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John Merritt

New Zealand has a taxpayer funded public health care system that is working perfectly for their citizens. Doctors and other health care professionals are salaried by the government. Health care is free. But here's the catch - no lawsuits. If you are injured in a store, you cannot sue the store, or anyone else. If you think your Dr. or hospital made a mistake, sorry but no law suit. This eliminates a ton of health care expenses. Lawyers do not need to be on retainer, doctors do not need to prescribe unnecessary tests or medicines, no malpractice insurance is needed. Will that work for the U.S.? If we designated that anyone with Medicare as their primary health insurance would not have the right to sue anyone, then we would probably be attacked by the ACLU. It would not be long until the "no fault" clause would dissapear.

Bailey Jones

The great thing about being the only modern economy without universal health care is that we have the whole rest of the world to learn from. This isn't some radical new experiment. Germany has had "socialized" health care for well over a century, and other nations almost as long. We should be looking at costs and outcomes around the world, and build a system that works for all of the people of the United States.

Charles Douglas

I suspect anything good Germany had or has, American Taxpayers paid for it! It is probably why they have things that we don't! Lolo.

Dan Freeman

German health system developed in the 1870s as way of unifying the country. We were quite primitive then.

Bailey Jones


Carlos Ponce

"but it clearly displays the need for a better health care system" You can thank President Trump for removing the bureaucracy, regulations and red tape that made vaccines available in less than a a year rather than the "years" the author previously claimed. "So, testing and social distancing will help control the epidemic. What about a vaccine? That would make prevention much easier, but it’s not likely for years." Dan Freeman, GCDN April 22, 2020

Will Democrats reinstall that bureaucracy, regulations and red tape? The DC inside the beltway loves the bureaucracy, the over regulation and the red tape.

Craig Mason

Holy Cow Carlos, I actually agree with you. Operations Warp Speed has been mostly a success. If Trump would have touted that in his campaign and taken the virus more seriously on a personal level and showed the slightest amount of empathy for the families of the deceased, he would still be president.

Carlos Ponce

He took the pandemic seriously. It was touted in his campaign.He took the virus seriously.

Ted Gillis

Any president would have done the same thing, given these circumstances. Don’t give your boy a big old A+ for doing the obvious.

Carlos Ponce

No Ted, read the comments made by your candidate at the time. He said he would not. When it proved successful, the Big Guy changed his tune.

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