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David Hardee

This is an article by a lawyer, ex-prosecutor, and ex-judge who wants to be elected

senator. Criss finds faults with every part of the police and justice system. She finds no fault with the lawyers that write, interprets, and administers the laws.

All the manipulation, obfuscation, and prevarications by lawyers have created a society that cannot find fair and equitable administration of the laws. Government by “we the people” has been polluted with the abundance “elitist people” - lawyers.

Our government is full of these legally trained minds and society is a mess from the laws that they wrote. Every law they wrote is fodder and income for these lawyers to argue over as to what their law meant. And the lawyers then appeal judgments to the Supreme Court where those 9 legal minds are constantly conflicted as to what is the right OPINION. An opinion is a circular argument that never resolves but will exhaust or bankrupt one of the opponents while the Lawyers get rich.

I recommend a new law that the Supreme(s) are locked in a room until they come to a unanimous decision. Opinions are simply the lawyer’s way of getting out of the legal trap they created.

Ray Taft

Susan Criss’ column is nothing but an essay that reveals the sins of Democrats in leadership positions.

Let’s add one for we-the-people to Criss‘ litany of ‘It’s time...’

It’s time to oust Democrats everywhere.

The racism that led to rampant police brutality falls on Democrats. A Democrat run state, city and police department allowed the murder of George Floyd to occur.

Democrats in power have not done anything to end the racism that led to the police brutality that led to the murder of Floyd. They could have, but they didn’t.

Democrats have encouraged instead of ending the burning and looting of businesses, destruction of property, and assaults on innocent civilians in so many Democrat-controlled cites.

Never, ever vote for a Democrat and get them all out of office everywhere. Then we can heal and all live together in peace as one nation under God.

Ted Gillis

Who’s god Ray?

Mine?, yours?, Trumps?

Evey republican in office right now that supports this president needs to be voted out so that we can all live in a country free of racism.

One nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

That’s the part of pledge my parents learned. The “under god” bs was added later in the 1950’s at the insistence of a bunch of crazy John Burch Society nuts.

Carlos Ponce

I've known more racist Democrats than Republicans. And historically, Democrats are the party of slavery, KKK, Jim Crow, Jaybird primaries, etc.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce> Yes Sir you are right!!!!! I was on their farm for years ...blind as a prairie chicken before God's wisdom, and understanding afforded me enough wherewithal to jump the fence of political stagnation, and gross deception!

Bailey Jones

Now that I know you're history-illiterate this sort of post no longer gets my blood pressure up. Thank you for that.

Carlos Ponce

All that I posted is documented truth.

Ray Taft

It’s definitely not any god Democrats follow. The Democrats are more outraged that President Trump visited St. John’s Church than they are that rioters tried to burn it down.

Bailey Jones

That's great, Ray - it's literally word for word what Trump tweeted today.

Ray Taft

Lol, nope. But all you Democrats are a one trick pony show!

Ted Gillis

Everyone loves to pick on lawyers. I agree that they are fun to joke about. Heck, Susan has probably told some pretty good lawyer jokes on herself, however she has experienced the judicial system from both sides. This makes her unique in her experience. We need someone like her representing us.

She mentions Michael Morton in her letter. This case is one of the most egregious abuse of powers in our time. Michael Morton (a white man) was convicted of murdering his wife because of a bad cop. The Georgetown sheriff withheld evidence and lied to the jury and Morton’s defense team. This sheriff was one of those hometown hero’s, having been one of the guardsman who helped pin down the UT Tower sniper from a helicopter. He used this fame to elect himself to a local election and everybody loved him. He refused to look at the evidence, but instead ruled from the hip. This cost Morton 20 plus years in prison. The murderer turned out to be construction worker from a set of nearby homes. The sheriff had been handed the evidence by the victim’s own brother who found it behind the house. The Sheriff refused to use it, knowing that his own gut was good enough.

Anyone who doesn’t think that this can’t happen to them is a fool.

We need transparency in law enforcement, from top to bottom. Susan can deliver that.

Ray Taft

Do-nothing Democrats, in the here and now, can only deliver class-division, socialism, systemic racism, riots, looting, false promises, fake news, sexism, tyranny and anarchy to America as they deprive us all of our God-given Constitutional rights.

Bailey Jones

Democrats "deliver class-division, socialism, systemic racism, riots, looting, false promises, fake news, sexism, tyranny and anarchy to America as they deprive us all of our God-given Constitutional rights" - and you call us "do-nothings"? [ninja] [ninja] [ninja]

Charles Douglas

Didn't Mr. Taft preach? [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

Ted Gillis

Thank you Bailey.

Are those ninja emojis or anonymous Antifa faces?

I’ve come to picture the typical antifa as one of those Weathertech tv commercial slippery warriors. While the opposite picture is of shouting, beer bellied, Tiki torch carrying proud boys.

Bailey Jones

They're the secret international conspiracy BEHIND both antifa AND the tiki torch carrying proud boys. Shhhhh. (Paid for by Soros and the Clinton Foundation)

Ted Gillis

Carlos, enough with the history lesson about the old Democratic Party. We are not idiots. We all know about that part of history, and we also know why it changed.

Those democrats all became republicans.

And you can keep them.

Carlos Ponce

"Those democrats all became republicans." The Democrats of old became Yellow Dog Democrats. Some are still alive.

Bailey Jones

Carlos knows better, but like his Sugar Daddy, DJ Trump, he also knows that a little ignorance goes a long way. So I'll take the bait.

"Once upon a time, and a long time ago, there were two political parties, the Democrats and the Whigs. It was a golden age when the status quo was slavery and everyone was racist and nobody cared, because only white people were legally "people". The most virulent of the racists were the Jacksonian Democrats, but the Whigs weren't much better.

Then a moral awakening swept across the nation and some Americans decided that slavery had to go. These "abolitionists" gravitated to the Whig Party. The most racist Whigs left for the safety of the Democratic Party, and the Whigs became the Republicans.

The most virulent of the most racist part of the Democratic Party decided to take their toys and split the union. The Republicans whipped their shiny racist treasonous butts and reformed the union.

After the stresses of the civil war and reconstruction, a new status quo settled in, where both parties were racist and nobody (white) cared. The most virulent of the racists found a safe home in the Democrat Party. They polluted the land with Confederate monuments, the KKK, Jim Crow, hookworms and a century of laziness and willful ignorance.

Then, in the 1950s and 1960s, a moral awakening swept across the nation and some Americans decided that racism had to go. These "civil rights workers" found a safe home in the New Democratic Party, and the most virulent racists (the "law and order" Democrats) became Republicans.

After the stresses of the civil rights protests of the 1960s, a new status quo settled in where both parties pretended not to be racist while simultaneously supporting the very institutions that perpetuated racial inequalities in America, and only black and brown people cared. The implicit and more casual racists found a home in the Democratic Party and the most virulent and explicit racists stayed with the Republican Party.

Then, in 2020, a moral awakening swept across the nation and some Americans decided that not only racism, but racists themselves, had to go. These "social justice warriors" have yet to find a home, but I imagine that they will, like the Whigs, rip their Democratic Party asunder and create something new, and wonderful, and finally, fully American. The racists (the "law and order" Republicans) will die off because, let's face it - they're already old, and increasingly irrelevant."

The End (?)

Carlos Ponce

Well you got the first part right.

Carlos Ponce

You've probably heard the Leftist Demonization of Dinesh D'Souza but read what he wrote. It makes historical sense. And he's neither Black nor white but is considered a person of color born in India.


Bailey Jones

I read it. I might believe it made "historical sense" if didn't know anything about American history, or if I hadn't lived through Nixon's southern strategy myself. I have not heard the "Leftist Demonization of Dinesh D'Souza". I can't imagine that anyone would bother.

Also - wnd? Really? "Overall, we rate WND Questionable based on extreme right wing bias, promotion of conspiracy theories and numerous failed fact checks." - https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/world-net-daily-wnd/

Why would you waste your mind on such clap trap? There are plenty of reputable conservative news and opinion sites out there. Might I suggest the Independent Sentinel, or EconomicPolicyJournal.com?

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