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Ron Shelby

NOT. Frozen Coal. Shutting down petroleum processing facilities. Even reduced Natural Gas flow (for fear of freezing Natural Gas infrastructure). None of these are Green Energy and yet they provide a significant majority of our power infrastructure. Green Energy doesn't. Don't be misled.

Gary Scoggin

“ free market approach to our energy infrastructure” - that’s what got us here. Maybe a little regulation isn’t a bad thing after all.

Don Schlessinger

That's right, regulate, dang we're going to hear a lot of that for the next four years.

Bailey Jones

What nonsense. Wind generators in Antarctica work just fine. Why? because they are designed to work in that environment. Why do pipelines freeze in Texas but not in Alaska? Because the pipelines in Alaska are designed to work in that environment. How does green energy work in Nordic countries? Because it's designed to work in that environment. Cars in North Dakota still start in subfreezing weather - because they have oil heaters. This is about design and engineering, not power sources. Our summertime generators aren't designed to work in winter. Our projected natural gas needs fell short of what was needed in this once-in-a-generation freezing event. We have an isolated grid that prevents us from receiving power from unaffected states. Our wind generators came without blade heaters - like they use where it's cold. Many of our gas, coal, and nuclear generators aren't winterized like they are up north.

If we could have less public ignorance about this and more focus on solutions, that would be great.

Carlos Ponce

Too bad no one thought ahead of time to see if de-icing was necessary. But wind generators were constructed and the electricity supply salesmen sold the concept of "green" energy without mentioning the possible drawbacks. Tax cuts, tax incentives and government subsidies were more important to those who sold the concept.

Ted Gillis

Shawn, quit being a fool. Don’t let these people deceive you. They have had years to improve their infrastructure, and they chose to do nothing, except take their revenues and pocket it (or pay it out to investors). They have a responsibility to provide a reliable source of electricity to the consumers (us).

Blame it on deregulation, an open market place, or whatever, but they chose not to upgrade their physical plants. They chose to just run out the useful life of them, making minimal repairs, and milking the profits out of them on the way.

Maybe all of these companies should become regulated public utilities again, even the renewable ones.

Carol Dean

Go away, Shawn. Nobody cares what you have to say!

George Laiacona

Green energy in Texas is not the reason why we are in the dark. We are in the dark due to putting all your eggs in one basket. Then the basket freezes because of no forethought or belief of global warming. Green energy makes up a minor portion of Texas energy use. Unanticipated frozen gas lines were the main problem, along with failure to be part of the National Grid

Cary Semar

In 1973, the state was run by Democrats and the electric power industry was regulated . The problem is de-regulation itself.

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