I’ve decided to write this commentary in response to the letters by Herbert Frankovich (“I believe and trust in the president,” The Daily News, Feb. 15) and Jim Benz (“Taxpayers should be reimbursed impeachment costs,” The Daily News, Feb. 15).

Frankovich asks if the president lies, why aren’t the news sources broadcasting it all over TV and newspapers? The answer is, they are. Please check out Financial Times, MinnPost, Philadelphia Inquirer, The New Yorker, Los Angeles Magazine, The New York Times, Washington Post, Toronto Star, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair and the Columbia Journalism Review, to name a few. Additionally, all the TV networks and most of the cable stations have reported on his lies, which approximate 10 to 15 per day or 15,413 in over 1,055 days in office as of last December.

If you visit Politifact at The Poynter Institute, you can read most of his lies. Also, see Factcheck at www.factcheck.org, where you can do your own research on his lies. Please also note that when Trump speaks, nowhere does he cite authority for his statistics. It’s well known that he often makes up things as he goes along.

As for Benz’s query as to the repayment of “taxpayers’ money that was squandered in this circus,” I ask him several questions: Did you watch all the impeachment hearings? Did you read the “redacted” Mueller Report? Are you aware that Trump prohibited witnesses from testifying in both actions, thereby hiding additional relevant information? Have you seen in the news where Trump admitted he withheld the money from the Ukraine for the investigation of the Bidens, thereby admitting that he was guilty of the first charge? And are you aware that prohibiting witnesses from testifying makes him automatically guilty of obstruction?

The only reason he was “acquitted” by his cronies is because they’re afraid he’ll persecute them if they vote as their oath requires. This is evidenced by what he’s been doing the past few days in regard to those who have opposed him. Or haven’t you been paying attention to the various news outlets that have reported on that? Additionally, while it’s understandable that Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s behavior in tearing up Trump’s speech might have offended some people, please know that your statement questioning the mental capacity of “the old woman” makes you guilty of sexism and ageism. The mental capacity of that “old woman” far exceeds that of Trump, who has exhibited increasingly, frightening erratic behavior.

I agree the animosity toward those with whom we disagree has gotten out of hand, especially since Trump has been promoting it through his hate and fear-mongering. The fiasco in Washington has not ended. There was not a “total” acquittal. His cronies may have voted to acquit him, but acquittal doesn’t mean he isn’t guilty. Just like in a regular trial, being found not guilty is not the same as being found innocent.

Susan P. Baker lives in Galveston.


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Carlos Ponce

Who checks the fact checkers? I do. The credibility of Politifact and Factchecker varies from author to author, topic to topic. Often while reading the background material in each article the reader draws one conclusion while the author draws the opposite. Trump often uses hyperbole - a trait found among most politicians including previous presidents. But when Trump uses hyperbole- its called lying.

The newspapers you cite show Liberal, anti-Trump bias. And you believe them? Of course you do. You're clearly Liberal. Double check their findings. Some are okay while others show bias.

Did you read the Mueller Report? No collusion was found. Did you see Mueller questioned in Congress? He said Russia was trying to help Trump AND Hillary. Why? To throw mistrust in the American election process. Seems the only voters affected were Liberals. Congress did its own investigation showing Russians try to help all the major candidates including Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders in 2016. But their conclusion was no vote was change or affected by Russians.

"being found not guilty is not the same as being found innocent" Guilty and Innocent are antonyms. The reason Trump was found not guilty was because he was NOT GUILTY. Almost every president from Washington to Obama could be charged with "Obstruction of Congress". Impeachable? No! It's called "Separation of Powers". "Abuse of power" is a nebulous charge and again, every previous president could be charged with it. Unlike previous impeachments, no statute was cited in the charges.

The majority of GCDN readers are not Liberal so I doubt if Susan will change anyone's vote. Trump will win Galveston County in November.

Joel Martin


Jack Cross

I see there is a live link to Fact tCheck in Ms. Bakers letter I did not know the GCDN would add a live link, or I an many other writers would do this. Is this a new policy or did the news make an exception for this letter? Maybe they might want to reply?

Ray Taft

Susan P. Baker wrote: “Just like in a regular trial, being found not guilty is not the same as being found innocent.” Baker is a former judge and also practiced law.

Baker’s idea of not being innocent if found not guilty means you have to prove yourself innocent to be considered innocent. That’s not how the American justice system works. The prosecutor must prove his case or you are innocent if found not guilty, and you cannot be retried for it. President Trump is innocent because the Democrat prosecutors did not prove their case. And that is what the majority of Americans rightfully believe.

Baker also wrote that she ‘knows’ why the Republican Senators acquitted President Trump. That is a presumptive statement on her part that lacks factual proof. She has no valid proof since Trump cannot remove Senators. And Republican Senator Romney voted to impeach on one article, but acquitted Trump on the other article. Is Romney only to be half removed?

Perhaps Democrat Baker suffers from Trump derangement syndrome like so many other of her Democrat comrades? Baker is now an author of novels. We should just consider her guest column as another one of her works of fiction in order to avoid doubts about her past rulings when she was a judge.

Michael Jozwiak

Trump is a liar and a con-man with serious mental health problems corrupting the GOP and ruining the country, the treasury, and has no idea of good government. Carlos, give it a rest.

Carlos Ponce

Michael Jozwiak, you are entitled to your opinion. I'll stick to the facts.

Randy Chapman


Carol Dean


David Hardee

Ms. Baker your article is a pure political hit job. Your intent is to have readers follow your procedure that would prove that President Trump is a prolific liar with intent only to self serve. It is proper to illuminate Trump’s many flaws and indiscretions. But it is also fair if you would give the proper illumination for his positives and achievements.

There is only one incident/lie that is so consequential that it must be and has been given evaluation to exhaustion. That lie is the most egregious and the basis of the impeachment indictment. It is Trump’s famous “do us a favor” to the Ukrainian president. It is logical that Trump wanted the investigation to have the effect of bringing out the Biden’s activities influencing Ukrainian government for Biden’s sons self interest. Breaking down the parts and chronology of the USA officials (Obama and Trump) interacting with the Ukrainian government reveals several events that at minimum created conflictions and confusion as to their purposes, causes and effects. The comparison of Biden’s very specific quid pro po demand for the firing of the prosecutor and Trumps request without stating a specific quid pro po are not comparable. But when the assumption that Trump’s delay of funds is directly attached they are identical. Consequently claiming that Trump lies when he says it was not quid pro po requires proving both he and the Ukrainian president knew attaching of the delay in funds. The words do not contain that specific demand ergo - That has not been proven. And for those who conclude/insist Trump was issuing quid pro po merely makes his identical to Biden’s specific demand – thus UNFAIR that only Trump’s is isolated as a lie requiring investigation for impeachment. Justice cannot be achieved without fairness.

My conclusion is – Trump’s “do us a favor” was intended but not legally specific enough for a quid pro po act. Considering the totality of the past 3 years the act of the Democratic House of Representative in pursuing impeachment is repugnant. Conversely Trump’s audacity, prevarications along with his accomplishments makes the Democrat swamp creatures crazy and the America society better off for the knowledge that the Federal government is polluted.

Don Schlessinger

"Trump is a liar and a con-man with serious mental health problems." So Trump is just an average politician after all,

Claudia Burnam

[thumbdown] E G Wiley

Jim Forsythe

What do you want your President to be ? Truthful, or a President that uses lying, hyperbole, deceit on a daily bases, which makes it hard to tell when they are telling the truth?

The number one trait requirement for a President for most people, can they trust the President! Lying, hyperbole, deceit is not the recipe for trust. If a President uses lying, hyperbole, deceit as a usual modus operandi, who is going to believe them when it comes to important issues? Just this week Trump said , do not worry about the coronavirus. Is he being truthful or is it just more lying, hyperbole, deceit?

As Aristotle wrote, hyperbole is “juvenile,” and angry people use it most. Hyperbole can communicate and incite emotion, but, being “vehement” or “violent,” it is bound to make a speaker less Trustworthy.

Why did Donald Trump not tell the truth about his past? This is a small issues that he could not even tell the truth about, when it would have been easy to do so.

Fearing that anti-German sentiments during and after World War II would negatively affect his business, Fred Trump began claiming Swedish descent. The falsehood was repeated by Fred's son Donald to the press and in The Art of the Deal, where he claimed that his grandfather, Friedrich Trump, "came here from Sweden as a child". In the same book, Donald also said his father was born in New Jersey. Trump later said, "My father is German. Right? Was German. And born in a very wonderful place in Germany, and so I have a great feeling for Germany. "Trump's father was born in the Bronx, New York

Add "Alternative facts" to lying, hyperbole, deceit.

Trump's presidency began with a series of falsehoods originated by Trump himself. The day after his inauguration, he falsely accused the media of lying about the size of the inauguration crowd. Then he exaggerated the size, and White House press secretary Sean Spicer backed up his claims. When Spicer was accused of intentionally misstating the figures, Kellyanne Conway, in an interview with NBC's Chuck Todd, defended Spicer by saying he merely presented alternative facts. Todd responded by saying, "Alternative facts are not facts; they're falsehoods.

Was this lying, hyperbole or deceit?

On September 16, 2019, Trump tweeted that "the fake news" was incorrectly reporting that he was willing to meet with Iran with no pre-conditions. Trump had said in July 2018 and June 2019 that he was willing to meet with Iran with no pre-conditions, and secretary of state Mike Pompeo and treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin confirmed this to be Trump's position during a White House press briefing five days before Trump's tweet.

Ray Taft

Obviously, the biggest liars are Democrats.

Look at Warren saying she was an American Indian and really isn’t. Yet got preferential treatment because of her lie.

Sanders and Bloomberg are lying about being Democrats because they’re not Democrats. However, they both know the Democrats can be bought so they run as Democrats.

Joe Biden keeps lying about what he’s done. And then doubles down in his lies.

Buttigieg exaggerated his military record. He was a a low-ranking officer staring at a green computer screen, and not in combat.

Klobucgar exaggerated her years as a prosecutor. She claims she was committed to racial justice, but may have put innocent blacks in prison to please her electorate.

Carlos Ponce

Do you believe Mike Bloomberg when he said he "bought" the 2018 House seats for the Democrats? He quickly changed his wording. “Overall spending by Mr. Bloomberg and his organizations in the 2018 elections topped $122 million, an amount that also includes donations to help Senate candidates and progressive organizations.” - NYT

This can be scrutinized for veracity.

Carol Dean

Do you believe Boomberg when he says he was responsible for "Saving" NYC after 9/11? Thank you, Mayor Guilliani!

Bailey Jones

The great thing about Trump is that you don't have to check the fact sites, just listen to him talk - if you can stand to. In last week's rambling and painfully incompetent coronavirus press conference the prez embarrassed the nation by blaming the market crash on a Democratic debate - and idea which is ridiculous by any application of logic or understanding (even the spin that Carlos will no doubt bring in his response.)

The exchange -

"Q Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you, Mr. President. You mentioned the stock market earlier. To go back to that: To be clear, the Dow Jones dropped more than 2,000 points this week. Are you suggesting that that was overblown? Are financial markets overreacting here?

THE PRESIDENT: I think the financial markets are very upset when they look at the Democrat candidates standing on that stage making fools out of themselves. And they say, “If we ever have a President like this…” — and there’s always a possibility. It’s an election. You know, who knows what happens, right? I think we’re going to win. I think we’re going to win by a lot.

But when they look at the statements made by the people standing — standing behind those podiums, I think that has a huge effect, yeah.

Q You don’t think the sell-off had to do with the coronavirus?

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, I think it did. I think it did. But I think you can add quite a bit of sell-off to what they’re seeing. Because they’re seeing the potential. You know, again, I think we’re going to win. I feel very confident of it. We’ve done everything, and much more than I said we were going to do.

You look at what we’ve done. What we’ve done is incredible, with the tax cuts and regulation cuts and rebuilding our military, taking care of vets and getting them Choice and Accountability. All of the things we’ve done — protecting our Second Amendment. I mean, they view that — the Second Amendment, they — they’re going to destroy the Second Amendment.

When people look at that, they say, “This is not good.” So you add that in. I really believe that’s a factor. But, no, this is — what we’re talking about is — is the virus. That’s what we’re talking about.

But I do believe that’s — I do believe — in terms of CNBC and in terms of Fox Business, I do believe that that’s a factor. Yeah. And I think after I win the election, I think the stock market is going to boom like it’s never boomed before — just like it did, by the way, after I won the last election. The stock market, the day after, went up like a rocket ship."

I'll just note that the market, the day after the election, went up by 1.4%. Is that a rocket ship? If so, I wonder what Trump calls the 10X greater (14%) loss in the past week, I mean besides "the Democrats' fault.".

Ray Taft

The market loss is due to Bernie Sanders being the leading Democrat nominee for president. U.S. markets definitely don’t want a communist as president. Even Democrats know it and are scheming to deny Bernie the nomination.

The attempt to cause a coronavirus panic in the U.S. is yet another hoax perpetrated by the Democrat comrades. It has no basis in fact like their Impeachment Hoax.

God help us all if a Democrat ever becomes president again. We would be poor, jobless, without civil rights, and we would have rampant diseases spreading in the U.S. from poor healthcare like communist China has.

Bailey Jones

Fun facts, Ray - if you look at the day after each of the 8 previous debates, the Dow Jones was up for 6, down for 2. From that we can conclude that the market isn't reacting to the debates (or if they are, they rather like what they're hearing). Since the first debate last June, the market has risen 10% - up until the coronavirus outbreak.

But let's test your theory. Since Biden smashed Bernie in South Carolina, we should see a market rise of "rocket ship" proportions next week. Better get those buy orders in tonight.

Dalton Logan

Hey, you were correct, spot on. The stock market went up like 'rocket ship' today. I think the news said it set a one recovery record.

Dalton Logan

One day

Bailey Jones

I saw that, Dalton. The market had its greatest one day point gain ever! Now THAT was a rocket ship. The markets REALLY like that Biden guy. It NEVER rose like that for Trump. Obviously, the invisible hand of the market will be pulling the Biden lever on election day.

(Or, it's just the Fed promising to lower interest rates to boost the economy in the face of expected drops to worldwide GDP.)

#Biden2020! #Buttigieg2021!

Carlos Ponce

Bailey Schiff posts again!

Bailey Jones

What does that even mean?

Wikipedia say Schiff is a Jewish and German surname meaning "ship".

Urban dictionary says "To serve with honor and integrity." (Derived from Congressman Adam Schiff.

as in "That Marine earned the Bronze Star while saving his fellow soldiers' lives. Talk about pulling a Schiff!")

Merriam-Webster Medical says "a reaction that is used as a test for aldehydes and consists in the formation by them of a reddish violet color with a solution of fuchsin decolorized with sulfurous acid"

I'm sure you meant the second one.

Carlos Ponce

"What does that even mean?" Schiff is jerk of a congressman who makes up things. You just displayed the same penchant for making things up.

David Hardee

You know if this you! Most gratifying is reading the comments that string together quotations and comments by several different sources in an attempt to show intentional lying. These developers of convoluted strategy are trying to produce a forensic evaluation of circumstantial events and comments is identical to a lawyer's portrayal/story which twists and turns minutia in hope of swaying the simple-minded jurist into a stupid decision. Eventually, these lawyer type delusional strategies cause the authors to become so mentally dysfunctional they can’t believe themselves. Quit developing one-sided arguments and arrange a total perspective for the sake of your personal integrity. Thou reprehensible lawyers do it as a professional philosophy and money. Yours is totally unjustifiable.

Harry Gendel

Thank you Susan - "The 'facts' are all there if you seek them."

Carlos Ponce

The problem, Harry, is that few bother to check the fact checkers. Throwing the word "fact" into the title doesn't always make it so.

Emile Pope

Just remember when you think that your vote doesn’t matter and that it’s a waste of time...that each vote cancels the vote of one of the authors of these ridiculous rebuttals to this excellent article. It inspires me to vote early...

Paula Flinn

Thank you, Susan, for the thoughtful article. I agree with you.

Carlos Ponce

Last day to vote early was last Friday.

Randy Chapman

Emule, I will proudly cancel your vote with mine and I want you to know that I did it.[smile]

Charles Douglas

With all the DEEP STATE, FAKE NEWS MEDIA, LEFT LEANING DEMOCRATS, and Liberal leaning Activist Judges in this nation, who wants to DESTROY this country, a person would not think that a retired Judge would be needed to spew a fake narrative against Trump in order to take him out! I guess I was wrong. So, was the author like this when she was on the bench? Was this the way that court was operated? Well I got news for all of them, keep doing what yall have been doing and yall will keep getting what yall have been getting! " DEFEAT!" Trump is here to stay, so get use to it! One more thing, just so you know, I wished I could find ten thousand more liars, and Con Artists who has the abilities to get things done, and fulfill promises made the way our President has done and IS DOING NOW! This man knows the difference between a REDLINE in the sand, and A YELLOW STREEK, up his back! That is more than I can say about some of his predecessors! He knows how to make nations respect America, instead of going around APOLOGIZING, and trying to PAY others appeasement because we are more successful than they are! He was successful in finding that MAGIC WAND, because he has bought back the majority of those factory jobs to America, when the last guy did not have a clue! In fact the last guy boldly proclaimed, " Trump will need a MAGIC WAND, if he is going to bring these jobs back!" He spoke honestly! Now he and his minions, are boldly saying everything TRUMP has done is because of his polices! Trump bought China back to their senses as far as trade is concerned, and not just them, South Korea, Germany, France, Japan, and Itlay TOO! He was unafraid to name Jerusalem as the real Capital Of Israel, when the last 5 to 10 President was trembling in FEAR, and would not do it! Won't be long.....TRUMP DIESEL has only five more years, then TRUMPITES, will put Nikki HALEY, or PENCE in his place! Now, how much fairer can that get? [beam]

Lisa Windsor

Good article, Susan. Pay no attention to the trollers. These are the same people who made snake oil salesmen rich. If Trump gets re-elected, they’ll be the loudest whiners when their social security checks don’t arrive in the mail.

Curtiss Brown

Great article Susan. Ignore all of the phony conservatives supporting this tyrant. The way he is spending and gutting the financial support of the nation will be the end of our democratic republic if we do not stop him now. I only hope we are in time.

And get the right person to do the job.

Carlos Ponce

And when Trump wins re-election Curtis will have to agree Trump is the right person.

Charles Douglas

Question: Anybody lay eyes on SOLEIMANI Lately? How about HAMZA BIN LADEN? NO? How about the women KILLER Mr. ABU AL BAGHDADDI? OHhhhhhhhhbb! Wait! Wait! Trump Diesel wasted all those abominable killers who nobody could bring to justice, they are no longer with us ....courtesy of Mr. DJ TRUMP! Well ahhhh...surely ISIS must still be raising %&'ll in the world and what happen to their CALIPHATE? OHhhhhhhh Trump stomped all that out no time flat didn't He? Got rid of NAFTA, ....Made NATO pay their fare share and was successful in procuring help from South American countries, along with Mexico in helping to control ILLEGALS coming across the border! Best President we ever had. We can't let the DEMS railroad him out of office, no way. Another thing Stop hoping The CORONAVIRUS is going to help y'all, IT IS NOT!!!! NOTHING can stop TRUMP!!!!! Lololo.

Randy Chapman

I question your mental capacity, "old woman."

Keith Gray

So I read it once, twice, and even a third time... what did our President actually do that would qualify for impeachment? What physical act, did he say or do that would have him impeached. If the press had that info, folks like the author would be screaming it to the highest degree... but they only point to links and crimes. Like blackmail, quid pro quo... what were the words he said, and where is that proof?

Paula Flinn

You are so late to the party, Keith!

Did you even hear Lt. Col. Vindman or Elizabeth Hill and others speak the truth testifying under oath?

Speaker Pelosi gave 3 reasons for investigation, but they only charged President Trump with 2 reasons for impeachment: Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Justice (withCongress).

The 3 reasons were that the phone call was against the law in the Constitution, inviting a foreign country to participate in our coming election while withholding aid (more than once) that was already approved by Congress last August, and obstruction of justice by not letting some witnesses testify and refusing to provide emails and other documents to the Congressional House Committees.

Trump said, “I want you to do us a favor, though.” In order for President Zelensky to receive the money, T President Zelensky had to provide “dirt” on the Bidens for the coming election. President Zelensky was stalling, so Trump was not releasing the money. It was definitely a quid pro quo, or trade-off that Trump wanted. Mike Mulvaney said so. He said that’s how things were done.

Trump admitted the charge. He also asked other countries to investigate the Bidens.

David Hardee

Paula Flinn is making up a conversation. The word "dirt" is Paula's insertion and never appears. The favor was further discussed and clearly was asking for an investigation. At nowhere is there a threat or specific condition required. Bidden's bragging that he had ACHIEVED his quid pro po the firing of the investigator evolved later in the conversation. Facts exist! Mind readers create dillusions.

Charles Douglas

.Mr. Hardee> " Mind readers create dillusions."...and so do DEMOCRATS, DEEP STATERS, LEFTIST LOVING FBI, CIA, AND ADVISORS like VINDMAN, who got PERPED-WALKED Out of the WHITE HOUSE with an official escort. Word on the street is TRUMP gave the same treatment to his brother.This whole saga of impeachment was a SMOKE SCREEN, DILLUSION, from it origin created by the LEFT and their partners in crime to ...undo the 2016 elections! They tried their best, but fortunately their best was not good enough! This is the year of the "BOOMERANG!" "He who diggeth a pit, shall fall therein,....and he who rolleth a stone, it shall return onto them again....Proverbs 26:27. God has remnants of Christians all over This country praying for the success of this President, and everything to this very day that the ENEMY, and those deceived into helping him bought forth in order to take down Trump has FAILED MISERABLY with them getting the worst end of what they started! I'm having a ball laughing at all of them from DC to Texas City, to the West Coast! Lolo... keep it going y'all! Lololo ONE last thing, in the next election in November when TRUMP DIESEL bury BETO, or will it be Mr. QUID PRO QUO HIMSELF, ...naw, might be the Mayor who wanted all the police to body slam Black Men up against the walls of New York, or MAYBE , it will be the real COMMUNIST loving SOCIALIST who will get demolished by a landslide. It doesn't matter to us. Whoever comes against Trump will look like Bugs Bunny getting in the boxing ring blindfolded trying to win against George Foreman in his prime, don't be crying & shaking fists at the sky! I can't Wait! Lastly, I leave you with the words David spoke to Golaith before he killed him. He said, "This day the LORD will deliver you into my hands, and I will cut your head off and feed the corpses of the PHILISTINES to the birds of the sky and the beasts of the field, THAT all the earth may know that there is a GOD in Israel." What am I saying here? I'm saying that the enemies of this country trying to destroy it, by humiliating and overthrowing Trump, has already been delivered into OUR HANDS,...and everything you bring against us will work AGAINST you! When we TAKE yall out in November, all will know that GOD is also in AMERICA too!

Carlos Ponce

Vindman and Hill gave their opinions, Paula, the facts are in the transcript which shows no quid pro quo.

When you were a classroom teacher and you disagreed with the principal, who got their way? Paula coulsd express her disagreement but the prinipal ruled the day.

Was the phone call against the law? No. Trump was following the agreement signed by President Clinton , passed by the Senate.

And where do you hear the word "ELECTION" in the conversation?????

"In order for President Zelensky to receive the money," Trump didn't think so, Zelensky didn't think so. You're just falling for the Democrat false narrative.

Is the word "dirt" in the conversation????? No.

So Paula is saying just because Biden is running for president he is above the law.

"Trump admitted the charge." No he did not. The phone call does not agree with that false assessment.

Carlos Ponce


Paula could express her disagreement but the principal ruled the day.

Mike Zeller

Paula you are correct. You would think,Carlos being a teacher, would have heard of Reading Comprehension. "INFERENCE IN READING is the ability to understand the meaning of a passage of text without all the information being spelled out. From context clues within a passage, the author gives information about plot, characters, setting, time period and other elements of story by the things he or she infers."

Carlos Ponce

Inference, Mike is not the same as making up your own facts.

David Hardee

Mr. Zoeller supports Paula's ability to COMPREHEND. That comprehension is an ability that is appropriate/applies where the subject matter requires constructing a conclusion based on hyperbole. the subject matter here is lawful/legal. This construction of conclusion is allowed in the legal process and the lawyers use it to form in the simple-minded the delusions that will support the desired outcome. When the facts FAIL to destroy the simple-minded conclusion "comprehension" we end with one of two outcomes. A bad verdict or a hung jury. The impeachment without conviction is the equivalent of a hung jury. Stay on the subject - legal process - and stop deluding yourself that the TRIAL of Trump was anything other than a POLITICAL manipulate attack by the sore loser traditional unscrupulous PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL swamp creatures.

Keith Gray

Paula Finn, I’m actually not late to the party… I’ve been reading a lot of material including the transcript. Factoring a transcript doesn’t have a tone, I don’t believe it can be used in anyway as a quid pro quo. Just as, when a politician is up flexing his political muscles bragging about withholding money to a foreign country isn’t absolute proof either… I think Biden was doing just that… bragging. I saw Vindman (what actually did he say that was proof… didn’t see it) and Professor Pamela S. Karlan with her “Historical Argument for Impeachment” say a whole lot of nothing too (no specifics). But, I confess I have not searched Ms. Hill yet. I will… promise. But if President Trump would have admitted to ANYTHING it would have been front line news everywhere 24/7/365 for weeks… not there. My personal opinion is he could withhold foreign aid to anyone and I wouldn’t care… I think there are much better issues that money can go to in the US.. and Obstructing Justice by not letting someone testify when he is not allowed a defense or to call witnesses in the House? Come on, in what land is that reasonable. I respect your opinion Paula, but I just do not agree with it.

Paula Flinn

Congress approved and allocated the money to the Ukraine many months before, because they were fighting a war against Russia who had already captured the Crimea. It was wrong for Trump to withhold the money. Trump had the new President of the Ukraine “over a barrel.” The Ukraine desperately needed the aid from the US to continue defending itself. It may have been illegal for him to withhold the money whether he asked for an investigation on the Bidens, or not. The fact is, he did. Mulvaney admitted it on TV. I guess you missed that, too! Several people “in” on the call thought it was wrong for the President to do that, especially since the Ukraine was fighting Russia, and lives were being lost everyday. President Trump was asking President Zelensky for a favor, though. Zelensky also wanted an invitation to the White House from Trump, so he did want to please President Trump.

Trump didn’t want John Bolton or anyone else to testify in the House or in the Senate. He would not release the documents. There was no transparency!

What amazes me is how much time and space is spent on defending a corrupt President who breaks the laws of the Constitution whenever he wants, lies about it, admits it, and then walks it back again.

I saw the President ask China, and any other country that wanted to, to investigate the Bidens. It was on TV, filmed on the WH Lawn, but probably not shown on Fox. Sorry if you watch Fox, which is definitely not fair and not balanced. Guess you missed it.

Thanks for respecting my opinion. I have a right to express it, and you have the right to disagree.

Carlos Ponce

"It was wrong for Trump to withhold the money. "

Did he ACTUALLY withhold the money? NO! It was given ahead of the promised time. He talked about possibly withholding it because money previously given to the Ukraine by the United States wound up in the coffers of Ukrainian oligarchs. He wanted assurances that wasn't happening this time.

Wouldn't you as a taxpayer demand the same?

Remember Joe Biden: "They were walking out to a press conference. I said, nah, ... we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, ‘You have no authority. You’re not the president.’ … I said, call him. I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion. ... I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch. He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time." Now that's QUID PRO QUO!

When Quid Pro Joe threatens to withhold money, does Paula think it's okay?

Carlos Ponce

"The Ukraine desperately needed the aid from the US to continue defending itself." So why did the Obama administration REFUSE to give them any defensive capability? The Obama administration did give them blankets and MREs. "INCOMING! HOLD UP YOUR BLANKET TO DEFEND YOURSELF!!!" No defensive weapons were offered until Trump took office.

Carlos Ponce

"Trump didn’t want John Bolton or anyone else to testify in the House or in the Senate." True! That's because of EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE! What did the courts say??????

"A three-judge panel of the federal appeals court for the District of Columbia Circuit on Friday dismissed the U.S. House of Representatives’ lawsuit that had sought testimony from former White House counsel Don McGahn." Slate February 28, 2020

And John Bolton said his testimony would not have changed the vote outcome of acquittal. He also said, "I think the House committed impeachment malpractice."

Charles Douglas

There is a man running for President who bragged openly on TV, about implementing a Quid Pro Quo in The Ukraine. Everybody saw it but the LEFT poo-pooed it off saying it was what other countries wanted. The same guy once introduced his running mate as "Barack AMERICA!" He can hardly talk,...and have a hard time remembering if he is running for President or the Senate. He told a man confined to a wheel chair one day to STAND UP and be recognized! The other day he said, " We hold these truths to be self-evidence that all men ....ahhh - ahhhg that thang,... you know?" He routinely cannot remember what state he is campaigning in! Now this is the guy, the LEFT, DEEP STATE, and DEMOCRATS are trying to push off on the citizens of this country! I will say this on their behalf, and that is JOE "HAIRY LEGS" BIDEN is most certainly the best of what they have to go against DJ TRUMP! It will never happen, but if this guy was elected, he would be locked in a playroom somewhere with clay and toys to ķeep him busy while people like VINDMAN, and SHIFTY SCHIFF runs the country in the ground.What a joke!

Charles Douglas

...and a atrocious...bad...selfish...mean spirited JOKE on the American people.

Carol Dean

AND Cheryl Johnson was just re-elected to be our TAC and the GOP in Galveston has a new Party Chairman!!! Yea, Pat McGinnis!!!

Keith Gray

Paula wrote: What amazes me is how much time and space is spent on defending a corrupt President who breaks the laws of the Constitution whenever he wants, lies about it, admits it, and then walks it back again.

Just exactly what was said or action he took that broke the laws of the Constitution... it's just not there.

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