The resilience, consistency, and energy of President Trump is astounding. Resilience to face all the obstructions, the impeachment and constant assaults from the media show he’s secure of good value in what he wants to accomplish.

Energy, to daily address the public, then taking hostile questions never experienced by a president. And the consistency of Trump’s irascible temperament that gives no quarter to those obstructing what he wants to achieve for our country.

That irascible temperament is unusual in our political arena and shocks bureaucrats and the public. Trump isn’t a politician, diplomat or biased, since both Democrats or Republicans will get challenged. Trump is the president that wants the responsibility to fight for us, the United States. Trump is the unique, decisive, forceful, champion for all the American people. It’s Trumps irascibility that’s made him successful.

Our society is conditioned to the traditional professional politician acting with decorum and appeasement hoping for compromise. This maverick non-politician Trump is considered by many to have a character flaw, irascibility. Let’s explore irascible temperament of Trump.

Trump’s flaw has served America well. What has caused the Iran, Korea and terrorist to be restrained and fearful? Why has NATO decided to pay up for U.S. security, the Arabs and Israels to agree to treaties? Why are corporations moving back to America and the Japanese to open plants in the United States?

Why has the ideology of the Islamic State group been subjugated? The answer is in the flaw of our President Trump’s irascibility. Irascible means “having or showing a tendency to be easily angered,” and that’s the description of Trump’s flaw that serves the United States and its citizens well in foreign relations. The diplomats in Trump’s administration have power because behind them is our president those opponents don’t want to face.

On the home front, even before his election that irascibility created chaos among his challengers by derogating their presentation and any policy or legislation they passed. This was out of the ordinary but effective. Clinton became the opponent, Trump attacked Obama’s and Secretary of State Clinton administration complicit in harming the country with stupid policies that caused industry transfers to China, Mexico and others causing American dependency and unemployment.

Trump claimed a swamp of self-serving politicians kowtowing to lobbyists, Obama’s stupid decisions to give Iran billions, Clinton’s failing to rescue Benghazi, uncontrolled immigration and that Clinton, Obama, and the FBI were orchestrating a conspiracy to sabotage him. Evidence is creeping out that conspiracy is true.

Many find Trump’s demeanor as a bully. Women have suffered abusive relations. Consequently, women are extremely sensitive and turned off by any bully. Ergo a large portion of women don’t like Trump’s irascible conduct. Dilemma, does the good from Trump’s flaw outweigh irritations. Ask yourself, will emotion or logic make the decision when you vote for the president and future of our country.

America faces treachery abroad and a swamp at home and Trump’s flaw is serving us well. Keep the flaw and “Make America Great Again.” Vote wisely.

David Hardee lives in Bayou Vista.


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Larry Grissom

Very well said and so true. While I may dislike the way he speaks, some of his actions Before he ran for office and His inability to stay quiet on occasion.... I love the tax breaks, his enormous help with our Veterans, his lowering prices on prescription drugs, the lowest unemployment in over 50 years, stocks reaching heights that ensure retirees can live a good life, the women that hold major positions in his administration, and his fight with child trafficking has rescued so many. Peace for Israel? As a Christian? Was huge. I could go on but honestly? There isn’t enough room. The media has committed a crime against Americans by not reporting anything of merit this President has done.

When I call an exterminator because I have varmits? I don’t care what he says, how he acts or the way he talks. I want him to do his job. This President? Has more than done his job.

Trump 2020

Wayne D Holt

President Trump is a bombastic, egocentric billionaire with delusions of grandeur and little regard for those in his way. He also has done more to rescue the United States from the grip of Chinese economic warfare than all presidents since Nixon combined, regardless of party.

He has courageously echoed the demands of Democratic and Republican voters and stood up to the insatiable maw of the military-industrial complex, calling them out as the pitiless parasites they are for sucking the national treasure and our nation's youth into endless foreign wars that accomplish nothing but generating more hatred of America and more profits for the war machine.

He has done this while fighting a rear guard action against his own top justice officials, foreign service officers, and assorted insiders. Aided and abetted by a national press that, in other times would have faced sedition charges, he has continued his message of America First that he has consistently given publicly for four decades.

Between the smooth talking Obama and Clinton and the rustic Bush who alternately did nothing for Americans or actively sold us out, I will take an insufferable loudmouth who actually gets things done for the average American. Judging by his enthusiastic support, a very large swath of Americans feel the same way.

Mike Zeller

David Hardee did you learn a new word to describe Trump? Well I learned 3 new words.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. Others often describe people with NPD as cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, and demanding.

Carlos Ponce

As usual, Mike got all wrong - AGAIN!

Charles Douglas

Yes Sir Mr. HARDEE & Mr. GRISSOM! You gentlemen are correct! Ask yourself what would be the chances of a President engineering a peace deal between the Arab Nations, and Israel when all the DC SWAMP EXPERTS, said it would never happen unless Israel gave up the store, their home, and the city block? What would be the chances of a non politician, beating two POWERFUL political Machines, like the Clintons, and the Bushes, to roll into the Presidency and create the best economy in American History, and the lowest unemployment rates for BLACK & H8SPANIC America... in history, and the lowest for women in seventy years?

What would be the chances of that same President getting THREE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE Nominations in just three years on the job, where Progressives, Democrats, the FAKE NEWS MEDIA, THE FBI, CIA NSA, DEEP STATE Operatives, Foreign Intelligence Agrncies, Liberal Operatives, and halve the free world have been secretly, and covertly plotting to undermine and destroy him by any means necessary? Time is getting short in more ways than one! Satan is on notice, and he is doubling up on his attacks in the earth! Unlike many careless humans, he know what the book of Revelations says is waiting on the enemies of GOD! He hates Israel and he hates anyone who helps them for many reasons, & more than he hate most others.

This is why Trump has had all these minions of LUCIFER coming after him hard, but to no avail! There is a spiritual law in affect now, and this is the year's of the " BOOMERANG!" What is that law? " He who diggeth a pit shall fall there in; and he who rolleth a stone, it shall return onto them again!" Proverbs 26:27.

Proverbs 19:5 states, " A false witness shall not go unpunished,....and he who speaketh lies shall not excape!" The bible says, " HELL HATH ENLARGED ITSELF & OPENED HER MOUTH WITHOUT MEASURE....!". ( ISAIAH 5:14 ) That figures, because there will be an over-abundance of smart-educated people there because they knew it all, and could not be corrected! Just take a look at what D.J. TRUMP has had to cut through,... no man could on his own take those kinds of attacks and withstand them The way he has!

No man can outsmart God, nor be successful AGAINST the LORD, and you can have more degrees than a thermometer and never be ankle high to a fool where GOD is concerned, because ( Proverbs 21:30 ) ..." There is no Wisdom, Understanding, nor Counsel against the Lord!" However, Philippians 4:13 says, " I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthenth me!" Lastly I would like to inform some and remind others that, " No individual can HURT who GOD is helping, ..and No individual can CURSE ..who GOD is Blessing!" I am having a [censored] ..of a time watching all this go down! I mean it is truely exhilarating to watch!

Curtiss Brown

Hardee writes wonderfully. He has bought a bag of lies, unfortunately. NATO agreed long ago to increase their commitment to defense and is on the same schedule they has agreed upon under Obama's insistence. And it has nothing to do with our spending. We will spend on defense what we want to spend on defense and that is the attitude of any other sovereign nation. Trump, however, is incapable of leadership. That is his true failing. He can't lead. He can only divide. Trump is a menace.

Not that it matters, we are all going to vote the way we want anyway.

Charles Douglas

NATO was and is a bunch of freeloaders who can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag without America explaining, and then showing them how to do so! They had plenty of chances to increase their spending on their own defense but never did In the eight years Obama was in office. Even the man who leads NATO praised Trump for causing NATO countries to increase defense spending!

Obama was good at one thing and that was apologizing for American Exceptionalism,..he even got a NOBEL PRIZE for it! NATO has gotten good at expecting America to pay their way, and to send military people to die for them when the fighting starts!

I am glad TRUMP threaten them, and made them pay up! There is a thing called sef- responsibility, and now they know a little about It thanks to TRUMP. Germany use to be part of the Old Soviet Union, and lived as an oppressed people until America help set them free, and now that they are finally a free prosperous republic, they are spending billions of dollars a year with Russia for Fossil Fuel, instead of the United States, ......but expect America to protect them from RUSSIA if they decide to attack Germany!

To many American Presidents have allowed NATO to systematically rob American Taxpayers like this for decades, and bravo for TRUMP for stopping It!

Charles Douglas

Corrections+++++ bravo to TRUMP for stopping it!

Dan Freeman

Mr. Hardee cites the Arab and Israel treaties. While important, please recognize the Israelis have long had peaceful relations with both the UAE and Bahrain. The Obama administration facilitated the establishment of an Israeli diplomatic mission in Abu Dhabi in 2015. The first official visit of an Israeli delegation to Bahrain dates to 1994, facilitated by the Clinton Administration. Mr. Clinton also assisted with the Israel-Jordan peace treaty. President Jimmy Carter helped obtain a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Mr. Trump’s administration has added progress by signing a treaty normalizing relations. But this is far less than the deal between Israel and Egypt or Jordan. Peace in the Middle East has been painfully slow and will continue to be.

Stuart Crouch

It's truly hard to imagine how some of you, this article's author included, have managed to live as long as you have. It simply defies all logic and reasoning. Clock's still ticking, btw.

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