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Helen King


Jack Cross

The success of science in curing diseases and providing the basis for technologies that enhance human life has led to people thinking that science has the answer to all our questions.

Harvey Cappel letter to the editor went to length demonstrating that water boils at 2012 at sea level. Of course, this is true but his letter was not about science. It was about what the left is good at, falsely using science to smearing former president Trump and conservatives who agree with him.

Cappel showed what his letter was about when he repeated the lie that Trump suggested injecting people with Clorox.

The field of science today is overwhelming leftist. Americans need someone to translate the mysterious jargon of science into something comprehensible.

Those pushing socialism, globalism or just political power have discovered that using science and fear over an extended period of time becomes accepted by the general public as a real threat.

Modern science depends on grants, a desire for power and money as well as a belief that their ideology is correct. Hence, just like everyone else, scientists can lie to advance their own agenda, whether it be more funding or a change in the government’s policy on an issue.

Prior to the whole global warming scare mongering climate scientists got hardly any funding and now they get huge amounts scientists have a good reason to lie.

The only data set which is not constantly being changed shows a “pause” in warming and that all of the computer models have failed to accurately predict the consequences of increasing global CO2 levels.

If you want proof that scientist is lying to us take the infamous Paris accords that allows India and China to massively increase their CO2 emissions. If all these leftists think the warming will have catastrophic consequences -- then they couldn’t allow that, since it would lead to unimaginably horrible consequences. it’s fairly safe to say that what motivates those folks is a desire to increase the power of government, not save the world.

Science is clear that our sex is determined by our DNA. Just as no amount of surgery or drugs will turn a person into a dog, or an elf, no number of drugs and surgery can turn a man into a woman.

Yet scientists and leftist, either lie about this or stay silent because they want to advance an agenda.

It’s all about control and power, science gave government power that otherwise would never be accepted by the people. Those in government are rushing to use this power to lock in a leftist agenda before the people wake up and loose any chance of reversing this cancel culture.

Curtiss Brown

Jack, you said too many things to formulate a response to. Try to focus on one thing at a time.

Bailey Jones

Jack, this week you've managed to demonstrate an inability to appreciate the fact that businesses have the right to require that their customers obey rules, as well as an inability to recognize the simple fact that the president is president because he got the most votes. And now you've scored a trifecta by demonstrating a fundamental misunderstanding of how science works. What's next?

Gary Scoggin

Lordy, Jack, you've said so many things that don't merit, but unfortunately need, a reply.

I'll focus on one: "The field of science today is overwhelming leftist. Americans need someone to translate the mysterious jargon of science into something comprehensible."

I don't know how many scientists you know, but I know a ton of them - in business, in academia, and in government. And the thought that they are bunch of leftists or otherwise remain silent for fear of something or another, is absolutely laughable. The scientists I know are pretty reflective of the general population. Some are convervative, some are liberals, many are moderate. But almost all follow the facts in front of them and not a polticial agenda. To say otherwise undermines the integrity of people who have spent a lifetime accumulating knowledge and trying to understand nature.

I've found that people who claim scientists are liberal do so because they don't like the answers that science is giving them and they can only rebut by attacking the messengers.

Jack Cross

Science has a well-known liberal bias

By Paul Krugman ( a undisputed liberal)

Partisan and Ideological Differences

Percent who are: Public ---- Scientist

Democrat Percent 35 ---- 55

Republican 23 ----- 6

Independent. 34 ----- 32

Algological Self Rating

Liberal 20 ---- 52

Moderate 38 ---- 35

Conservative 37 ---- 9

And this is from the New York Times.


All one has to do is Google ? Science liberal bias. I’m surprised so many

Preople write stuff and don’t know the facts.

Bailey Jones

And science itself, like engineering, is conservative by nature. It takes decades for any new major scientific theory to be universally adopted. You don't make assertions without solid evidence that you can defend; no scientist wants to be the guy whose paper reflects "bad science".

That's not to say that science is immune to politics and prejudice - but it is self-correcting, and it goes where it wants to go.

I said that science is conservative (marked by moderation or caution), but it is also anti-conservative since conservatism (tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions) is all about preserving the "traditional" understanding and explanations for the universe, and science is all about finding out what's really real.

I think that's why so many social and religious conservatives don't like science. If you believe that people come in exactly two genders, science is going to tell you that you're wrong. If you don't believe that you share an ancestor with a chimpanzee, science is going to tell you that you're wrong. If you believe that homosexuality isn't "natural", science is going to tell you that you're wrong. And if you believe that anthropogenic climate change isn't a thing, science is going to tell you that you're wrong about that, too. And nobody likes to be told that they are wrong. It's much easier to believe in giant leftist conspiracies.

Bailey Jones

That's no surprise, Jack, both scientists and liberals tend to be intelligent and open-minded. [tongue]

Carlos Ponce

Thanks for the joke, Bailey! I haven't laughed this much in years!

Bailey Jones

[thumbup] The Scientific Method, while not perfect by any means, has brought us every advancement from The Enlightenment to m-RNA vaccines. It's preferable to the Dark Ages, IMHO.

Carlos Ponce

Recognizing science and not propaganda being passed off as science is the beginning of wisdom.

Most science is not absolute. New discoveries displace what was taught only a few years ago.

Gary Scoggin

Right on, Harvey.

Carlos Ponce

Many people forget when medical "science" failed them. In the 1990s the doctor in charge of AIDS research was under fire from the LGBT community. There were some possible treatments the doctor would not allow those infected to use pending further study. And some of these treatments were approved in other countries. But even with a death prognosis, the doctor said "no". The doctor's name? Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Harvey Cappel

Well old friend Jack how about this. Your science is flawed; you need help. Consider your second sentence comment. You said my "letter to editor" not so; mine is as a "guest writer" and then you said water boils at 2012; I didn't say that; you did. Jack I think you are not paying enough for your wine. Enough said.

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