As a thought experiment, let’s assume Beto O’Rourke wins this November.

The clear mandate would be to stop the bleeding. What, then, does healing look like? What problems might we fix once we’ve dealt with our current crises?

Timothy Ballingall is the Communications Chair of the Galveston County Democratic Party and lives in League City.


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Charles Douglas

Everybody is entitled to a dream! There are many individuals walking as you say all over this nation and because of a certain WOKE Party's no bail mandates, and letting repeat dangerous criminals out of jail and Prison resulting in the astronomical increase in crime here,...the walkers as well as riders are getting either Attacked, Killed, or their Heads Bashed in because of these Liberal policies! So much for strolling in the sunlight. [wink]

Laura Addison


George Croix

Yet another answer looking for a problem…

Carlos Ponce

"Communications Chair of the Galveston County Democratic Party"? No wonder why Democrats have won ZERO offices in Galveston County.

Norman Pappous

People walk from Venezuela and Cuba to Texas every day. I think the word is out that you can get anywhere in Texas by walking. Nice try though.

Jose Luis Ochoa

Can you walk to Texas from Cuba?

Carlos Ponce

"opposes 'anti-car measures,' such as road diets, that 'shrink auto capacity … to force deference to pedestrian, bike and mass transit options.”

Looks like Timothy never tried evacuating Galveston County during hurricane season. A "road diet" is not good as evidenced by Hurricane Rita in 2005. As far as "mass transit" Timothy should read the horror stories of evacuating on buses.

GCDN September 27, 2005 -Galveston - City buses return with tired, hot evacuees -Some complain about long bus rides out of city to shelters.

Texas City - For some who returned on buses to Texas City, the adventure

proved to be too much.

With Democrat Party Leadership like Timothy, Galveston County Republicans have nothing to fear.

Joey Resendez


Gary Scoggin

To be honest, while I like the idea of walkability, it’s of less interest to me in August than it is in February.

Paula Flinn

My friend who walks everyday was stalked one day, in daylight hours, on Cove View Blvd. The police knew who the stalker was. They recognized him from her description of him & his car. Don’t know if they ever stopped him or picked him up. Probably not. He was from another neighborhood in Galveston.

I wouldn’t walk around the block, by myself, in this town unless I had a Doberman on a leash.

Too many robberies here.

Maris Helfrich

Kudos to you for writing this and sharing! So true and important!

George Croix

Well, in '05 when the idiot Powers That Be (then) blocked entry and exit points along main evacuation routes for the Rita evac, there was plenty of opportunity for 'walkability'...

One size never fits all....and this national obsession with a few voices getting all the attention, and the action, on ANY subject, is not in the best interest of a Constitutional Republic...

Ted Gillis

I walk a lot at work. I walk to and from my office building to the main TMC campus several times a week which is about a mile away. There are a couple of intersections where I have to actually hold my hand up after getting the pedestrian walk signal. Cars will just keep on coming through the intersection if you don’t be assertive. I know walking in a city can be dangerous, but I’m just stubborn like that.

And Carlos, I’ll take a hundred Timothy’s as compared to the power hungry, in fighting back stabbing, immature GOP county leaders that you all have produced.

Ted Duck

TIMOTHY, please keep writing columns such as this one. For someone so young, your brilliance and wisdom are beyond belief.

Carlos Ponce

Yes, Timothy, continue submitting to this paper!

George Laiacona

You have to realize that the religious zealots control the Republican Party, walking around town is not on their agenda. Removing Liberty is.

Carlos Ponce

Removing Liberty? No, Laiacona. Liberals did that when they shut down churches. Liberals id that when they fired people for not getting the jab. Liberals did that when they declared war on parents expressing views at school board meetings, etc., etc., etc.

Donald Glywasky

I do not want to walk anywhere when it is 100 degrees out.

David Hardee

Very Beto-esque. Great sentiment, coming from mind experimenting in search of applause and a vote.

Had this not been published by "Timothy Ballingall is the Communications Chair of the Galveston County Democratic Party and lives in League City.", it would have resonated without suspicious intent.

Surreptitious politicians, in search of the simple minded voter, corrupt even their good proposals.

The pollute-icrats have created the current skeptical environment with their vote getting schemes. None are so obvious as the "the border is secure" that is a lie about the area of Beto influence. Yet ,Beto has not staked out a position that condemns that lie. Consider that and vote accordingly.

Jose Luis Ochoa

I guess my thoughts are apropos to the discussion. I have recently begun using a treadmill. The workout is called 30-12-2. Thirty minutes a day, set the incline to 12 and walk at 3mph. Easier said then done but very doable. Anybody walks, anybody feels better.

Charles Douglas

I am a big exorcize buff myself! Thank you for bringing that point 👉 to the platform! You are a good man!! 👍..appreciate it!!!!!

Charles Douglas

My reference was to Mr. Ochoa's information!

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