Since the tragic death of George Floyd on May 25, the awakening of our country to an ill already known by people of color has paralyzed us in a moment in time.

The past few weeks the shadow of anger, grief, trauma and hostility creeped into my home as I watched social media conversations wrestle with the question of, “What have we allowed to occur in our country?”

It’s the same racism that kept the secret of Jan. 1, 1863, emancipation from the slaves in Texas until the Union general descended on the shores of Galveston Island to tell them in person that they were free on June 19, 1865.

It’s the same evil that causes our local county government to shield police misconduct reports from the general public. The same evil that allows some of our local cops to sport Confederate symbols beneath the black police uniform. It’s the same racist evil that allows a black woman to be surrounded by two police departments, and they aren’t sure why she’s being stopped.

That same evil that kept the secret of Abraham Lincoln’s great Emancipation Proclamation from reaching the shores of Galveston for nearly three years.

In my family, Juneteenth represents a day of celebration and remembering our ancestors and their fortitude to survive in a land that hated them and some who went to war to keep them as slaves. It’s a day of atonement and forgiveness as we remember the good Americans who went to fight in a war so that all Americans could be free.

The psychology of Juneteenth reminds us that we too are America. Despite shackled with chains, we helped to build and grow this great nation. With our ancestors’ blood, we worked, we lived and we died in a land that refused to call us her own.

And we have struggled and fought for that birthright ever since.

The celebration of Juneteenth reminds us that America belongs to us regardless of what any man says. On this day, typically a weekend experience, we gather, we sing, we laugh, we eat, we reminisce, we pray and we recall the blessings of our God to set us free in a nation where racism creeps in and out of the fabric of our everyday lives and yet somehow we survive.

Though physical chains were unlocked, the economic chains, the drug dumping in our communities, the systematic display of liquor stores, abortion clinics, cramped and subsidized housing, high interest rates, invaded our spaces. But on Juneteenth we get to forget that invasion and focus on the strength of our families to survive in such a world where at times education and wealth doesn’t always shield you.

And yet, we still manage to celebrate despite that same evil that causes a sitting president to declare that he made Juneteenth famous. We are survivors in a land whose inhabitants for a brief period of time will finally celebrate with us and see what we see.

Kimberley Yancy is president of the Dickinson-Bay Area branch of the NAACP and lives in La Marque.


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(28) comments

Gary Scoggin

Happy Juneteenth, Kim.

Ray Taft

Current and previous elected Democrats, talk a good game, but have done little to prevent the economic chains, the drug dumping in communities, the abortion clinics, cramped and subsidized housing, and poor schools, without school choice, for minority and poor communities.

This is true regardless of what any man or woman says or wants you to believe.

Our sitting president signed into law provisions that rolled back Joe Biden’s controversial 1994 crime bill that was so devastating to so many, and that disproportionately impacted the African American community. Our sitting Republican president eliminated job-killing regulations and cut taxes, worked to curtail job-stealing illegal immigration, that gave millions of African Americans a chance to thrive in a strong and growing economy. The national black unemployment rate was at an all-time low under our sitting Republican president. And he is hard at work to Make America Great Again again, despite the Democrats’ obstruction.

Remember those things come November and vote for President Trump - not for do-nothing Democrats.

jimmy winston

Just curious Ray, what is the unemployment rate right now under a sitting republican president?

Ray Taft

On its way down, despite the Democrats’ obstruction.

Jim Forsythe

June 5, 2020, Black unemployment climbed to the highest in more than a decade in May at16.8%.

Gary Scoggin

Ray. Thanks for your daily blame Democrats for everything post. By the way, that crime bill vote was passed 94-5 in the Senate and 235-195 in the House with 46 Republicans voting for it, so it’s safe to say it wouldn’t have passed without Republican support. And I don’t remember a lot of Republicans opposing it because of impacts on the Black community.

Ray Taft

Your welcome.

More important to remember that President Trump has done more for African Americans than Democrats.

Very important to know that all the anarchy in American city streets is because of Democrats failing the African American communities.

Gary Scoggin

“ President Trump has done more for African Americans than Democrats” I know he says that and his acolytes believe it, mainly because he said it. So can you give me some examples that show this to be this true?

Ray Taft

Scoggin go read my original post above instead of pretending it ain’t there.

Gary Scoggin

I read them. Still waiting for an answer as to why these were good for the Black community or how they addressed the latent problems that exist there. It's about more than employment, although I will admit it's a start. But these measures hardly qualify as having done more than any other President, which I think was his orginal quote.

Bailey Jones

Just curious, Ray. I don't want to be presumptive, but weren't your parents Democrats? Grand parents?

Ray Taft


Bailey Jones

Wow. That's impressive in Texas.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Taft! When you stand up for the truth in the mist of empty promises, deceit, and deceptions, you have nothing to repeant of! I think my adjectives used here to describe Progressives and how they run things are right on the money, for I stayed silent many years while accepting their lies concerning conservatives keeping me down, when the only individual who kept me down was myself by beleiving somebody owed me something! If Old Joe Biden gets elected, likely as not I'll have to go start another career if I don't give in to living off other people's money! Some people can't handle the truth, but Brother Taft, you told the truth today and please don't stop! We will see in November who the citizen of this country believes and what kind of country they want to live in. I would like to add though, if by some freak move of nature, or caniving act of thr LEFT, Ole Joe wins, I will go enroll in some school to learn Mandarin Chinese, because I like to stay ahead of the game, if you get my drift.[wink]

Gary Scoggin

Given that President Trump has begged Chinese President Xi to help get re-elected, if the President wins a second term, we all may need to learn Chinese.

Ray Taft

Fake news. China hates our great President Trump. China is helping Democrats if they’re helping anyone.

Carlos Ponce

"Given that President Trump has begged Chinese President Xi to help get re-elected" Any proof other than Bolton's allegations which offer NO direct quotes of what Trump actually said?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in the same room and reports that allegation is made up.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer was in the same room and reports that allegation is made up.

President Donald Trump was in the same room and reports that allegation is made up.

I'm not a poker player but don't 3 KINGS beat 1 JOKER trying to sell a book?

Gary Scoggin

John Bolton was in the room. You weren't. i'll go with his version. (And I don't even like the guy.) It's pretty obvious to anyone paying close attention that both Xi and Putin are playing our President like a cheap guitar.

Carlos Ponce

So Gary Scoggin believes Bolton, a man despised by the Left. Must be difficult being an anti-Trumper. One day you despise Bolton, the next day....[rolleyes]

Jim Forsythe

President Donald Trump launched a late-night attack against his former national security adviser John Bolton — whom he called a “wacko” and a “dope” — why he’d hired a man like that

. If he was a good person when hired, what happened to him, Must have been who he was working for.

Renato Mariotti Former federal prosecutor.--

If Bolton is lying, why have you gone to court and claimed it’s classified? If Bolton’s statements are false, they aren’t classified.

Thor Benson Replying to @realDonaldTrump

"Wow whoever hired him is a real moron"

Carlos Ponce

" why he’d hired a man like that?" Hey somebody hired you didn't they?

John Bolton believed that joining the Trump administration would make them more hawkish with his influence. Despite his recommendation for a retaliatory strike against Iran for taking out a U.S. military drone. Trump did not want a loss of life and de-escalated the situation. Bolton also called for a pre-emptive strike against North Korea. When he figured out Trump sought a different path, Bolton turned against him.

As to why Bolton was hired, Bolton promised to cooperate with Trump's foreign policy. He made it clear to White House insiders he wanted in on Trump's administration.

Don Schlessinger


Raymond Lewis

Good piece Ms. Yancy.

Charles Douglas

What did yall do to OG Gary Scoggin? Gary did you know if a man costs me millions and hundreds of millions of dollars on renegotiated trade deals, and loads me down with expensive TARIFFS, costing me hundreds of millions more, ... I am not likely to help him stay in a position where he can continue making me pay more of the same? Did you realize that Joe Biden was the one that stood flatfooted on national TV and proclaimed that China was not a threat to us economic or other wise? Why then are you excoriating the only man in fifty years who has stood up to China and said, "BASTA".....Enough is Enough! "This (#&=* ) is over? China rebuilt a poor, starving, bicycle RIDING society into one of the most powerful nations on earth, Off the back of American TAXPAYERS, and people like Bill Clinton who thought he could have China eating out of his hand like Monica! To think I planned on asking TRUMP DIESEL for tickets to his Inauguration Ball for you OG!


Dan Freeman

Thank you for your column Ms Yancey. It never ceases to amaze me that an article about the need for reform and the celebration of freedom provokes rants about Trump and Democrats. I am surprised we did not get a bit of rhetoric on gun freedom and the evils of abortion.

Charles Douglas

I am a drum major for Second Amendment Gun Rights! I had a right to pack a weapon in defense of the citizens of this nation, overseas, and I DEMAND my rights to keep one in defense of my family now!!! Another thing, I hate MURDER in any form, and especially Abortion and Infanticide, and so does GOD almighty! Just in case someone think I'm lying on GOD, I say this, .....PROVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Freeman

Boom and we are there. Where is Carlos?

Charles Douglas

I'll wait,.....tick tock......tick tock ......tick tock.....

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