezuela are open about their disrespect for Joe COOL! Lastly and really ludicrous to me the the LEFT is sucking up to criminals over law-abiding, tax-paying citizens! These are the Roads we are on now! Maybe we ought to locate the best roads to travel on before we start building on a house! [wink]

Ted Gillis

Please enlighten use LEROY. You seem to know more about this practice than the rest of us.

Carlos Ponce

Sounds like Leroy was paying attention in class but Ted was not.


Well Mr. Gillis, you really shouldn’t be making comments about American slavery from a position of ignorance. You should do your due diligence on your own an educate yourself. We’re the guys (REPUBLICANS in particular, that ended it in America) while the equally duplicitous African nations still perpetuate it to this day.

Carol Dean

Leroy, don't forget to tell them that after the slaves were "freed" it was the democrats who left the slaves and their families "high and dry", uneducated and penniless on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi River and her deltas.


Carol, as we see….facts aren’t as important to democrats as is rhetoric. Let me just say 3 things. Durham Report, Durham Report, Durham Report. Want to know how a flounder feels when he gets caught hook, line, and sinker? Ask a democrat!


Mr. Gillis, there are almost 170 nations still engaged in slavery that affects almost 40 million people…TODAY. Where is your outrage? Hell…your boy Sleepy Joe creates sex slaves right here under your very nose on a daily basis. Why aren’t you outraged about that?

Jim Forsythe

April 17, 2020

"It is estimated that between 15,000 to 50,000 women and children are forced into sexual slavery in the United States every year. One study from the Department of Health and Human Services estimated the number is between 240,000 and 325,000 now in USA."

Since 2007, more than 49,000 cases of human trafficking in the US have been reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, which receives an average of 150 calls per day.

The most human trafficking cases have been reported in California, Texas, and Florida, according to the hotline. Las Vegas is also a hot spot due to the city's culture and high rates of homelessness. But every state in the US has reports of human trafficking.

Sex slavery is nothing new and will continue no matter what steps are taken to stop it. To try and say any President caused the problem of sex slavery, is just not being honest.


There’s our consummate liberal Jim towing the party line again….and in defense of Biden’s enabling the cartels to ramp up their sex slave business no less….

Jim Forsythe

How much worse is it today vs 2020?

Jim Forsythe

Sex slavery is out of control, and has been for many, many years. This is an issue that there is no way to stop it, because of the amount of money it generates.

June 23, 2019: The United States is again ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking. According to a recently released report by the State Department, the top three nations of origin for victims of human trafficking in 2018 were the United States, Mexico and the Philippines.

“We're also driving the demand with our own people, with our own kids,”. “So, there are tremendous numbers of kids, a multitude of kids that are being sold as sex slaves today in America. These are American kids, American-born, 50 percent to 60 percent of them coming out of the foster care industry.”

Brook Bello, the founder of anti-trafficking organization focuses on helping develop skills to lead a successful post-trafficking life. “We work with victims that are 3 years old and up,” Bello said. “The average victim that we work with, that’s over 18, started being raped at three. Trafficking in America, if you are trafficked in the United States, 85 percent of victims that are trafficked here are from here.”

Carlos Ponce

Interesting cut and paste article from FOX News, Jim. Do more research into who is behind the trafficking.

Ted Gillis

Show me a specific policy that Joe Biden has that legalizes slavery (good grief!), and not just your convoluted opinion on immigration enforcement. Trying to have a conversation with you folks is like trying to talk to my cat.


Carlos Ponce

Of course you want to exclude "immigration enforcement".[rolleyes]

"How Biden’s border policies will increase sex trafficking of children to US " New York Post

"The Biden policy, which puts pressure on border agents to release families and unaccompanied minors into the US within 72 hours, incentivizes impoverished Latin Americans to send their kids on the perilous journey up north — which many of them do not survive. What’s more, it has encouraged traffickers to pose as the parents of these children to slip into the US."

"When adults reach their destination in the US, they return the child to traffickers, who send the child “back to Guatemala and repeat the cycle.” And those are the lucky ones. Gramley said many of these children eventually end up being forced to work in the US sex industry, often in prostitution or child pornography. "

Ted, when you tell someone "Don't look here, Don't look here!" that's where to look.

Michael Rolen

Carlos, your white hat is on crooked again. Mike Rolen.

Carlos Ponce

No, Michael. It is not.

Ted Gillis

It’s a tin foil hat Michael.

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