Campaign season is here again. In my position, it’s easy to keep quiet. However, if life has taught me anything, it’s that the right thing to do is rarely the easy thing to do. I ran for city council because I love my city. What happens to Kemah is important to me, and that’s why I must speak out on this election.

We have three mayoral candidates this year. I’ve known all three for many years and while they don’t seem to agree on much, one candidate has repeatedly shown through words and deeds that he’s wrong for Kemah. I truly can’t imagine a worse candidate for Kemah than Carl Joiner. A year before I filed to run for council, a Facebook page was created called “Anyone But Carl Joiner.” Seemed harsh and when I became the other candidate, I was a bit offended by the name.

As the Joiner hate machine and threats caught steam, I began to understand the name. In fact, I received a letter from Joiner’s attorney threatening legal action against me if I didn’t unlike that page. Many of you know that I was once just about the biggest Carl Joiner supporter out there and worked tirelessly on his first mayoral campaign. Over time, his agenda either changed or just finally revealed itself. Conscience, moral fortitude, whatever you want to call it, dictated that I could no longer align myself with what he was trying to do to our city.

As I’ve said before, it was his actions in office that cost him my support and his actions after leaving office that cost him my friendship. Since May of 2019, his childish and bitter assailing of perceived political adversaries and the city of Kemah has been beyond the pale.

His attacks on Mayor Terri Gale stem solely from losing an election to her. His attacks on our water board stem from the fact that he wanted the position of WCID 12 president that Gale vacated. Despite his demands, I refused to nominate him. His attacks on Matt Wiggins stem from the fact Wiggins was the one appointed by the board to the office Joiner so desperately wanted. The vote was 4-1. I was told to “save myself” and vote no.

See a pattern here? When he doesn’t get what he wants, he goes on the attack. Or he pays someone to do it for him. Directly or indirectly. Like I said, I worked on his first campaign. I know. Above all, I encourage you to find the information yourself on all three candidates and be an informed voter. The real truth is out there and not hard to find. It’s documented. It’s factual. It’s not something manufactured to look like a TV news piece that comes with an invoice attached.

See, here’s the thing about actual news coverage. You don’t have to pay for it.

Character matters and not just in politics. That’s why I’m speaking up and why Carl Joiner is wrong for Kemah.

Doug Meisinger is the councilman for Position 3 in Kemah.


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