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Douglas Little

Mr. Nuzum is right on all counts.

Craig Mason


Carlos Ponce

Lawyers arguing about what a law or the Constitution says. Nothing new here. That's why they let a JUDGE decide.

Notice Robert Nuzum references "The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized...." but never cites any cases. A "warning" should go off in your mind. They teach that in some law schools: dazzle the "jury" but give no specifics. Why didn't he reference the cases by name? Someone might look it up.[whistling]

Ron Binkley

I just assumed Judge Henry was a lawyer. Now that I know, I'm finding it hard to fathom.

Jim Forsythe

Ron below is from the Houston Chronicle. As it says he was a pilot before becoming a Judge. Also, it talks about the money grab by the Judge, that others in Galveston County had not done since 1967.

December 2, 2011, GALVESTON - Galveston County Judge Mark Henry regularly presides over judicial proceedings even though he isn't a lawyer, a practice that worries some attorneys and judges.

Henry, a pilot by training, earns an extra $15,000 a year by presiding over court proceedings that he says makeup 40 percent of his duties. He is the first Galveston County judge since at least 1967 to assume the judicial duties that provide the supplement to his $133,600 annual salary.

Carlos Ponce

Apparently the voters of Galveston County think he's doing a good job and has re-elected in 2014 and had no Democrat opponent in 2018.

Robert Nuzum

Mr. Ponce,

For your information, the citations were deleted in the first of my three revisions, because my commentary exceeded the 500 word limitation. Look them up on Lexis.

Carlos Ponce

Tell you what, post them here. From what I can tell, I don't believe there is a word limit as some have posted tomes.

Diane Turski

Thank you, Mr. Nuzum, for bringing transparency to this kind of questionable cronyism! I also agree that if someone has a County Judge title, they should at least be an attorney! I will vote for these changes!!

Ted Gillis

I would dare to guess that there are lots of county judges in Texas that are not attorneys. Some states call them county supervisors. County Judge is just a convenient title dating back to when Texas needed such titles to spread out county duties in smaller populations. You are so right that it needs to be changed. Just call it what it is, the county executive. We should also change the title of the Commissioners Court to just the County Board of Commissioners or something like that.

Carlos Ponce

Judge Mark Henry has judicial duties as well. He presided over the arraignment of the Santa Fe shooter in addition to other activities.

PD Hyatt

I for one am thankful for Judge Henry and so thankful that we do not have something like Harris county does with Hildago who really doesn't know what she is doing!

Jose' Boix

It has been somewhat comedic reading the debate and discussions regarding an issue that to me still remains unanswered. I have read about "red herrings" and divergence legal opinions with obtuse references to many aspects of the law.

The question that remains to me is the constitutional legality of the demands by elected local government officials to restrain movement, close facilities/businesses and even require the use of PPEs. Is it YES or NO? If there is no clear answer, it should be lift to the highest court to decide.

I can't see how a host of legal minds can diverge so widely while guiding our elected officials and in doing so creating so much political havoc and turmoil. It is sad to have so much "other" turmoil created when we should be all unified, all together pulling to deal and conquer the pandemic battle. A sad state of affairs in my account. Just my thoughts!

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